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Rest Of The Gang

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"Andy, this is Tara, George's little sister." "And Pete's new love toy."

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Chapter 13
I arrived back at George's house just before dinner. Although her appearance might have changed, Julia was still the little fat kid at heart that just couldn't shut up.

The guys where all hanging out in front of a huge TV and appeared to be fighting. It looked like Sarah wasn't there, and I was glad. Pete looked up when I walked in, a horrified look on his face. The guys fell silent once they knew I was present and George stood up, making his way towards me. He almost pushed me out the door.

"We're dealing with a bit of, erm, artistic differences. Go and do something, okay?"

And with that he went into the living room again and closed the door behind him. Okay, what am I supposed to do know? And I'm quite certain that this fight is not about artistic differences!

I wandered off into the kitchen, but I wasn't hungry so I left it and decided to take a mini-tour of the house since my brother hasn't already showed it to me. I know already that the first-floor included a guest bedroom, living room, bathroom and a kitchen. I think there must be a studio on the floor somewhere, but the second floor appealed to me more. This is house is seriously huge! I think it's even bigger then our ranch - and that is a big house. This is at least way too big for just one man.

I was about to step up the big staircase leading up to the second floor when someone grabbed my arm.

"There you are! We were wondering where you went!"

Pete led me into the living room where the guys were. George and Joe were playing a video game while Patrick and some guy where chatting on the couch. They looked up when we came in, but George and Joe were to engrossed in their game to notice us.

"Andy, this is Tara, George's little sister."

"And Pete's new love toy."

Patrick murmured his comment under his breath. Pete hit him playfully in the shoulder.

"Shut up, you're just jealous!"

Patrick blushed.

"Am not! I happen to be in a very loving relationship."

"Yeah, with music."

"At least it doesn't cheat on me."

A loud scream could be heard from the couch were the guys had been playing followed by a "You suck!" and George storming out of the living room. Joe stood up from the couch and stretched.

"So, who wants to get their ass kicked next?"

"I'll kick your ass"

"Uh-no! You've no idea what you're getting yourself into Peter."

"Don't get too cocky Joseph, I always win!"

Andy was just shaking his head, but a horrified look appeared on Patrick's face.

"Oh, no. Not again!"

Andy looked at me and patted on the empty seat between him and Patrick.

"They'll be at it for few hours, let's use the time to know each other."

Patrick looked at Andy.

"Have you any idea how corny that sounded'"

Andy just shrugged and I sat down between them.

"So, Tara. Have you slept with him yet?"

I looked shocked at Andy.

"What?! No!"

"No need to freak out, I'm just starting a conversation!"

"You don't ask people you've just met about their sex life!"

"But that's what adults do, Patrick. I wouldn't expect you to understand!"

"But, aren't you guys the same age?"

"Nope. Patrick and Joe and the babies at age 22, although we still think that Patrick hasn't had his growth spurt yet. I'm 25 and Pete is 27, although you probably knew that already."

After that we just sat in silence and watched the guys playing video games. I don't see the attraction behind games like that, so I just observed them, mainly Pete though. The house could burn down without them even noticing. Someone grabbed my shoulders, causing me to scream. I heard laughter behind me and turned my head.

"You're such an idiot George!"

"I'm sorry, I just couldn't stop myself!"

The guys where fighting the urge to laugh at us (me). George just smiled at them before turning his attention towards the two video playing guys.

"Are they still at it?"

A grin spread over his face as an idea was born in his head. He walked towards the TV and turned it off, both Pete and Joe jumped up.

"What the fuck are you doing man? I was winning!"

"You weren't winning! I was!"

"No you weren't! I was few points ahead of you!"

"No, I was few points ahead of you!"

"Okay guys, we'll never really know, so shut up."

"You're fucking retard George, you know that?"

"I do now. Are you guys hungry?"
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