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Chapter 1- Suprises

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Kat Bouvier, Shows up at her cousins house 7-mouths pregnant.But when Pierre finds out that she is charring one of his band mates kids. He will do anything to break them up

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Chapter 1-Suprises

"Mom come on why is Kat coming out here we hate each other?" I said to my mom. She had asked me to come over to help her with move something for her. Then all of a sudden she tells me my cousin that I hate to most in coming up here.

"Pierre Charles Bouvier! Be nice she is your cousin and she has something to tell us and she seemed pretty upset on the phone now do what I said and go get her" She yelled at me damn I hate it when she uses my full name.

"You did not tell me to go get her?" I said confused

"Well I just did now get going" She shooed me to the door I opened it and there in front of me there stand a very pregnant girl around me age. The first thing that came to my mind another crazed fan telling me that they are having my baby. So that's what I said to her

"Don't tell me another crazed fan telling me that they are having my baby," I said getting really annoyed.

"Pierre, you don't even recognize me iam your cousin," She said

"Yea right my cousins not pregnant," I said as my mom came up behind me

"O my dear, Kat is this what you wonted to tell me" My mom pushed past me to get to Kat and leading her into the living room. Wow what fuck head got her pregnant when I find out iam going to. Wait you hate her remember I thought to my slef I sould be laughing that she messed up her life. I sould be felling bad for what ever guy got her pregnant.

"Mom cant you see that is not her now guy in there right mind would sleep with her" I said, walking into the room

"Pierre get out! Of this house right now iam not to happy with you" She yelled pointing to the door. I just walked out knowing not to mess with my mom when she is angry. I got into my car and went to Chucks house knowing that all of the guys should be there. I pulled up and sure enough they where all outside sitting on the steps talking.

"Pierre I thought you had to go help you mom with something," David said when he saw me

"Yea she did she wonted me to go get my cousin Kat at the airport, But then she showed up at my door very pregnant and I kind of said something's that made my mom really mad" I said pushing David onto the ground so I could sit, I looked over at Jeff and he looked really pale.

"Jeff what's up with you, you look like you have just seen your mom naked" I said, Laughing while waving my hand in front of his face

Kats POV

"Kat sweetie, sorry about him, Who did this to you?" My aunt asked me, Rubbing my back as if that was going to make anything better.

"Well if I tell you, you cannot say anything to anyone especially to Pierre" I knew if he knew who had got me pregnant. He would blame me for getting him drunk and raping him.

"Don't worry Hun I wont tell anyone" She said looking at me

"Well about 7 mouths ago I came up here without anyone knowing, so I could see Jeff you know one of Pierre's band mates cause I really liked him and he told me that he liked me too so I came up to see him. We went out to dinner and a movie after the movie we went back to his house cause I did not wont to go back home yet and well we you know. Then I when back home the next day a few weeks later I found out that I was pregnant and. When I told me parents they freaked out and told me that I could stay but I had to work and they where not going to do anything to help me and. Well I got fed up with it and left and now iam here," I said to her my eyes getting a little watery. I hurt so bad not being able to tell Jeff about this I new. If I did Pierre would find out and everything would be a big mess and. Not to mention there career would be over

"O Kat come on you look like you need some sleep" She said leading me up to the Guest bed room, She left and I just sat there wondering if I should call Jeff but I finally told myself that was a big no no. I going to avoid him at all costs. I was just about to fall asleep when there was a bang on the window. I got up off the bed and walked well waddled over to see who it was I opened the curtain ready to sream. But there was Jeff sitting in a tree. I opened the window and let him in

"How did you know I was hear?" I asked him he did not answer me he just leaned in and kissed me I pushed him back

"Jeff, answer my question?" I demanded "Pierre hello, He came over Chucks, Look why did you not tell me about well you know?" He said pointing to my rather large belly.

"I did not tell you because. Well I don't know why. I just wonted to keep it to myself is all sorry" I said going and lying down on my bed I was really tired and a plane ride with this belly was not fun. I just wonted him to go away and leave me alone.

"Hey, I came here to talk to you about something" He said sitting on the end of the bed playing with his hands

"No. I did not tell Pierre ok iam just really tired. So if you could please leave that would be great" I said to him. Staring at the wall as tears started to fall. I heard him get up and walk out the door.

Jeff's POV

I walked out of Kats room very quite as I could and went to Pierre's room

"Hey. I did not hear the door bell ring what's up you where acting weird when I was over chucks today is everything all right." He asked me sure I wonted to tell him that I was the one that got Kat pregnant. But at the same time I did not what if he kills me. I could just see Pierre telling Chuck that he killed me.

"Hey, Have you ever thought about what you would do to the guy that got Kat pregnant?" I asked him just wondering and if answer is whatever or I don't care.

"To tell you the truth. I really don't care who got her pregnant who ever he was she must have drugged him up. I don't know one guy that would sleep with that." He said, I could not believe what I was hearing from him it was his cousin he was talking about

"O well what if it was on of your friends that got her Prego?" I asked

"I don't know what I would do. Cause none of my friends would ever sleep with my cousin. Why do you care any way?" I made a face hoping that he would not figure it out, But of course not he had to have a smart moment right now. What luck I have

"Jeff, Please tell me that she is not pregnant with you kid?" He said, In a calm tone with his eyes closed

"Ok, I wont," I said looking down at me shoes, Wonder what why he was going to kill me with. Then he screamed

"JEFF! WHAT THE HELL WHERE YOU THINKING!" He screamed, I put me hand over his mouth to shut him up

"Pierre SHH! She's sleeping" I hissed, In to his ear

"I DON'T CARE! I HOPE SHE HEARS ME!" He yelled, Storming out of his room and down the hall to the guest room, I ran after him but I was not fast enough


"Pierre! Stop Pierre please stop you making me dizzy" She cried, I pulled Pierre off of her and held her close

"Pierre, What is your problem? Look iam sorry ok it was and accident" She cried, into my shoulder I rubbed her back helped her up. Gave Pierre a dirty look and walked her down the stairs. To my car and back to my house.

"Jeff Iam sorry for coming down here. It's just I had no where else to go" She said looking at the car floor

"Its ok, Iam glad you came" I said smiling at her, I really did like her she was so pretty, smart had a great sense of humor. She always knew what to say to get a conversation started or how to talk herself out of something. The rest of the ride was silent I pulled up into my driveway, It was only 7:30 so my parents where still up. We walked into the house my parents where in the living room when they saw me walk into the house with a pregnant girl they gave me the look of death.

"Mom dad I will be right back." I said leading Kat up the, guestroom. "Kat, Well go get your stuff tomorrow. I don't wont you in that house with that psychopath. If you need anything I will be down stairs talking to my parents for a few minutes then I will be right next door" I said to her as she got into the bed,

"Jeff, can you stay in here I don't wont to be left alone?" She asked looking at me with pleading eyes

"Yea, Of course I will be right back" I said smiling at her and walking down the stairs to the living room where my. Dad was sitting on the couch looking very pissed and my mom looked equally pissed.

"Jeff sit" My father said sternly, Damn he still scare me and iam fucken 27 years old "Son. Please tell me that that girl is not carrying you child.?" he asked me

"Well she is carrying my child. Think what you wont but iam happy that iam going to be a dad." I said feeling my anger rise

"Jeff, Sweetie, How old is she? She did not look older then 19." My mother said in a sweet way.

"She's 21 mom, she not that young, Now if you don't mind I have to get back up stairs." I said getting up and walking back up the stairs to the guestroom, I took off my shirt and pants slipped into the bed

"Jeff?" Kat questioned as she turned of to look to see who it was

"Yea it's just me shh go back to sleep" I said as turned over and fell back to sleep. I did not though. I sat up and thought about how this was going to change everything. But on the other had I kept thinking iam going to be a dad. That made me smile I was happy, And with that thought I slowly feel to sleep

Hope you guys liked it, Sould i keep going?
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