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Tseng/Vincent sooner or later still fluffy, no worries this time. "Nothing to worry about, sir. The security department is in..." He looked at the frown on Tseng's face. "Oh, well, that IS your d...

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Don't own it, Sqeenix does, and I don't have any moolah anyway.
Written for Lilymoon who likes my writing for some reason. Betaed by the unenviable Fireun who puts up with my whining and my run on sentences.

The doctor came in first thing in the morning, looking harried. Tseng raised an eyebrow in unspoken question, and the doctor just waved a hand at him.

"Nothing to worry about, sir. The security department is in..." He looked at the frown on Tseng's face. "Oh, well, that IS your department, isn't it." The doctor sighed, seeing that he couldn't avoid talking about the matter. "Well, security is in an uproar because the video feed monitoring your room went to static for about ten minutes last night, though you're still here, and there's nothing wrong--" He stopped short as Tseng broke out in quiet laughter, staring in shock. From all that he had heard, the leader of the Turks never smiled, let alone laughed. He shook his head and did one last check of the monitors before moving out the door.

"Breakfast will be in an hour." The door clicked, and Tseng chuckled for another moment before closing his eyes in quiet relief. Given Rufus ShinRa's own proclivities, he wasn't particularly worried about being open in his relationships. However, the ShinRa Corporation's official stance on Vinvent Valentine was neutral at best. Tseng only vaguely remembered Vincent's first appearance; he had just joined the Turk working force, and had barely heard rumors at that point. He shrugged; it was good that Vincent had some forethought, or he'd have Rufus to answer to, though both why Vincent was on the "not to be trusted" list and how he had known how to reprogram or rewire the recording system in the hospital poked at his curiosity. He'd have to look into it later, or ask Vincent.

The day went by slowly. There wasn't even a window to stare out of, and the doctor wouldn't let him check in on his teams after walking into the room sometime midmorning to see Tseng's eye twitching as Elena told him of Reno's progress in his current assignment. Tseng dozed a bit after dinner, a bland affair considering he was still on "recovery" diet. He startled awake, hand once again going for the gun that wasn't there. A small smile curled his lip as Vincent raised an eyebrow at him before holding out a small box. It was Tseng's turn to raise an eyebrow as he took it, hearing the contents slosh.

"Water is bland." Was the only response he got, so he cracked the lid, a small smile lighting his face as the sight of a small teapot, a packet of green tea, and slightly cracked mug and a thermos greeted him. He, quickly poured the leaves and the hot water into the pot, and waited, feeling his stress and boredom tightened muscles relax as the ritual took hold of him. He poured the tea, and sipped, eyes sliding closed in appreciation. The doctors told him that their tea was fine, he couldn't have anything not on the list, and green tea was NOT on the list.

Tseng took another sip, a small noise of approval coming from his throat. He opened his eyes, and saw Vincent watching him closely. Tseng smirked slightly then turned the mug and held it out to Vincent, who blinked for a moment, and took it, taking a sip himself. Tseng mentally nodded; at some point in his life, Vincent was a Turk. Not that Tseng cared particularly, intentionally brushing fingers with Vincent as he took the mug back, taking another sip before setting it down.

Vincent had come around the bed to sit on the edge, watching everything as always. Tseng leaned, lips brushing Vincent's for a bare moment before he felt a hand bury itself in his hair and the kiss deepened as it had last night, Vincent's mouth parting to let his tongue in, Tseng letting out a groan as Vincent sucked lightly at it. He felt Vincent's fingers tighten in his hair, a shiver dancing across his skin as his scalp pulled tightly. Tseng broke the kiss, panting slightly to trail his lips to one of Vincent's ears only to find Vincent pulling back, a slight smile on his face as he offered only one soft word in response.

"Tomorrow..." Tseng blinked at him, and in that brief moment, he was gone. Tseng flopped back on the pillow, eyes shutting with an inaudible groan as the door opened, admitting two security people and the night shift nurse.

Maybe he was wrong. Three weeks in here was going to be hell.
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