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Tantei in Training: Learning Experiences

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We all know that the book says that you can hear the voices of the dead in the veil. What if there was more to it? A Yu Yu Hakusho Harry Potter Crossover

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Reikai Arc
A Fanfiction by: Sheya
Chapter 05
Tantei in Training
Learning Experiences

The next day Harry woke up in the room he was sharing with Ron and Malfoy, not because he wanted to but because of the yelling that was going on. Apparently Ron wasn't listening to Malfoy, even though Malfoy was RIGHT. They had been specifically instructed that the bedding was folded and put away in the morning not left in a mess on the floor. Of course the argument reminded him of the other instruction as well.


"All right, children," Genkai said as she showed them their rooms, "Here are the rules:

1: You will look after yourselves. You will keep your room clean there is no one else to do it for you.

2: We take turns cooking; do not insult the cook. If you don't like it put your chopsticks down and wait for everyone else to finish.

3: Your mornings will be training, evenings are free and afternoons are reserved for studying, except for Malfoy-san, his mornings and afternoons are switched. When he has caught up sufficiently he will join the rest of you."


After that Yukina showed them where the bedding was and explained that it was the custom to fold up the futons and blankets and put them in the closet for the day... Harry had seen that Ron was not paying attention.

Then they went to sleep and now Ron was arguing with Malfoy about the instructions saying that Malfoy was just making it up.

Harry sat up and yelled "RON!" Ron looked at his friend. "Malfoy's right Yukina did say the futons and blankets get folded and put in the closet and Genkai said that WE keep the rooms clean... this isn't a hotel. There is no maid service."

"What? When did this happen?!?!" Ron asked angrily.

"You weren't listening to a word they said were you... In fact you didn't even have your translator on did you?"

"Ummm no."

"Then listen to those who did." Malfoy snarled. "Anyway can't you keep your voice down you'll wake the whole house and none of US are used to the time difference."

"So now Ron, put your translator ON and then you won't hear only gibberish when they are talking and you won't get into loud arguments over stupid things."

Malfoy smirked throughout the whole thing. "I pity you Potter, if you have to put up with that lout all the time."

"And I pity you, because you have to put up with gorillas all the time, at least Ron CAN hold a conversation in a language I understand."

"If I have to be a lout at least someone can call me their lout."

"Ron, that did not come out right." Harry put his forehead in his hand.

Ron shrugged. "It's my job."

"Right." Harry stood up and everyone started folding their futons and putting them away.


"I wonder what's for breakfast? I'm starving!" Ron exclaimed rubbing his hands together.

"Ron, Genkai is cooking today it will probably be a Japanese breakfast not an English breakfast."

"Actually," Genkai came up behind them making Malfoy jump and the other two start, "Keiko has arranged for her parents' Ramen shop to deliver all our meals... She remembered how bad a cook Kuwabara-kun is and that Yukina doesn't cook."

"And even though Kazuma can't cook he thinks he can because Yusuke can, and he is always trying to show Yusuke up." Yukina walked up to them. "Oh, and with you two here we won't be needing alarm clocks."

"That's fine, even though we don't know what Ramen is." Harry replied while Malfoy and Ron looked sheepish. After that Genkai decided that everyone was to get a day off to get used to the time zone and see the sights... she also said that Harry needed something else to wear when not training, his clothes from Dudley were a disgrace. Harry got a new wardrobe that day... Sirius paid for it.


Genkai took teaching Ron, Harry, and Hermione very seriously. She knew what they were going to face when they returned and she knew they had to be ready. Malfoy also got trained vigorously in the afternoon. She had Yusuke's help in the morning and Kuwabara's in the afternoon. Kurama and Hiei were teaching Sirius and Remus.

All were forbidden to do magic during the training. Everything had to be done the muggle way.

As the days passed Malfoy caught up with his class mates but not before having to have the lesson forcefully drilled into him. For the first few days Malfoy was a terror, once he got his equilibrium back from the plane, he stopped listening to anyone, except for the cleaning up. HE did not like to live in a pigsty and he knew that if he didn't do it no one would for him. He started not studying or listening in his Martial Arts lessons. Genkai nearly killed him once or twice... he would hide near the Evil Forest, and sneer at anyone who even looked at him- the early camaraderie that he had with Harry went back to the rivalry of the past, until Hiei had had enough and dumped him in the middle of the forest.

"This, human, is a test, if you can survive you will prove that you're right, but if we have to save your ass you must listen to us from now until the end of your training." The Fire Demon took out Malfoys wand and threw it to him. "You are allowed magic, not that it will do you any good."

"What about Potter!?"

"The others will be tested before you return to England, you will be tested again... Then there will be no magic... however right now they have a HIGHER chance of coming out of this alive then you do so we will be watching." Hiei then disappeared and left the Malfoy heir seemingly alone.


During the test the Slytherin Prince found out one all important fact: Youkai were immune to all but the strongest spells. Even the Unforgivables affected them differently then they did humans, he needed more power then he had and Kurama and Hiei rescued him more then once. But he did get out; he was able to deal with some of the things in the forest by using what little Martial Arts skills Genkai had been able to beat into him. After the test, when he had time to think he realized WHY wizards were so scared of the truly DARK creatures... Wizards had NO defense against them... he was also glad that there were people like Genkai and Yusuke who DID have a defense against them.

After his test he started listening to Genkai and the Tentai, even Sirius and Remus, he also offered tentative friendship to Harry, Ron, and Hermione. He realized that the muggle devices that they were using instead of magic were almost as good as magic and Wizard families with out House elves would benefit greatly from the muggle devices. He wanted to bring these inventions to wizards but he knew that wizards would never completely accept muggle inventions.

He found that the wizards in Japan were not hiding from the muggles they lived side by side, but they also didn't flaunt their power. They knew if they did some random Martial Artist would come along and squash them.

During this time, Malfoy changed, he was forced to open his mind that muggles weren't inferior they were just different, he also learned the magical creatures were also not inferior just different... he looked at the person he had been and did not like what he saw.

When the others found out about Malfoy's test they wanted to test their current skills and then test again before they left to see how much better they would get. When they got the results they realized that because of the skills they had learned they had different levels of skill and they fought different levels of Youkai, Harry fought the strongest of them all and Malfoy the weakest, but Malfoy had the hardest time because he had to learn a new way of thinking and he had the least skill.

During the rest of the vacation Malfoy threw himself into the training. He did his best to catch up to Harry, he did get into the morning training group but he also found out that he could never be in Harry's league simply because he did not have a real reason to get there, he would never have to deal with a one-on-one with Voldemort and he knew that he was getting adequate skill to get away if he was faced with Voldemort. So he settled with rivaling Ron in skill.

After their return to Hogwarts they all continued to train, Draco pretended to still be enemies with Harry and Co, they even fooled Dumbledore. But during the training Draco learned to think for himself and that neither Dumbledore, Voldemort, or his father were always right... he learned that he had to decide for himself. When he got home his mother noticed the change but his father did not and continued to treat him like the perfect little Death Eater.


Harry spent the summer in Japan with the Tantei and Ron and Hermione joined him halfway through. Draco also secretly joined them with his mother's help. She might not like muggles but she didn't like what Voldemort was doing either.

During the training Harry had learned to block out Voldemort using Maditation. He also learned to control the link for himself. At first His Evilness was able to block Harry out but then a change came over the meglomainac- he started to loose his grip on reality. Over the summer he started planning his big attack on the wizarding world... he was going to wipe out the children... he had so lost himself to insanity that he now wanted to destroy the world not control it. Harry found out about it first, shortly followed by Snape. The Ministry sent Aurors to the Hogwarts Express. And Harry asked the Japanese Tantei to come back to England, Malfoy showed whose side he was really on.

When they came to the Hogwarts Express for the new school year Malfoy stuck with Harry and Co. the Slytherins did not like that they confronted him about it.

"What are you doing with those stupid Gryffindors?" Pansy snarled.

"You don't know and you never cared to know, so why are you asking now?" Malfoy snarled back.

"Mudbloods and Half bloods and muggle lovers must be destroyed! They are weaker and they will never amount to anything!" Pansy continued.

"Pansy, do you remember Yusuke? You were so in awe when he showed his abilities last year."

"Yeah so? He must be from a long line of wizards to have that much power."

"Heh, shows what you know... Yusuke is a muggle... not a squib not a mudblood not a half blood and certainly NOT a pureblood. A MUGGLE! And he can kick any Auror from here to the next millinum with BOTH hands tied behind his BACK!"

Pansy was shocked at this news. "Y... yo... you can't... be serious!"

"Oh, I am." Draco's eyes flashed. "You, Pansy, are in my way and fouling my air. Leave!" Then he did something he had never hoped to do- he contacted his ReiKi and blasted Pansy in to the next car. The other Slytherins stared and hastily backed away.

"Good job." Yusuke clapped him on the back. "Now we just have to work on your control."

"No ... we have... to work on how exactly I did that." Draco stared at the hole in the train.

"Right, but not now. Now we have to deal with the Death Eaters that are about to attack. And you will have to deal with your father."

That was when all hell broke loose, 'course with two teams of ReiKai Tantei, one Martial Arts Master, and two Tantei trained Martial Artist Wizards, the fight was short but vicious... and the Aurors were left gaping. Lucius was finally enlightened to his sons new dedication, by being blasted forty feet away when he went to get Draco to help with the fight, and the Death Eaters all decided to cut their losses and 'run home to Voldie dearest'.

When the Hogwarts Express disgorged, its passengers the students were excitedly chattering about the attack, the Aurors were still shell shocked, except for Kingsley and Tonks who were pestering Genkai to train the Aurors in Martial Arts.

The rest of the night was uneventful, not even the excitement of the Sorting could top the fight. And the students went to bed with full bellies and dreams of Harry and his friends, English and Japanese, beating up Death Eaters left and right. Of course for some they were nightmares.

Another thing that happened that night was that the Slytherins who were undecided/light now looked up to Draco in admiration not fear, for himself not his name. And the ones who were for the dark left him alone 'cause he was still the Slytherin Prince but for vastly different reasons then before.


I must thank The Red Dragons Order for going over this chapter... SO here is a heart felt THANK YOU!!!!!
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