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Gaara's Sand Castle

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You would think that someone who can control sand could build a decent sand castle...ironic, isn't it?

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Well, I just came up with this one day and decided to write it. Please enjoy.

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto, Gaara, or anyone else.

- - -

Gaara shivered in unimaginable anger as the frigid ocean water crashed over his head. When it had finally receded back into the ocean, he opened his shut eyes and glared daggers at Kankuro and Temari, who were both holding back fits of laughter at the sight of him.

"Be quiet." he ordered in a voice that said clearly don't mess with me. He crossed his arms over his chest and growled in visible anger.

"We didn't say anything yet." Kankuro said, letting a chuckle escape him for a brief instant.

"Then don't start." Gaara commanded. He shook his red hair slightly and water flew off of him. Obviously in a foul mood, he turned away from his siblings and found a rock to sit on.

Temari smiled and almost giggled but caught herself. "Come on, Gaara, its only water." she said, trying to wave him back to where she and Kankuro stood by the shoreline.

Gaara swivelled his head in another direction with a 'Hmph' and didn't say anything for a long time. He still couldn't believe that they had talked him into going to the beach. He hated the beach. It was so boring. If people wanted to play in the water, why didn't they just take a bath? That was what confused him. What was so special about the ocean anyway? It was just a lot of salty water.

Out of nowhere, something hit him at the back of the head, knocking him forward off his rock. Gaara frowned even deeper and turned around angrily. There, standing a little ways away, was a little boy about five years old. Looking down, Gaara saw that it was a white volleyball that had sent him flying.

"Sorry Mister. Can I have my ball back?" the little boy asked, holding out his hands.

Gaara looked down and slowly picked up the toy. He stared at the boy with great hatred and held out the ball to him. "This?" he asked. The kid nodded and eagerly reached out for it. "No." and with that, he threw it into the ocean where it floated away.
"Hey! My ball! Go get it!" the child demanded angrily as his toy floated further away.

"No." Gaara found a new rock to sit on and turned away from the boy, very content with himself.

"But Mister! My ball! You have to try and get it for me! Please?" the kid begged. When Gaara said nothing and kept looking away, the kid pouted and walked away crying.

Gaara shrugged and stared out at nothing for a long time before he stood up and walked over to the shoreline curiously. Off to his left, Kankuro and Temari were splashing each other with the water. He saw Kankuro grab his throat and cough.

Idiot swallowed the salt water. Gaara thought snidely as he watched his brother gag and Temari pat his back, scolding him all the while.

He looked out at the ocean and saw the sun shining on the surface, the waves rippling and felt the cool breeze brush against his face. He was beginning to think that the beach wasn't so bad after all.

"Hey Mister, eat this!"

As Gaara was turning around to see what was happening, a hard shove sent him falling face forward into the salty ocean water. The shock of the cold made him open his mouth and gasp-only to have a river of water flow into his mouth. He sat up, spitting out the vile taste and shivering against the cold. He looked up to see the same small boy whose toy he had thrown into the water standing at the edge of the water laughing. He stuck his tongue out at Gaara.

"There! That should teach you, you meanie!" the little boy shouted, smiling happily.

Growling, Gaara stood up and clenched his fists furiously. He glared evilly at the kid, who had stopped smiling and was now backing away from Gaara fearfully.

"You little brat." Gaara muttered. He stepped out of the water and towards the kid, a stream of sand coming out of his gourd and encircling the small child while he did.

"Ah! Mommy! Daddy! Help! Help meeeeeeeeee!" the boy cried as the sand started to constrict him.

"Gaara!" Gaara stopped and looked behind himself at Temari, who was fast approaching. "What are you doing? Stop!" she ordered and Gaara pulled the sand back a little.

"Why?" he asked. The child cried and ran away, obviously scarred for life. "He pushed me. I want him dead." he announced and Temari sighed.

"You can't do that." she told him angrily.

"Then what do I do?" Gaara asked in his monotone voice.

"Look just, I don't know, keep yourself occupied so you don't kill anyone." Temari said, shaking her head disapprovingly at her younger brother.

Gaara looked around himself and was confused. He didn't see anything to do. "How?" he asked.

Temari also surveyed they're surroundings. Finally she smiled with an "Ah-ha!" and bent down to the ground. "You can build a sand castle." she told him.

Gaara just stared at her. "What?" he asked. He watched as Temari started to build a small structure. She worked until it looked like a tiny castle.

"There. Just do that. Since you can manipulate sand, you should have no problem building a better one." she told him, smiling at her own creation. "Have fun, okay?" and with that, Temari walked away to continue her splash fight with Kankuro.

Gaara, still confused but also intrigued, plopped down on the sand and looked around. He highly doubted that he would "Have fun", but thought that it wouldn't hurt to try. He remembered that Temari had used wet sand to build the small building and started to mimic her moves. He got a huge pile of wet sand and dropped it in front of himself. Looking at Temari's sand castle, Gaara tried to make one like hers. But as he finished, he noticed that his looked nothing like his sister's. His was fat and lopsided and was falling apart on one side. He growled and started over.

This time, it came out too skinny and too tall; as soon as he pulled back to look at it, it toppled over in a heap. Now he was becoming just a little irritated. He started to build it up again, but noticed that the sand had started to dry and was falling off as soon as he put it together. So he had to go back to the water and bring back more wet sand before he could start work on another one. Then, when he was finished with his third one, he thought it looked pretty good, but frowned when he realized that there was a reef stuck in the middle. When he tried to pull it out, the whole structure collapsed. Gaara made angry noises as he was forced to start over.

He did this another six times before he got so mad, he stood up and started kicking the sand wildly. Then, once that was out of his system, he sat back down and started on his eighth sand castle. This time, he worked slowly, paying close attention to the small details and maneuvering carefully around the sensitive areas of the building. It took him over an hour to finish, but he didn't seem to notice; he was too proud of his completed sand castle to care what time it was.

It came out perfectly: it wasn't too fat or too skinny, it wasn't lopsided at all and there wasn't anything that could have destroyed it.

"Are you done yet?" Kankuro asked from a rock behind Gaara. He and Temari had been waiting for him for hours as he fervently tried to build the small sand castle. Now that he was done, both of them couldn't wait to get home.

"Almost." Gaara said, taking a few steps back to look at the sand castle one final time. Then, without warning and to his siblings utter surprise, Gaara swung his foot into the left side of the castle, collapsing it in and then repeatedly stomping on it until it was completely gone.

"Gaara! What the-why did you do that? It took you forever to make that thing!" Kankuro screamed, unable to believe what his bother had just done.

Gaara turned around with a content look on his face and walked up to his brother and sister. "What good would it have been to destroy an imperfect castle?" he asked and Kankuro just stared at him with his mouth open in shock.

"You mean we waited for two hours for you to finish a sand castle that you were just going to smash to pieces? Jeez! Next time I'll just build you one!" Kankuro announced, and he crossed his arms and waited to leave.

Gaara walked up to Temari who was smiling. "So? Was it fun?" she asked when her brother came close enough.

Gaara looked back and saw the remains of his sand castle being washed away by the ocean and gave a slow half-nod. "I enjoyed demolishing it, if that's what you mean by fun." he said, crossing his arms.

Temari nodded back and started to walk away. "That's good enough, Gaara. Okay, ready to go?"

As they started to walk away, Gaara realized that the beach was completely empty, save he and his siblings of course, and that the sun was beginning to set beyond the horizon of the water.

As he continued to walk behind his brother and sister, he noted silently to himself to come back to the beach when nobody was around.

And to answer your question Temari: yes. Building a sand castle

- - -

Woo! How was that? I thought it was funny, but my opinion doesn't really count, now does it? Tell me what you think please! Also, I'll have another story up soon called "Haku's Snowman" just in case you wanna check it out.
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