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002: You'll Never Understand Me

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Amsley's classmate asks if she'll go to a concert to see a band with her and finds the Frank "dude" is with the band...kind of...

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Two weeks passed and all I ever saw of the Frank guy was when I would come home from work. I happened to work in New York City, specifically Manhattan and studied in Newark. Between going to my classes, catching the train to Manhattan, working, and then catching the train back to Belleview, I was never really at my apartment and had no time to go and stare at the sunrise on the roof. Going to college and working for extra money to pay for rent, food, and all of my other bills was proving to be a lot more than I would've imagined, but this is what I was looking for; this is exactly what I wanted. I wanted to work for what I had, not offered.

One night in particular though, I had the night off and I decided I'd go to a concert. I hadn't been to a concert since I'd been down here and I needed to keep myself busy and away from the home phone (if my mom calls, I don't really want to have to be there). A girl who sat next to me in my English Lit class had been talking about a concert that she wanted me to go with her to, so I obliged and here I am, sitting on the park bench waiting for her, my jeans slightly hugging to me.

"Are you ready?" she asked as she approached me. I looked up at her and nodded. "So what band is this?" I asked, as I got into step with her. "One of the bands is Thrusday, but I honsetly don't know the band that is opening for them...I've never heard of them," she said, a slightly puzzled expression on her face. I nodded and continued to follow her. "So how'd you get the tickets?" She looked at me and smiled, "I happen to know the band Thursday...well at least Geoff. We grew up together." I guess that was interesting factoid number one about her. "I forgot your name...what was it again?" I asked, feeling a little rediculous that I forgot it. "That's fine," she said, laughing a bit, "my name's Carmen." I smiled and looked forward to see that we were approaching the building. "This is it," Carmen said, her red hair blowing into her face slightly as a huge gust of cool wind blew.

Carmen seriously did know this Geoff character because she was able to get us "backstage" and she was welcomed into a small hang-out room by a tall guy with blondish hair and a hard square jaw. "Whose your friend?" he asked, referring to me, I guess. "Oh, Geoff this is Amsley, Amsley, this is Geoff, the lead singer of Thursday," Carmen said, introducing the two of us before walking behind Geoff to the others behind him. "Hello Amsley. Carmen tells me that you're new to Jersey," he said, trying to make polite conversation, which I'll oblige him. "Yeah, I am. Moved here about two weeks ago." "How are you liking it?" one of the guys asked from behind Geoff. "It's pretty good so far. I'm liking the time I get to be on my own and away from my parents, but it's super tiring." "How so?" Carmen asked. "Well, I live in Belleville, I go to school in Newark, and my job is in Manhattan. Between classes, going to work, and going home, I'm usually dead tired by the time I get home, which happens to be late."

The conversation ranged from writers, to philospohers, and eventually down to bands. "Where the hell is Gerard and them, they're late," said Geoff off-handedly after the debate of whether Led Zeppelin is metal or classic rock ended. "They called an hour ago about Frank not being able to get off work early like he wanted," said Andrew said. Andrew was the keyboardist for Thursday. Suddenly the door opened and in came a guy with black hair that went down to his shoulders and slightly tall. He was pale, and looked a lot like Billy Corgan...I first thought he was. "Is that Billy Corgan?" I asked, getting a few laughs out of people. "HA! People always say that. No, I'm Gerard though. Lead singer for My Chemical Romance." The name was awesome...wait, more than awesome. "Kick ass band name," I complimented. "Thanks, but all praise goes to my little brother," he said, pointing to thin air. I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion and I guess that got him to look and he saw that there in fact was no one there. "Oh damn, did he get lost again?" he muttered before walking out of the room again. "Well, they're here," Geoff said, sighing and walking out of the room. Everybody did the same except for me and Carmen. "So are you enjoying yourself so far?" she asked, smiling at me. "So far. They seem like an awesome group of guys." Just as I said that, someone walked into the room. He had hazel eyes and his skin seemed dark from the dimly lit room. His hair now had a blond patch at the front and he had piercings in his lip and nose, his face still as round as I remembered. "Amsley?" he asked. "Frank," I said, trying not to smile like an idiot.

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