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Everything seems perfect in the hero's life, they've got friends, their, fighting the god of time and winning. But In one night it takes a turn for the worst...

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hey guys i don't know if I should continue this story, because i have gotten a few really mean reviews saying its a dumb story, I will post this chappie but i don't think i will finish the story. rate and review :(

Atlanta toook a deep breat and knocked on Archie's door. He opened it and saw who it was so he motioned for her to come in. She entered his room and walked up and faced him. He took her hands in his, and leaned down and kissed her.

"hey lannie, what's up?" he asked leaning his forehead on hers.

"archie I need to talk to you about something" she said sitting on his bed and patting the spot beside her. He sat down and took her hand

"what's up lannie?" he asked concern in his voice

"archie, I'm... pregnent" she said gripping his hand. He stoodup and stared at her.

Minutes went by and Archie stayed silent. Atlanta was about to question him when he fell to the floor.

"archie!" Atlanta exclaimed kneeling down beside him.

archie please say something" Atlanta begged. He opened his eyes

"oh thank gods your okay" Atlanta said hugging him.

"" he said standing up and pacing.

"I knew I shouldn't have told you" Atlanta said to herself, she started to cry.

"oh lannie come here" he said hugging her tightly

"I'm sorry Archie I've ruined both of our lives" Atlanta cried into his hoodie

"no you haven't, it's okay it was just a shock to me that's all." he said strtoking her hair.

They got up and layed down on the bed and Archie wrapped his arms around Atlanta and they soon fell asleep.


Theresa took a deep breath and knocked on Jay's door. He opened it and kissed his lightly on the cheek

"hey what's up?" he asked her

" Jay I need to talk to you about something" THeresa said taking Jay's hand

"what is it Theresa?" he asked

"I'm pregnent" she said.

"excuse me I think I heard that wrong it sounded like you said you were pregnent" he said

"I did" she said

After 5 minutes of sialence Theresa burst into tears. Jay hugged her

"It's okay theresa" he said rubbing her back.

"no it's not what about Cronus and our lives I'm only 17 I can't be a mother" she said sobbing more.

"It's okay we'll get through this together" he said leading her to his bed where they layed down and fell asleep in eachothers arms.
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