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Chapter 2-Fights yelling and chaos

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Chapter 2-Fights yelling and chaos
Pierre's POV -Next day

"Pierre, you did what? Where is she now?" My mom yelled getting in my face.

"Mom, I got mad and started to shake her, Jeff took her to his house" I signed it was really bugging me that my cousin was so close to Jeff. I hate Kat and for good reason too. One being when we she was 2 and I was 4 she stole my cookie. Ok so now that I think of it that is a horrible reason. But there are plenty more good ones but I just cant think of it them right now ok so get off my back.

"Pierre, I wont you to go over to Jeff's house and say you're sorry Now" She said pointing to the door she was treating me like a 3 year old that did not clean up there toys man. I really need to move out of parent's house I thought getting into my car and driving over to Jeff's place. But when I got there he was not there. I there my hands up in frustrations he probably at his parents house. Now I have get drive and take another 20 minutes out of my day

Jeff's POV

I woke up the next morning feeling really refreshed. I rolled over to find that Kat was still sleeping. She started to stir and her eyes slowly started to open. She yawned and then smiled my way. I wish I new what she was thinking

"Jeff, Did you get rid of you apartment or something? Cause last time I was here you took my there." She questioned looking at me funny

"O I still have it its just that, David is there and I did not feel like listening to him, Is all." I said, getting up and getting my pants back on. There was a knock on the door and my mom poked her head in the room and said

"Jeff, Pierre is hear and he wont to talk to, The girl that you brought here last night." I looked over at Kat and she had a scared expression on her face.

"Umm, Mom tell Pierre she does not wont to see him." I told her. But that did not help Pierre came in 3 minutes later came barging into the room.

"Kat, Iam sorry I did not mean to I was upset." Pierre said, pushing past me to get to Kat,

"Hey Jeff, Can I have a moment to talk to my Cousin" Kat asked, I was a little weary about it but left anyway

Kats Pov

"Pierre" I sighed "What do you wont?"

"Look iam sorry I got upset at you. Its just I never thought that one of my band mates would sleep with my cousin." He said looking at me. What he said just made me so mad this kid is full of bull shit why does he have to lie about everything

"Pierre, why don't you tell the truth for once in you live. You hate me you never thought I would get pregnant cause you made it completely clear that I was and ugly cow. As much as you don't like it I really like Jeff and Iam having his kid he seems to be fine with it. Why cant you be happy for me for once. We use to be so close what happened?" I said. Then started to cry, Damn hormones, He was about to say something when, Jeff came bursting into the room,

"Pierre Out!" Jeff yelled at him, He put his arm around me to try to calm me down.

"Fine, I'll leave but iam telling the guys about this." Pierre yelled and stormed out of the room,

Pierre's POV

I had just called all of the guys and they were now on there way over to my house. I was so happy to be ratting out Jeff. Chuck was going to be ballistic when he found out that Jeff got a chick pregnant.

"Come on guys sit down, I need to tell you something. Is really important" I said pushing them into the living room with a smile on my face

"What is so important Pierre, I was kind of sleeping." An annoyed David said to me

"Look you know how yesterday I told you that my cousin was pregnant?" I said and they nodded " Well Jeff is the one who got her that way" I finished, I looked at Chuck I could see that there was steam coming out of his head. He was pissed off and I knew it and it made me happy he was going to blow up in Kats and Jeff's faces. Chuck ran out of the house and got into his car and sped off. I also ran out following him leaving an confused David and Sebastian.

Kats POV

"Look iam sorry about him relax." Jeff said for about the millionth time in an hour.

"HOW CAN I RELAX WHEN PIERRE IS GOING TO TELL ALL OF YOUR BAND MATE ABOUT THIS." I yelled pointing at my growing stomach. Sitting down on the bed

"Kat, Whats the worst that could happen I mean really, Its not like Chuck Is going to come barging threw this door yelling and shouting" Jeff said all calm. That's when it happened

"JEFF! WHAT THE HELL NOW YOU HAVE TO LEAVE THE BAND, KNOW THAT YOUR HAVING A FUCKEN KID!" Chuck yelled barging threw the door, But that was not my biggest problem right now,

"Jeff" I said, breathing hard, He ignores me and kept yelling at chuck for yelling at him,

"Jeff Hun," Again he ignored me

"JEFF!" I screamed at him, still he ignored me

"JEFF FUCKEN STINCO WOULD YOU LISTEN TO ME!" I screamed again and still he did not listen,

"CAN SOMEONE HEAR ME!" I screamed to anyone, By this time Chuck and Jeff where throwing punches at each other. Finally Jeff's mom came into the room and so did his dad while he pulled chuck off Jeff his mom came over to me.

"Sweetie, Whats wrong?" She asked worried

"I think that," I stopped " No I know that I need to get to the hospital right now" I said feeling the first contraction coming into play

"O come one sweetie, Let's get you there then" She said getting Jeff to help me get to the car,

"Thanks, for listening to me" I retorted to him, He got me to the car his mom was already sitting in the drivers set,

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