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chapter 9

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Ashley's POV

I dropped the phone. My sister was laying on a stretcher blood all over her. I opened my car door and ran up to her.
"Ma'am you can't-", I cut him off.

"This is my sister!", he nodded. I looked at Briana, " Don't die on me. You're the only one I have left! Mom and dad hate me. Please don't die, I love you so much.", I sobbing, I kissed her forehead. I felt arms come around my waist. I turned around to see Frankie, I buried my face in his chest and begin to cry.

"Baby you go with her and I'll get the car.", he whispered in my ear. I nodded and climbed into the ambulance next to Briana.

Gerard's POV

Incoming call!

Me: hello

Frankie: Hey we're at the hospital, Briana got into a car accident. Ashley said she needs you and Mikey to with her.

Me: Where at?

Frankie: I don't know why but they drove her to the one in Manhattan.

Me: I'm on my way.

End of conversation!

I got my coat and put it on.

"Where are you going?", Miranda asked from behind me kissing my neck.

"Hospital get your coat."

"Why?", I looked and saw worry in her eyes.

"Briana got into a really bad car accident.", she grabbed her coat and walked to the door, I was right behind her locking the door.

When we got there I walked in to see Frankie in the lobby.

"Where are they?"

"Room 206."

"Are you okay?"

"I've never seen Ashley like this.", he said in almost a whisper as if he was talking to himself, we could tell that he had been crying.

"Baby I'm going in are you coming?", I asked Miranda.

"In a little bit I'm going to talk to Frankie.", I nodded. I understood, she was worried about Frankie, on tour they became friends ,well more like best friends. But she didn't want to leave him by himself. I walked down the hall searching for room 206. When I found it I walked in, my heart sank. Ashley was holding here hand crying. She didn't look up when I came in, but I could tell that she knew it was me. I walked slowly towards her. She got up and ran to me hugging me and began to cry harder.

"Shhhh it's okay."

"No it's not, I was laughing and talking to Frank when she was calling for me." I looked at her. "The ambulance driver said she was calling for an Ashley."

"Don't blame yourself, you didn't know.", I held her as she cried. I the door opened and I didn't even bother to move or to look up, I just kept rocking her

"How is she?", Mikey asked.

"Briana I have no idea."

"I'm talking about Ashley, I've already talked to the doctors."

"What did they say?"

"Briana's fine, all she got was a broken leg. How's Ashley?"

"Well, I think she cried herself to sleep.", I said looking down to a sleeping Ashley.

"Mikey go and ask them to bring a cot in here so Ashley can sleep, I know that she isn't going to leave."

"Okay.", he walked out, as Frankie was walking in. He took Ashley from my arms."

"Thanks man."

"No problem.", Mikey walked in and shortly after a man who I was assuming a nurse came in and set up the cot. Frankie picked Ashley up and layed her on the cot, before laying down next to her and holding her.

Ashley's POV

I woke up with arms around my waist. I turned around to see a Frankie sleeping, I smilled, he really is the man I've always wanted. I kissed him and automatically his lips responded. We kissed well more like madeout until I pulled away. "Well good morning to you too.", I laughed.

"How's Briana?"

"Well, the blood you saw on her wasn't her's it was..."

"It was who?"

"It was her boyfriend, he's on life support.", I was in shock.

"Baby what's wrong with Briana?"

"I'm fine.", I turned around to see Briana with tears in her eyes, I could tell that here leg was broken but everything else was fine, I hope.

"What happened?"

"Well, I have air bags in the doors, above the glove compartment and in the steering wheel. All my air bags worked except the one above the glove compartment. Glass went everywhere."

"It's not your fault."

"If it wasn't me then who was it?"

"The car company.", she laughed.

"I guess your right."

"When am I wrong?", I got up and hugged her.

"I want to see him.", I nodded and went to see if it was alright. One of the nurses came in with a wheel chair. I rolled her to the intensive care unit. We rolled in and I put her right next to his bed. She took his hand in her's.

Hours has passed and I had talked Briana into coming back to the room. When we got back Gerard and Miranda were there. "MICHEL!"

"JANET!", she gave him a pouty face.

"Okay Gerard."

"Better.", he hugged and helped her into bed!

"Ashley I hate to bring this up, but are we still going to the fittings tomorrow?", Miranda asked everybody just starred.

"Yes.", we all turned towards Briana.

"I don't know."

"Please, do this for me, be happy for me.", I walked over and hugged her.

"Thank you."

"Look I need some rest and you need to go home."

"WHAT!?", ewe all asked at the same time, "Gerard you have to look absolutely perfect for when you walk my sister down the isle."

"W-what?", I turned around and smilled at him.

"I called my dad to see if he would walk me down the isle and he said that he wasn't going to watch me make the biggest mistake of my life. I wanted you to because your like my brother, all the guys are like my brothers, but you stand out of all of them, Gerard you're my best friend.", I got down on one knee, and Miranda started to laughing. "Gerard will you give away.", He smilled.

"You didn't even have to ask sis.", I smilled and kissed him on the cheek.

"Thank you."

"I'm so special, all so special, I'm so special cause Ashley picked meeeeeeeeeeeeee!", Gerard sung starting to dance with me, which made me laugh.

"Enough with musicals I'm tired.", Briana said as we continued to dance.

"I mean it guys."

I stoped and turned to her. "If and only if you promise not to escape."

"I don't know if I can promise that.", I went over to her and hugged her.

"I love you Bre."

"Same here.", I kissed her cheek.

"Hey Ash, may I walk you to your car?", Gerard said reaching his hand out to take mine.

"Yes you may."

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