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Harry's Spirits: Sirius's Return

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We all know that the book says that you can hear the voices of the dead in the veil. What if there was more to it? A Yu Yu Hakusho Harry Potter Crossover

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Reikai Arc
A Fanfiction by: Sheya
Chapter 01
Harry's Spirits: Sirius's Return

Harry's summer had been depressing to say the least. When he had gotten home his Aunt and Uncle had told him he was on his own, he could live and eat with then but for everything else he was not part of their lives- suited him just fine. The depressing part was that Voldemort wouldn't leave him alone; even Professor Dumbledore teaching him Occlumency wasn't working. He also was depressed about Sirius's death; he blamed himself, not Dumbledore.

Just before his birthday he returned to 12 Grimmauld Place- his summer lost any happiness after that. Now he had reminders of Sirius everywhere, the only good thing that happened during that time was that the Ministry of Magic had pardoned Sirius... Something about one of the clerks uncovering papers of his confession under Veritaserum when he was arrested, apparently Barty Crouch covered up the fact that Sirius was innocent although he knew. Harry thought that it was wonderful that his godfathers name was cleared but he really didn't see the point anymore, Sirius was dead and wasn't coming back.

It was even more of a relief to get on the train then usual, the train ride was normal, Malfoy was nasty- no surprise, although he did get a surprise when he pushed the wrong button. Harry hexed him and so did everyone else who heard the remark. Harry was even happier when the train stopped and they got in to the thestral driven carriages. When he and his friends entered the great hall and sat down they noticed something strange. Sibyll Trelawney was at the teachers' table- very unusual since she rarely came down from her tower. After the sorting Dumbledore announced that because of the return of Voldemort, Remus Lupin would be back as Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher.

Just before the headmaster called the Feast, Sibyll stood up and said in tones vastly different then her usual:::

The Child of Light will gain new strength.

The Black of Gryffindor will return to the fight.

The Child's Allies will join in power.

The Dark Lord will flee in fright.

Evils end is at hand.

She then sat down again and looked around, when asked if she remembered anything she denied that anything happened, then she left saying the vibes were getting to her. Harry's friends were going to ignore her but Harry knew it was a true prediction.

The whole school erupted into whispers and speculations. Dumbledore stood up to quiet everyone down when a glowing portal got slashed into the space between the students and teachers tables. As the whole school watched in awe two figures one male and the other female exited the portal, when it vanished the whole school could see that the woman had blue hair and fuchsia eyes; she wore a pink kimono and was holding a golden oar. The male had black hair and brown eyes, he wore an outfit very much like his boss, Koenma's, in teen form, but it was black with a violet cloak, and a hood that he could pull up. The female looked at the silent and awed students and staff and turned to her companion.

"You certainly do know how to make and entrance, Sirius."

"Yeah, Botan, I suppose I do."

Then the school erupted with questions.


Twenty minutes later the yelling of questions still had not ended, Botan had long since sat on her oar to get comfortable. Sirius had decided to lean on his oar, they were both starting to get board but they still waited.

Harry who had been in shock the first few minutes or so was trying to get through everyone to get to Sirius, Remus had fainted, Dumbledore was staring in shock, Snape was cursing. Harry finally made it past everyone to where Sirius and Botan were chatting with each other.

"Sirius?" Harry questioned.

"Yeah it's me, got a story to tell you." He smiled at his godson, "Can you believe I'm working for the prince of the spirit world now?"

Harry flung himself into his godfather's arms and got hugged in return. "You have to tell me when everyone calms down... But Professor Dumbledore seems to be in shock."

"Yes..." Sirius released Harry from the hug. "Let's see." He pulled out his wand and cast a silencing charm on everyone. "That's better now one can hear oneself think."

"Or just blow hot air." Botan jumped off her oar.

"I don't blow hot air; I'm not the consummate gossip."

"Mou- that's not fair! I haven't had anyone to gossip with all summer." Botan pouted turning toward Sirius.

"Not my fault, Koenma could have chosen someone else to teach me." Sirius waved his hand smirking. "Anyway- this is getting us no where."

"You're right, of course." Botan walked up to the head table and waved her hand in front of Albus's face. "Hello... Are you awake in there?" She sing-songed.

The headmaster then jerked back from her, "And why are a Spirit Guide and a man who should be dead interrupting the opening feast?"

"Oh... that... well ummm... you see..." Botan started fidgeting.

"She's usually better then this." Sirius mumbled. "BOTAN!! You ARE going to get on with it before we all die of old age, right?"

"You think you can do better?"

"Lots, I'll start at the beginning but let's wake Remus up first."


They woke Remus and Sirius told his tale... well most of his tale- he left out that the one he was supposed to help was Harry. While Sirius was explaining Dumbledore started the feast and conjured three more chairs, Sirius insisted that Harry eat at the teachers table so he could hear the story. Sirius and Botan demonstrated just one of the differences between them and ghost because they were able to eat. When their explanations were over all the students except Harry were herded off to bed. Remus though had been staring at Sirius like, well like he had come back from the dead...

"Remus you can believe your eyes, I'm back and here to stay." Sirius laid a hand on Remus's arm. "Well I might have to go to meetings in the Reikai but baring that..."

"I know and I'm glad... but..."

"I know it was something of a shock for me when I found out too. Let's go someplace private to talk." Sirius turned to Harry. "Coming?"

"Yeah" Harry, Remus, and Sirius left the hall.

On their way out they heard Botan say. "Well looks like I'm no longer needed here I'm going back to the Reikai now. BaiBai."

As they were walking out of the front hall the headmaster caught up with them.

"You can talk in my office since I want to hear what you left out in you story."

"Sure, I'll also need a place to stay."

"Yes the House Elves are preparing it now."

The group trouped off to the Headmasters office.


When they got to the gargoyle Albus said the password, pocky, and they all rode the staircase up. Albus sat behind his desk and conjured some chairs for the others.

"So, what did you leave out in you telling of the past two months?"

"Well, since Harry has already been chosen as the one to destroy Voldemort, Koenma wants to give Harry a better chance at defeating him."

"How?" Harry asked.

"With this." Sirius answered holding up a glowing gem. "I have three of these for three different people."

"For me and Ron and Hermione...?"

"I think that is the best choice, Koenma really thinks that this skill will help."

"But... I don't want to kill."

"No truly good person wants to kill, but if you want to protect sometimes you have to kill. Sometimes you don't have a choice. Left alive Voldemort will just keep coming back and killing some more- for those that will be hurt and killed if he isn't stopped, we have to stop him permanently."

"I understand, but I still don't want to, I just have to."

" Yeah... a person doesn't have to like the things they have to do."

"So what is my new skill?"

"You have to find out on your own." Sirius handed the gem over to Harry.

When Harry took it, it flared brightly and disappeared. "Wow- but where did it go?"

"It wasn't real it was a manifestation of an unlocking charm. The ability that you have now was always there just not centered or accessible. Koenma thinks that that is why you were able to deflect the killing curse when you were a baby."

"Sirius, what does that mean?" Albus leaned forward, after all this could be the answer to a question that had plagued him for near fifteen years.

"Well, Harry has an unusual amount of Reiki, Ron and Hermione do too but they are not as strong. We all know that Lily's sacrifice shielded Harry, but you still don't know how he reflected the curse. Koenma thinks that it was Harry's Reiki manifesting and because of how it was manifested it is unusually strong."

"That is the best explanation so far." Albus leaned back in his chair. "It has been a long day why don't we all get some sleep?"

Albus's advice was taken to heart; Harry went to the Gryffindor tower after his headmaster gave him the password. Remus walked with Sirius as a recently called Dobby showed him where he was staying. As the castle settled down for the night Harry had a lot to think about but sleep claimed him first.
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