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Carrying the World on Your Shoulders

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After meeting Frank unexpectedly at the show that night, Amsley starts to see Frank pop up everywhere and then a dreaded phone call...

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"Frank, you know Amsley?" Carmen asked. "Carmen, you know Frank?" I asked, my face hopefully not exerting the amount of confusion I was feeling. "Amsley, you know Carmen?" Frank asked. "Yeah...Carmen is in my English Lit class," I said slowly. "Frank how do you know Amsley?" Carmen asked. "She lives just across the way from me. I sometimes see her around. She's the girl I saw up on the roof too," Frank said, never taking his hazel eyes off of me. His gaze wasn't unwelcomed, but it definitely made me feel more was almost like he was searching me for something. "I thought you said you didn't know the opening band," I said to Carmen. "I don't...Frank is with another band called Pencey Prep. The guy you said was Billy Corgan is the leadman for the band that's opening," Carmen explained, as if anybody should've caught on. "The band has a name," Frank said. "Yeah, I know...My Chemical Romance." "Great name isn't it?" Carmen asked.

As the night progressed, I learned that Frank was from this little town and he's lived here practically his whole life. I told him that I moved from Greenwich, Connecticut and that I'm attending Rutgers University at Newark at the moment and working in New York. "No wonder I never see you except when you're coming home," Frank said. I nodded and smiled. Frank was a genuine and nice person. He was funny and very talkative, at moments it seemed like I was talking to an over-excited four year old. "The show is about to start, you guys wanna get a seat out in the audience?" Frank asked. Carmen looked at me and I nodded, standing up and following Frank out into the dark hallway Carmen and I had entered in and weaved our way through the crowd to the back.

The light dimmed and the whole crowd hushed to see the Billy Corgan look-alike Gerard onstage with four other guys. One had a small afro that looked to be on its way to being a huge curly blond/reddish afro. The other guy standing on to Gerard's right was a small and skinny boy. Yes, he looked like a teenager with thick rimmed glasses and he looked nervous out of his mind. The drummer was a bit of a harsh-looking guy with a slight beard and dark brown hair. "Hey, what's up everybody! You motherfuckers ready for us? We're MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE!" Gerard yelled into the microphone. Just the physical make up of this band made me want to look...they all seemed to have different stage appearances. Frank quickly stood on his chair to watch the performance...they were really good actually. Carmen and I were out of our seats halfway through the set, jumping around and dancing like freaks, but not caring.

That night, Frank drove me home since Carmen took off with Geoff. "So you like it here in New Jersey?" Frank asked. The car sputtered along, sounding like the loudest thing on the road. "So far. I like the realness of it. You don't get this kind of stuff up in Greenwich." Frank nodded, "Yep, there's nothing like New Jersey. I think that's why we tend to love it so much." I nodded. If I was from here, I'd love it to. Just as we were pulling into the parking lot of the apartment building, my cell phone went off. I rolled my eyes and without looking at the caller ID, I answered.

"I'VE BEEN TRYING TO GET A HOLD OF YOU FOR THE PAST THREE WEEKS!" my mother yelled on the other side fo the phone, making me thrust my hand away from my ear. My mom could yell, and hence my reason of not wanting to answer the phone when she called. "Mom, I know, it's just I've been really busy with my studies and work." "Why are you even working? We're not paying for you to go to college in New Jersey so that you could work," my mom said, sounding digusted. "Yeah, but I've got to pay my rent somehow...and I don't want money from dad to do it." The whole reason of moving here was so that I wouldn't get money from him. "Then why leave home at all? Why work when money can be given to you?" she asked. "Mom, I don't want to talk about it." "You never want to talk about the money that will be yours when your father and I die off. This is your inheritance and I'd start thinking about it more seriously. You're so concerned with trying to be normal and like those below you-" "No one is below me." "Amsley, please. Many people are below you because they don't have the prestige, name and money that you have. Now please, come back home. Bradley has been asking about you a lot lately," my mom said, trying to convince me that coming home was my best shot. I didn't want to come home, I didn't want to have to submit to her rich bullshit and live my life unhappy with some rich, stuck-up man who wouldn't know the first thing about being poor or having to struggle and work for a dollar is like and how much those people have to go through to get to where they're comfortable. I don't want my parent's money...not anymore.

"Why haven't you answered your phone?" my mom asked, now getting a sharper tone. "How'd you get my cell phone number?" "Your sister Bailey gave the number to me. Listen, we're having a dinner party and your father wants me to let you know that you're invited to this and it is mandatory that you come," she said, already pulling off the snobish tone. Frank looked at me, I guess he could hear everything. "But I don't want to go," I said. "Let me rephrase this: we're not asking that you come, we're telling you that you need to come. We'll expect to see you this weekend at the Hamptons. And please bring a date, make yourself look at least somewhat available." I rolled my eyes. She had always said that. If you bring a date, you can't be available...

I hung up, frustrated and extremely irate. "Are you okay Amsley?" Frank asked, all sincerity in his voice. "It's just my mom." "Oh...well I'm here if you need anything. You know where I stay." I smiled at him and nodded, thanking him. I barely noticed the car had stopped and was parked. "Well...there's one thing I need. You don't exactly have to do it alright?" "What is it?" Frank asked. "I know I've just kind of met you, but would you accompany me to a family dinner party at the Hamptons?"
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