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Tantei in Training: Getting There

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We all know that the book says that you can hear the voices of the dead in the veil. What if there was more to it? A Yu Yu Hakusho Harry Potter Crossover

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Reikai Arc
A Fanfiction by: Sheya
Chapter 04
Tantei in Training
Getting There

The next morning Harry woke up refreshed: he, Ron, and Hermione went down to breakfast. When they received their schedules they found that they had Double Newts Defense Against the Dark Arts first thing that morning. After lunch Harry had Newts Potions Class.

When they entered the DADA classroom he saw Padfoot but no Remus. Most of the other students a mix of all four houses, were already there staring at the Grim like dog with expressions akin to fear, only Malfoy was sneering, but his sneer was faltering since the dog was staring at him unblinkingly.

"Stop staring at me, stupid dog, or I'll make dog soup." Malfoy brandished his wand.

"I wouldn't do that Mr. Malfoy." Remus entered the room, "for all intents and purposes Sirius is now a Grim, with all the powers thereof."


"With my becoming a spirit guide," the dog had turned into a man, "I have also become a Grim. I am a 'Shinigami' a 'God of Death'. And unlike Botan I'm dangerous when provoked. She'll hit you over the head with her oar; I do worse, much- much worse."

"So today we are going to learn the truth about the Grim." Remus sat on his desk, "Sirius turn back."

Sirius returned to his Grim form.

"The Grim, over the millennia, has become a forewarning of death. People who are dying and know it but won't accept it tend to imagine it just before they do die, perhaps that is the only way they can process the spirit powers of the other Spirit guides. Originally the Grim was the dog belonging to the first 'GrimReaper' or 'Reaper of Souls' the first spirit guide, and until Sirius the only male spirit guide. The dog was always at his side, unless it was hunting down a spirit that did not want to leave suffice to say there were very few ghosts back then, the new spirit guides don't force anyone who isn't ready to leave this plain." Remus stood up and leaned against his desk.

"Professor? Why did the Grim become an imaginary figure?" Hermione asked.

"The original Reaper went insane and betrayed his boss."

Enma Daio, King of the spirit world, then he tried to destroy all life... he must have gotten sick of the workload. Botan says that there was only one Spirit Guide back then... And even though there were less people dying there were still over a hundred a day all over the world." Sirius had returned to his human form to answer that. "After that Enma decided that there would be a fleet of FerryGirls instead of one FerryMan, I'm not sure why Koenma was allowed to give me this power... but then again I won't ever have the workload of the original Reaper."

"Why not?" Harry had been curious about his Godfathers new powers and responsibilities.

"Well, the first reason is that there are about fifty FerryGirls. The other reason is that I'm not on guide duty right now I'm on liaison duty. And I accepted this power so that I could come back to this plain."

"That's stupid if you're suppose to be a Spirit Guide shouldn't you be guiding spirits? Won't you get fired if you don't do your job?" Malfoy sneered at Sirius.

"Ten-chan is doing his job, working as a Reikai liaison to the Wizarding world. He is also here to train the next team of Reikai Tantei." Malfoy's eyes bugged out as the blue haired Botan flew through the wall into the classroom, while answering his question.

"Th... tha... that's impossible!!" The young heir to the Malfoy fortune stood up pointing at Botan.

"What's Impossible?" Botan jumped off her oar and stood next to Sirius.

"You can't just appear in Hogwarts. The wards prevent it."

"Not really... the wards prevent apparition, not portkeys. And as far as I can tell Botan did neither." Remus stated.

"You're right, Botan pulled a ghost act. She made herself intangible and flew through he walls." Sirius supplied.

"Anyway, nothing can stop Death, not the best wards, not any magic, not even an AK47." Botan bubbled giggling.

"Although an AK47 is pretty good at calling Death." Hermione said quietly.

"True." Botan said brightly, nodding her head.

"How can you be happy about that?" Neville asked aghast.

"I'm not happy about it I just find that if everything is gloom and doom you loose yourself in it and those are the FerryGirls that loose it. I was one of the first FerryGirls, I remember the Reaper, I remember what he was like and he lost it spectacularly, he was then banished to the lowest depths of hell. He was always all Gloom and Doom, and the first thirty FerryGirls were all brought in by him, we were frightened and unhappy and scared. But I'm also told that he was always like that even when he was alive. Enma-sama had chosen him because of the circumstances of his death and his nature. Koenma gave Sirius the chance because he is the complete opposite of his predecessor." Botan watched the class; she looked at them all thinking about what she said. "Enma-sama thinks that Koenma made a mistake with giving Sirius the power, he thinks only Females can handle it, but he forgets that the FerryGirls also loose it, it's just not a big deal when we do because we are many and most of the originals never fell into the Doom and Gloom trap so a few of us loosing it isn't as shattering as the ONLY one of use Loosing it. Anyway Sirius is like most of us cheerful and uplifting, most of the time. And we know that people with that nature make good FerryGirls so why wouldn't they make good FerryMen."

Sirius had taken out a book while Botan was talking. "Malfoy you have a path to choose you can choose life or death, and death is not necessarily yours. You're actions over the next few years will determine which path you follow. Remember that when you look at your prospects."

"Ten-chan, I need to talk to Albus-san now. Could you direct me?"

"Sure." The two ReiGuides left the room.


After classes Ron, Harry, and Hermione met in the Room Of Requirement. "So now we need to practice and get stronger Hermione sat down on one of the mats, the room now looked like a cross between an armory and a dojo.

Ron threw himself down onto a chair. "So what do we do to learn?" As he finished the door opened and Sirius and Remus walked in.

"You Hermione, teach us what you know of Martial Arts. Then over the Christmas break we will visit a Martial Arts Teacher, named Genkai, in Japan, after that we will come back here and that teacher and her assistants will teach us here for the rest of the year. Tonight Albus will announce that Harry will be getting special training over the Christmas Break, he will also announce that Hermione and Ron will be going as well because they are part of Harry's group of friends, the Teacher is willing to teach four students as well as Remus and myself. So Albus will hold a competition for all the fifth years to decide who will be going. We're hoping for Draco Malfoy to win because Koenma wants him to learn from Genkai."

"So Hermione will you begin teaching us?" Remus asked.

"Ok I'll try." Hermione spent the rest of the time until dinner teaching her friends all about the basics of Martial Arts. She made full use of the scrolls and books in the Room.


At dinner Harry's training was announced as well as the competition, Malfoy complained about Harry getting special treatment... again.

Harry responded, "Well if you want it win the competition and you can have the same special classes I'm getting." Then he mumbled, "Not that the classes are easy."

Ron then yelled- "Yeah so shut up."

The next day a blood curling scream came from the north tower and Professor Trelawney came running down into the dining hall at breakfast jabbering about a Grim in her classroom. Said supernatural creature sauntered into the hall panting with Frienze following and laughing, then the Grim turned into Sirius and he walked over to the terrified professor.

"That was for falsely predicting my godson's death for the last five years." He then calmly walked to his seat sat down and started eating.

The professor passed out from shock and all the students that had had her over the years tittered at her fate, all except Parvati and Lavender who ran to their favorite teacher and brought her to Madam Pompfrey's Hospital wing. After that she didn't stay in her tower as much, in fact she even stopped pretending that she was a Seer, but she also avoided Sirius like the plague.

The Headmaster then announced that the competition would be separated into four parts: skill, knowledge, obedience, and strength. Each fifth year competing would be marked for each part in each class. Of course in the classes where a category does not apply there would be no relevance. Also in the halls the teachers would be looking out for points to be given or taken so all competing students would always have to be on their best behavior.


The next full moon the Ministry of Magic came to witness that Remus had in fact found a lycanthropy cure. When they came in he was sitting on a comfortable chair reading in the full moonlight. He looked up at them.

"Well you do seem to be cured. How?" The head of the Department of Magical Creatures asked.

"Severus is trying to figure out the cure... Sirius brought it back from Spirit World."

"Yes about that what exactly is he now? Is he a Magical Creature or Human or what?"

"I believe what he is, is a higher type of spirit then a ghost."

"Actually what I am- is a higher type of spirit then even Dementors." Sirius walked through the wall from his room next door."

The Head of the DOMC jumped a foot off the floor and Remus fell off his chair into wolf form then he barked at Sirius.

"Oops, sorry about that I forgot you don't like that walking through walls thing this close to a full moon."

Remus returned to human form.

"What?" The Head of the DOMC asked startled.

"Apparently being a werewolf for as long as I have been I still get a bit jumpy near a full moon. I've been jumping at shadows for the past week. Also it seems that the cure turned my lycanthropy into and Animagus ability."

"Ahh well then I will leave you be and strike your name form the lists."

"Thank you."

The Head of the DOMC left Remus and Sirius alone then and went back to the Ministry to worry about this Spirit thing.


Over the next few months Sirius and Remus were counting on Snape's favoritism to get Draco more points especially since none of the other fifth year Slytherins were competing. At the end of November Dumbledore tallied up the points and declared Draco Malfoy the winner of the competition. Over the next month the students going to Japan got the equipment that they would need to go. Muggle clothes were foremost on the list for everyone, even Hermione because she really didn't have all that much in winter clothes anymore.

When Christmas break came and all the classes had ended Harry and friends with Malfoy prepared to leave for Japan, when they got to London with everyone else on the Hogwarts Express, Remus led the group to Heathrow Airport and Remus handed out the Plane tickets.

"What is this and where are we?" Malfoy asked holding up his ticket, the Remus put a passport in his other had.

"This is a ticket and the other is a passport. We are traveling the Muggle way." Sirius answered. "You should recognize that it is a ticket from the Hogwarts Express."

"I know what a ticket is but why are wizards traveling the Muggle way?"

"Ummm we travel the Mugggle way to get to Hogwarts." Harry looked incredulously at Malfoy. "Or have you forgotten that the train is a Muggle invention?"

"And we are at the Airport we are going by Airplane, it was all set up through he Japanese Ministry and Master Genkai." Remus elaborated.

As they got on the plane the look on the blond boy face was almost unreadable, except for the fact that his eyes were wide with trepidation, and he looked a little green. Ron was looking around in awe and Remus and Sirius who had both been on planes before were amused. Harry was excited because even though he grew up knowing about planes he had never been on one before, Hermione was as amused as Remus and Sirius because she had frequently been on planes, Ron was asking questions of her far more then she had ever asked her teachers.

"Malfoy, why did you insist on coming if you don't like the people or the transportation?" Harry asked, after they had been in the air for a while and Malfoy had not relaxed.

"Because I have to." He answered. "If I didn't my father would kill me."

"Oh that would be bad."

"Why would it be bad to have me dead? You never liked me and you scorned me the first time we met."

"Actually I didn't scorn you when we met in Madam Malkin's I listened to you and accessed that you were a bit of a snob. When we met after we got on the Express you insulted my friends and my family. Then proceeded to tell me that I should be friends with you because you were of a higher class then anyone else and I should drop my mother's heritage, I may hate her sister but other Muggles aren't that bad. I disliked the way you were speaking to me and replied in kind."

"But you..."

"I told you to bug off because of how you were treating me. I had done nothing to deserve being insulted except become friends with someone from a family that you had been taught to hate. That wasn't a good second impression, after that you went out of your way to piss me off."

"So why are you talking to me now?"

"Right now you look a little green, and I was trying to distract you so far it has worked your not so green anymore, anyway Sirius sat us together because he hoped that we wouldn't either ignore each other or start a fight. So I'm trying to have a civil conversation I think it's working."

"Yeah it is, I guess since you are the only one here that my upbringing can tolerate except Black..."

"Incase you didn't know you mother is Sirius' cousin."

"No I didn't know. I mean I know she was a Black but she never said anything about him."

"She wouldn't," Sirius poked his head in. "She hated me from the day I was born, much like my mother... in fact the only one in that family the liked me was your mothers sister Andromeda. And she has also been burned from the family tree- for marrying a Muggle."

"Oh." Draco yawned.

"Why don't you get some sleep were going to be up here for a long time." Sirius leaned back in his seat.

"Ok." Both Harry and Draco leaned back and fell asleep to the quiet talking of Ron and Hermione.

Sometime near the end of the journey the plane started shaking up and down and side to side The young pureblood awakened with a start.

"Wha.. what's this." He looked around wildly.

"Turbulence, we are going through a cloud bank, it should end soon, the shaking will be worse when we land." Hermione had looked up from her book.

"Wish someone had warned me."

"They did you were asleep. I'll warn you when we start to land."

"Ok." Draco spent the rest of the flight watching out the window when they landed on an Island in the middle of the ocean.

"Why'd we land here?"

"They spent a lot of money on this place, they wanted to help the land over crowding so they have an airport on a man made island." Hermione proved that she had more info in her head then magic.

"The wizards built it for Muggles?"

"Nope Mugggles built it- but then if magic was used to stableize it, it wouldn't be sinking.


"Just a bit everyday, they didn't do their research all that well."


"Well we need to be looking for our guides." Remus called everyone to him. As they looked around the ex-werewolf saw the young man from when he took the elixir, Kurama. With Kurama were Botan and two other young men around his student's ages, as well as an old woman whom he believed was Genkai. One of the young men, the tallest- another redhead was holding a sign the read in careful lettering 'Hogwarts Students'. The other a black haired youth was leaning against a pillar arguing with a fourth young man who he hadn't noticed before on account of his height, this one also had black hair. The old woman strangely enough had faded pink hair. "There they are... let's go."

As they were walking towards the other group Kurama turned to talk to another young woman this one had brown hair. When they approached Kurama smiled at them.

"Hello, I'm Kurama and these are Yusuke, Kuwabara, Hiei, Genkai and Shizuru, and you know Botan." The kitsune indicated each person in turn. "When we get to the temple we will give you all translators so you can understand and speak Japanese, they will also gradually teach you Japanese. You will all stay at the temple but we will all be glad to show you around." As the kitsune said this Hiei growled something in Japanese, Kurama laughed and said something back. "Well let's go, Yusuke, Kuwabara why don't we help them with their bags. Shizuru will be driving."

The groups grabbed the bags and left the airport, the minibus that Shizuru had rented brought them to the temple steps then they brought their bags up and got their translators Shizuru returned the minibus.
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