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chapter 8

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Ashley's POV

Everything is going to be perfect. Amanda, Andrea and Nikki got together and my wedding is going to be beautiful. Of course I had a say so on what was happening so I helped to Andrea said that really I was the director. I like the sound of that the director. But back to the point It's going to be candle lit at night with roses everywhere. Aneesah and Miranda say they've got everything ready for the bachelorette party but they wont say anything about it. It sucks I want to know what I'm in for and they want tell me.

"I forgot to ask when is the wedding set for?", Andrea smiled.

"Your birthday."

"This is amazing!"

"September 28th?", Nikki asked. I nodded.

"Wait that's next week.!"

"I know that's why we did it, the sooner the better right?"


"Oh and we are fitting for dresses in two days."

"Two days, are you sure it's going to be ready in time!", I was panicking.

"Yes, it will, the only thing left for us to do is the honey moon.", Andrea said looking at the list in her lap.

"That wont be a problem. Frank's a celebrity he can book anything at last minute.", Nikki said.

"Hey, me and Frankie are doing that ya'll did everything eles.", We laughed.


Miranda was on the phone with Ashley. "TWO DAYS! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?....NEXT WEEK!?...Oh I will...Amanda?...Yeah okay...bye."

"What was that about?", I just had to ask.

"That was Ashley as you all know.", I nodded. " In two days everybody is going for fittings-"

"Wait that's soon."

"I was getting to that. You two are getting married in a week."


"As serious as food itself and you know how I am about food.", I got up and jumped up and down, which the pilot was not happy about.

"Your just a big kid aren't you?", Gerard said laughing.

"At heart I am."

"I feel sorry for Ashley.", Gerard said with a serious look on his face.

"GERARD!", I can't believe he just said that.

"Sorry man, but I'm also feeling bad about Miranda she's with me and I'm worse than you."


"Frankie your suppose to disagree."

"I can't disagree with the truth."

"That hurt.", he started to fake cry. I just laughed. "I'm telling Ashley."

"I think she might agree.", Miranda said and I busted out into laughter. By next week Ashley is going to be Mrs. Iero. Damn time is too slow.

Ashley's POV (hours later)

"Ashley? What are you doing here?", Aneesah said stepping aside to let me in.

"To tell you that out fitting is in two days, oh and why the hell did you leave me?"

"Mikey was trying to clean that house and-", I cut her off.

"You don't have to explain anymore."

"Baby where are my...", Mikey stoped when he saw me, he was only in a towel, which made me laugh at the look on his face.

"Where is what?", Aneesah asked.

"My boxers."

"Top drawer I just put the laundry up.", he walked out, and came back with what looked like baby doll underwear.

"You let him do the laundry?", I said looking at Aneesah.

"Yeah, just his clothes from the tour."

"I tried."

"Awww baby, we can always buy you some more underwear.", the way Aneesah said it made me laugh. He walked out and I sat there taking to Aneesah for a long time before Mikey came out and sat beside me fully dressed.

"Are you commando?", I just had to ask.


"Where did you find the underwear?"

"Your drawer."

"YOU MEAN YOUR WEARING MY UNDERWEAR!?", Aneesah and I bust out into laughter.

"Yeah, and their really comfortable too they should make us some like these.", I was crying from laughing so hard now.

"Hey It's not funny."

"Yes, it is."

"Frankie's wore your underwear before."

"He told you that.", Aneesah was gasping for breath.

"Yeah he did.", my phone started to play The misfits which only means one person. Frankie.

Incoming call!

Me: Hello.

Frankie: Hey baby.

Me: We were just laugh- I mean talking about you.

Frankie: What?

Me: Nothing what's up?

Frankie: I'm at home and your not here.

Me: Damn how long have I been here.
(In the background) Aneesah: about two or three hours.

Frankie: Are you coming home?

Me: Yeah, I'll be home in about twenty minutes.

Frankie: Hurry.

Me: Damn you horny aren't you?

Frankie: You know it.

Me: Ha ha okay I'll hurry.

Frankie: bye love

Me: Bye.
End of conversation!

"I'm off."

"Yeah, because Frankie's horny", We laughed at the way Mikey said it.


"Bye girl and remember no glove, no love.", Aneesah said I stopped and turned around looking at her.

"You got that from Gerard."

"I know I've been hanging out with him to much, but that's what you get when you marry his brother."

"Hey you make it sound bad.", Mikey said walking up.

"Well I'm going to show my self out now."

Mikey looked at me, " You do that.", I hugged him. Then he said to Aneesah, "You know you love me."

"Yes, unfortuately."

"That hurt.", then he turned to me, "I love ya sis now get out of my house."(Sis is a nickname that Mikey calls her."

"I will.", I walked out and got into my car I drove off. On the way, I ended up in a huge traffic jam. My mood just went from happy to annoyed.

Frankie's POV

It's been two hours and Ashley still isn't back. I'm getting worried. I decided to call her.

Dialing number!

Ashley: Hello.


Ashley: Baby calm down.

Me: I'm sorry you just got me worried.

Ashley: I'm stuck in a traffic jam. There's been a car accident.


Ashley: Ha ha I'm fine, wait, is that Briana?

Hey If you don't know Briana is her sister in the story. Hope you liked this chapter it was fun to write! XD I laughed the whole time. Oh and please excuse the bad spelling I'm a little sleepy. Please tell me what you think. It doesn't even have to be long just, great chapter, or something like that. Love you all. Till next time.
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