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Jazlyn Sommers isn't like anyone else. She's got a secret that she must keep, but her encounter with Ryan Ross brings her too close to revealing it: she was brutally murdered a year and a half ago....

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a/n: really short post, i know...

What am I doing? I don't even know this girl, Ryan thought. It was crazy for him to blurt out something so stupid to a total stranger. He knew nothing about this girl. He didn't know if she was a psychopath killer waiting to assassinate him. She didn't look like it, but it was possible. He did find her sitting in the dance studio his mother used to own, that was supposedly abandoned. Ryan felt like kicking himself for being so dumb. He asked her to come with him? What was he thinking? It was insane for him to walk this line. After all, he hadn't done something so stupid since he had been with...her.

But somehow, he got the feeling that this is what he wanted, what he needed. Mostly what he needed. It had been almost four months since he split from Jac, and Brendon was getting worried about him. Ryan couldn't sleep, rarely ate, and the rest of the band noticed his loss of enthusiasm on-stage.

Maybe this girl was what he was looking for. She already seemed to have proven her smarts with her witty comebacks at everything he said, and she seemed nice enough, once you could get past her slightly venomous shell.

But to anyone passing her on the street, her personality probably was the last thing on their mind. It was her alluring beauty that caught the attention of others. Her sun-streaked blonde hair gleamed in the soft sunlight filtering through the windows. Her porcelain-pale skin seemed to give of a graceful glow. She had glittering, huge blue-green eyes that sparkled with happiness and enthusiasm that complimented her come-hither smile.

She definitely had incomparable beauty, but there was something else. It sparked in Ryan's heart, a strange emotion he didn't know.

"So, where exactly are you planning on taking me? You're not exactly someone I know, and you might just be a strange rapist who preys on girls who play music in abandoned buildings," she spoke, her voice smoother than silk that was nearly following a melody, it was so sing-song. They stepped out into the blindingly bright light and hot air filled their lungs. Ryan led Jazlyn to his car, opening the passenger-side door for her. He walked around to the driver side, and got in.

"I don't know. How about somewhere we can sit and have a drink?" he suggested.

"Sounds good, I guess, but I should tell you I don't drink alcohol."

"Good, 'cause I'm not a big drinker either, once every now and again I will. To be honest, I'm kind of scared of alcohol."


"Well, my dad was an alcoholic, and just this past summer he died from liver failure, because of it."

Jazlyn let the news soak in for a moment. "Oh, Ryan, I'm so sorry."

"Don't worry too much about it."

"Are you sure? I don't want you to be upset." She looked at him, her doe eyes sparkling with sincerity.

Ryan looked at her, with her pouty lips spread into a concerned smile. From between the tall hotel buildings, a ray of light struck through the windshield, catching her face, making her skin shine with a strange brilliance.

Her eyes sparkled even more, and that strange sensation made his body tingle all over. He couldn't hold back a slight gasp when he realized what he was feeling.

It wasn't different to him, just forgotten, buried under his pain of leaving Jac, and when she looked at him, and the sun struck across her beautiful face, that emotion burst forth.

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