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chapter 7

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Ashley's POV

I got up with Frankie this morning. "I'll be back, my love.", I smilled, he never called me that.

"Love you and stay safe.", I kissed him.

"I will, love you too.", When he left I decided to go back to sleep because I did wake up really early.

Incoming call!

Me: hello?

Unknown: Hello is this Ashley Louise?

Me: Yes, who is this?

Unknown: This is Forest General Hospital. I'm sorry to inform you that Frank Iero was in a crash and killed.

Me: No, your lieing this is a joke right?

Hospital: No ma'am he's all over the news and all over FUSE.

(I turned on the TV.)

Me: Bye.
End of conversation!

"Hey this is FUSE and the Famous Guitarist Frank Iero form My Chemical Romance has died in a plane crash, early this morning. Here are the last clips we had of Frank."

I watched it as tears ran down my face. This is not happening to me the love of my life did not just die on the plane that I should have been on. That should have been me. I started to scream at the top of my lungs and....

"Ashley, Ashley wake up it's just a dream!", I opened my eyes. It was just a dream? I need to hear his voice.

Incoming call!

Frank: Hello.

Me: It's me.

Frank: What's wrong are you okay?

Me: I'm fine I just needed to hear your voice.

Frank: I've only been gone a few hours, you miss me that much?

Me: I had a dream, well it was more like a nightmare.

Frank: Want to talk about it?

Me: You died in a plane crash.

Frank: Baby I'm not even on a plane anymore I'm at your house.

Me: Okay.

Frank: Hey I see Gerard I'll call you back when I'm heading back.

Me: Okay bye, love you.

Frank: Love you more bye.

End of conversation!

When I got off the phone Aneesah began to talk. "I'm pregnant."

"WHAT THAT'S AWESOME!!", I ran over to her and hugged her tight. "When?"

"A few days ago I went to the doctor and he said it was positive."

"Oh my gosh I can't believe it Mikey's going to be a daddy!"

"I know he can't believe it either. We were trying to make a baby but we didn't think it would come after the first try.", we laughed. "Today we are going to rent off the building, oh and we told Amanda about the wedding and she has some plans that are really good for it. I think we should let her help with the wedding as well."

"Yeah I don't mind I can use all the help I can get."

"Oh I forgot to ask how did the meeting with the parents go?"

"No good my dad wanted me to marry Quinn instead of Frankie."

"Quinn, how does he even know about Quinn?"

"Quinn and Kelly came down to support me and help me break the news to my dad, well, my dad like Quinn better than Frankie."

"Damn that's messed up.", I sighed.

"Tell me about it."

Frankie's POV

Gerard walked out and came to the car where I stood. "Frankie thanks."

"No problem."

"What happen? Why did you two go home?"

"Ashley go into a huge fight with her dad about me."

"What did he say?"

"Oh nothing but he wanted her to marry Quinn, instead of me.", a car pulled up and Grey steped out.

"Hey where's Ashley?"

"Home.", I simply answered.

"She's inside?"

"I meant home as in New York."


"New York don't make us have to spell it for you.", Gerard said I guess Ashley told him all about Grey.

"Well do you have her number?"

"I thought she gave it do you?", I asked eyeing him. I hope he realizes that I don't like him.

"She did but I lost it."

"We do have her number but we're not giving it to you.", Gerard said being a smart ass. It's kind of funny. But I never let it show.

"I just want some directions for the church, she invited me and the guy to the wedding."

"Correct but we're not giving you her number."

"I'll let you talk to her.", Gerard looked at me wide eyes. I pulled out my phone dialing Ashley's number.

Ashley: Hello.

Me: Hey Grey want's to talk to you.

Ashley: Oooookay.

Me: One minute.

Grey: Hey I need directions to the church.
Grey: Yeah.
Grey: Yeah.
Grey: Okay thanks here's your man. (he handed the phone to me)

Me: Hey

Ashley: OMG you will never guess what I know.

Me: What?

Ashley: Don't tell Gerard I want to tell him.

Me: Okay?

Ashley: Mikey and Aneesah are having a baby.

Me: What that rocks!

Ashley: Oh and our agent found us a home in Jersey, Close to your mom but not to close, and it's big enough where we can start a family. But there's a problem.

Me: What?

Ashley: I already paid for this house we're in, I want to keep my house in New York.

Me: That's not a problem what ever you want to do.
(just then Gerard took the phone from me.)

Gerard: We're coming home with Frankie.
Gerard: WHAT?! I'M AN UNCLE, I'M AN UNCLE. (He grabbed my arm and started to dance.) I love you Ash can't wait to see you when we get there.

Gerard: Bye.

End of conversation!

"Come on I wanna go see Mikey and Aneesah!, Gerard said getting into the car.

"JERSEY HERE WE COME!", Miranda here we come!


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