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Pretend you don't know me so well, I won't tell if you lied

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the other side of beauty...

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Part Thirteen: Pretend you don't know me so well, I won't tell if you lied

Stumbling through the work that I have to do
Don't mean to harm you

Andy sat with Destiny watching wearily as she went though drink after drink that Joe kept supplying her. It was now 6:30 and Destiny was proving herself to be quite a football fan. She jumped up and down cheering with Marie as the Bears scored a touchdown in the first fifteen seconds of the game.

After Patrick arrived, Andy decided on just letting bygones be bygones and walked up to Patrick, giving his friend a hug.

"Hey, I didn't think you were going to show," Patrick said to him. Andy shrugged.

"I had nothing else to do," he said. Patrick nodded, his eyes landing on Destiny who was currently cheering at the TV. He smiled softly. After making awkward small talk with Andy, Patrick walked over to Pete and Dirty where they were still playing the video game.

Andy stayed with Destiny for a while, until she continued getting drunker and louder. He was suddenly aware of everyone's eyes on her and decided to move away from her for a while, going over to the lump of people he was more comfortable around.

Patrick sat alone for a while after getting bored watching Pete and Dirty's game which quite honestly just got violent when Charlie decided to start interjecting. He walked to the opposite side of the living room away from Andy and Destiny. Andy watched Patrick sit as far away from him as possible and felt a little guilty, but not a second later did a cute blonde girl sit down beside him and start a conversation.

Destiny was feeling very drunk by half-time but smiled goofily as she watched Patrick's eyes glued to Prince's performance on the TV, he was so cute sometimes. Once half-time ended and Patrick was able to pay attention to the girl once again, she put her arms around him and he grinned continuing a close conversation with her. Destiny felt herself scowl. Maybe it was the alcohol or maybe it was Andy suddenly avoiding her because of her loud behavior, but she was in the mood for a fight. Destiny went to stand but Marie grabbed her arm.

"Where are you going? Please don't tell me you aren't leaving me here drunk and alone with my even drunker boyfriend?" she slurred. Destiny giggled, but yanked her arm away from Marie's grip.

"I have to go take care of something," she said. Destiny smoothed down her hair and fixed her shirt, unaware of Andy's eyes on her actions. She took a deep breath and tried her best to sober-face, walking across the room and stopping in front of Patrick and this girl. Patrick stopped talking when a shadow overcame him and turned to see Destiny glaring at him.

"Can we help you?" The blonde girl asked of her. Destiny turned to look at the girl and shot her her best bitchy smile.

"Yeah, you can start by getting the fuck away from my man," she said. Patrick laughed in disbelief.

"Um...what?" he said, and the blonde girl smiled.

"I believe a minute ago you were hanging all over some other guy, so I think you need to leave us alone," the girl replied turning back to Patrick. Patrick took a deep breath, he really didn't want to deal with drunken Destiny today; he hated her like this.

"Excuse me? You don't fucking know me so don't try telling me what to do. Now get away from my man!" she yelled. The blonde girl stood quickly and got face to face with Destiny. The two girls stared at each other for a minute before Destiny reached her hands up to grab the girl's shirt.

"Whoa! Stop!" Patrick said suddenly, standing up and getting in between them. Destiny raised her fist to Patrick, but he grabbed her before she could hit him.

"Destiny! Stop! Don't pull this shit here, I though we were passed this," he said. The blonde girl stepped around beside Patrick.

"You know her?" she said, eyeing Patrick angrily.

"Obviously, stupid bitch," Destiny said. Patrick glared at Destiny before turning to the other girl.

"Yeah, this is my EX-girlfriend, and she needs to get a hold of herself before her new boyfriend gets suspicious over what's causing her to act like this," he said. Destiny pulled her wrist away.

"Fuck you, Patrick. Andy isn't even my boyfriend, so...just fuck you," she said, turning and storming away from him. Patrick watched her walk up to Pete and start bitching her face off. Pete was trying hard to get her to calm down, but she just kept going. Andy came over a few seconds later.

"That bitch tried to tell me what to do! Who the fuck does she think she is? Seriously, like, what the fuck?!" Destiny was spouting.

"What happened," Andy asked. Pete shook his head; he knew Andy didn't want to hear that Destiny was fighting with a stranger over Patrick.

"I think she needs to go home," Pete said softly. Destiny whipped her head around to stare at him.

"What? Un-fucking-believable, Pete. I knew you'd take his side. You just want me out of here because you know I'll win," she yelled.

"No, Destiny. I want you out of here before you start causing even more of a scene," Pete said, glancing around the room at everyone staring at them. Joe was sitting on his couch with Marie and Charlie.

"Don't kick her out! I want her here, she's fun. Let her fight, I'm in the mood to watch someone get their ass kicked!" Joe yelled from the couch.

"Shut up, Joe! You aren't helping," Andy replied, "Come on, let's just go, okay," Andy said to Destiny, reaching for her hand. She pushed him away and walked up to the blonde chick.

"I am NOT leaving before this slut does," she yelled. The whole apartment was silent, watching Destiny throw a hissy fit. The blonde girl got in her face again, which caused Destiny this time to lash out in pure anger, grabbing the girl by her shirt once more, this time shoving her away.

"Destiny!" Patrick yelled once more. He put distance between the two girls again, this time the blonde girls face went red.

"This is total bullshit. Thanks for inviting me, Marie," the girl said, then grabbed her coat and stormed out.

"That's right bitch. I fucking win," she yelled at the closed door. Andy walked over to where Patrick was holding Destiny by her shoulders, staring at her as she spouted any mean thing she could think of to say at him.

"You never fucking paid any attention to me. I was always second best in your fucking life and I wouldn't stand for it. Jesus, no wonder your ex cheated on you! Did you ever think that maybe it was you? For one fucking second, instead of blaming your job and your lifestyle, maybe it was you after all?" she yelled at him, and Patrick just stood there, hands on her shoulders, listening to every word.

Joe cringed from his spot on the couch, "I think we need some music. Loud, loud music," he said, walking to his stereo and turning on some loud metal. Andy stood beside Patrick, feeling in a daze. He didn't know this Destiny, and he didn't like her. Patrick saw Andy and passed the now fuming Destiny off to him.

"You wanted her so bad and her she is, in all of her drunken glory," Patrick said to Andy. Andy shook his head. He didn't sign on for this at all. Maybe Patrick was just better equipped to handle her. Andy suddenly felt stuck. He liked Destiny a lot and loved being around her, but this was more than he was willing to handle.

"I can't. I'm sorry, I...sorry," he said to the pair of them. Destiny let her mouth fall open.

"Andy? What?" she said, sadness quickly replacing her anger.

"I thought this was what I wanted, but...I just can't do it. It's just not me. I'm sorry," he said. He walked over to Joe and said goodbye, leaving the apartment without another word.

Andy felt stupid, really stupid. He should've known better than to assume the Destiny he always saw on Patrick's arm was all that there was to her. It wasn't so much that he couldn't handle the way she became when she was drunk; he just suddenly realized that this wasn't what he wanted. He wasn't the type to ever settle down and he wasn't going to start now, with a girl that made him feel good, yes, but with a girl that wasn't willing to move on and try to work with him to make a relationship happen.

Destiny watched him go thinking that it was finally over. The closure her and Andy needed on whatever they had been feeling was done. Destiny turned to Patrick and then looked at the floor. She had been so stupid.

"Patrick..." she said.

"Shut up, Destiny. I don't care. You are such a bitch, sometimes," he said, grabbing his coat and leaving as well. Destiny felt tears jump to her eyes...

I'm leaving your town again
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