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At the End, You Might Just Find A Beginning

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Jazlyn meets the figure from her visions, and finally discovers his name that she's been looking for: Ryan Ross. Of course, it isn't until after she finds herself in the company of four crazy boys ...

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Jazlyn's instincts instantly reacted, and she could feel her skin tingling. It was another one of her abilities as a nonhuman to become transparent, almost invisible. She pressed her back against the wall, staring at the man who came through the door. He walked past the huge glass panel that allowed people in the lobby to watch what was happening in the studio, and strided over the wood panels, a somewhat annoyed look to his face.

He seemed different than most of the men Jazlyn knew, maybe it was simply the indie-emo kid look he posessed, or the way his jade-and-amber-like eyes flitted about the studio. Otherwise, it might as well have been how badly Jazlyn realized she wanted to giggle at his snakeskin boots. When she looked at them, she was entertained, yet somehow saddened, knowing that somewhere a snake had died for those, and she understood death more than anyone else.

She snapped back to her senses when he stepped up to the piano she was merely a foot from. Jazlyn caught a few strings of his mumbles, most of them seemingly angry and frustrated.

"...Why the hell that woman the middle of the city...shitty place..." He muttered.

He walked away, probably going down the hall to the administration offices. He got to the door, but Jazlyn realized she couldn't let him walk away. He was from her visions, after all, and he could be a very important part of her, well, nonhuman life.

Her reflexes allowed her to quickly become non-transparent, and she quickly jumped to the piano. She did the first thing she thought of to get his attention. Quickly, she pressed down hard on the C key, and let the loud note fill the room.

He whirled around, mostly in shock. The look on his face made Jazlyn want to give him a huge hug. It was somewhere between adorably confused and surprised.

"Who the hell are you?" He asked. "And how the fuck did you get in here?"

Jazlyn smiled. "I got in the way all the crooks do. Through the window."

"But, I was just in here-how did you get there when I was just there?"

"Haha, wouldn't you like to know?"

"Yes I would, seeing as this is private property and you're trespassing."

"I don't see a sign anywhere that says I can't just come in here and play the piano."

"Well...I-I..." He stuttered, not finding the right comeback. Jazlyn smiled, knowing she had won the fight. She had that strange affect on people, that weird feeling like they couldn't talk no matter how hard they tried.

"Well what? There's not much to argue here." She laughed, a deep, posessing laugh that could cause the sweetest little girl become a murderer. That was another ability: she could persuade people to do all kinds of things.

"Well, I guess I can't argue, I guess I can just ask you your name."

"Jazlyn. Yours?"

"Ryan. Ryan Ross. Well, seeing as we already got past the fight and we know eachother's names, would you like to come with me, you know, to hang out or something? It's not like this place is much fun, except for the piano of course." Jazlyn smiled at the cofused look on his face, like he had no idea what he just said. And really, he didn't. Her abilities made him say that, gaining her more time with this Ryan, the mysterious figure.

"Absolutely," she replied, but in her head she was repeating his name over and over, Ryan. Ryan. Ryan.
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