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chapter 10

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Gerard's POV

"Baby are you okay with us taking or relationship slow?", she turned over to face me.

"I wanted us to take it slow. Why do you?"

"I feel like I should of asked you sooner. We were together way before Frankie and Ashley and their getting married."

"Well, we're not Frankie and Ashley, and when the time comes, it comes, but not now.", I nodded. She was right, she kissed and got on top of me.

"What are you doing?"

"When you woke me up I was having this dream, now I want you to make that dream come true. Is that a problem.", I shook my head.

"I didn't think so.", I flipped her and she giggled.

"I think I'm on top."

"Did I disagree with you?"


"Then I'd prefer you on top.", I laughed.

"Bow chicka chicka bow wow.", I said as she laughed.

Ashley's POV

I heard a knock at the door.

"Frankie baby would you get that?"

"You need to get up and get dressed."

"Are you dressed?"

"Yes, we have the fitting in an hour and a half."

"WHAT?!", I shut up out of bed.

"I'll get the door, and you get dressed.", I nodded and he walked out. As I was getting dressed the swung open. And Gerard jumped on my bed. Oh did I mention that all was in was my underwear.

"Soooo, Ashley when did you buy those?", he said gesturing towards my boycut shorts.

"Oh about a week ago, do they look good?"

"I like, Miranda should buy some.", I laughed.

"Gerard! Where are yo-", Frank stoped when he seen me in my underwear talking to Gerard.


"Why? It's like Miranda walking around in her briefs infront of you."


"On the tour Miranda gets very comfortable infront of the guys."

"As long as you don't look then I'm good.", I said putting on my jeans, and my misfits shirt.

"How do you know that he doesn't?", Gerard asked with a big smile. I looked at Frank.

"What is he talking about?"

"I'm just joking, Ashley, I mean he covers his eyes when she is covered up with one of my shirt.", I laughed and kissed him.

"Whoa wait until I leave the room to start that kind of stuff.", Gerard said running out of the room. Frank smilled at me and took my hand leading me into the living room.

"Finally we need to go like NOW!"

"When did you all get here?", I said looking around at all my friends.

"We're going to be late!"

"Okay gosh.", Frankie looked at me.

"Look just one more week and you will be Mrs. Iero.", I smilled at the thought. All of a sudden I felt myself being lifted off of the floor. I laughed.

"What are you doing?"

"I'm practicing.", he carried me to the car and sat me down gently with help from Gerard ,opening the doors for us.

Gerard's POV

After along uncomfortable conversation about the honey moon and me in a thong (don't ask me how it came up), We got there. They brought us to sperate rooms because Ashley didn't want Frank seeing her in her wedding dress.

"So dude aren't you nervous that in less than a week you are going to be off the market?", Bob asked. While they were talking I decided to go see the women. I walked in and Ashley was standing there looking at herself in a strapless white dress, tears were running down her cheeks.

"Why are you crying?", she jumped and turned around.

"I've been thinking."

"That's not good."

"Why is that not good?", she said laughing.

"Because your crying what were you thinking about?"

"I never thought that I would date Frank much less getting married and now I sometimes wonder if anytime now I'm going to wake up and I'll be lying next to a sleeping Quinn.", I pinched her.

"Owww Gerard!"

"At least you know it's not a dream.", she slapped my arm playfully.

"Look, over the years we have grown closer as friends, you deserve to be happy, and Frankie is the guy who is going to make it all happen. Ashley, He love you and I can see in your eyes you feel the same way."

"Yeah but.", she stopped herself.

"But what?", she turned away.

"What if this is moving too fast, people get married after years of being together and when I mean years like four or five. We've only been together for a little over a year."

"Ashley you've been together for four years , well, not together, together but together."


"You have been best friends for three years, and you were in love when you got together. If you got married a week after being together, that still wouldn't be too soon.", she turned around and hugged me as she whispered 'thank you' in my ear.

"Ah Ashley, why are we by ourselves where are the girls?"

"They finished their fittings early so they decided to go and try on wedding dresses."


"GERARD!?", Frankie yelled.

"I think they just noticed I was gone."

"You better go before Frankie calls the police and files a missing person report."

"He actually did that one time.", she laughed.

"Remember what I said.", I turned away from her. "While I go and get prettied up for your wedding.", she giggled as I walked out.


Tell me what you think. More soon and in the next chapter the bachelorette party. Oh yeah. Till next time.
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