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An unexpected attack, and a mistake that might cost a man his empire.

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Chandler sighed as he stared at the view around him. It was truly magnificent. All around him, dragons and their riders flew in perfect, awesome formation, straight towards their goal: the Great Forest, and what every one of them felt was the final destruction of the Giants and the Alliance.
Chandler was a Draconian warrior, an elite soldier of the Imperial Guard. He, and 99 other Draconian Warriors and their dragons, almost every Draconian Warrior and dragon in existence, flew towards the great forest, in what they all hoped would be a decisive battle against the Alliance.
They had passed the plains now, and were just starting to pass over the kilometer-high trees of the Great Forest. Soon they would be at the tree-city of Rokoro, where the battle would begin.
Suddenly, everything went terribly wrong. Giants were leaping from the tops of the trees and beating down the lower-flying dragons with huge clubs. Other Giants were throwing heavily-armored Alliance soldiers onto the dragons, who would kill the Warrior and crash his dragon into the treetops. The numbers of his allies had already been reduced by half. Chandler watched as an Alliance soldier was thrown onto Chandler's own green dragon. Chandler roared in defiance and rage, and charged at the soldier, knocking him off. Chandler then lost his own balance, but as he fell he grabbed onto the wing of his dragon. The dragon cried out and fell into the treetops, killed instantly by the sharp branches. Chandler fell, and fell, and fell, down to the deep abyss below the trees. . .

Chandler awoke suddenly, to a sound nearby. But only his conditioning stopped him from groaning aloud. His back hurt, and he had a terrible headache. Also, he was bleeding from his forehead. He figured that he had only been saved from death on the way down by the branches of the trees.
He slowly and quietly got up, no easy feat considering the fall he'd just barely survived. He looked toward the source of the noise. A man in the heavy armor of those Alliance soldiers that had been thrown onto the dragons by Giants lay on the ground. Quite obviously, his Giant had missed.
Chandler unsheathed his dagger and grabbed the man by his hair; his helmet lay somewhere nearby. With his dagger at the man's throat, Chandler felt momentarily in control.
"How did you know about our attack, rebel scum?" Chandler asked viciously.
The man gazed at Chandler's armor, surprised by the Imperial colors.
"Prior warning, you fool. There are plenty of people out there willing to sell out the Empire for money. And they were. We've just won a major victory. And whether you kill me or not, I'll die knowing that. And you will as soon as my side finds you," the man replied harshly.
"Maybe not. But you will have to die to ensure that I live," Chandler said without remorse. And equally without remorse, he killed the man.
Minutes later, an Alliance survivor search party crashed through the undergrowth. They looked at the man before them, wearing his Alliance armor.
"Are you injured?" one of them asked.
"Yes, I was hurt on the way down. However, I was still able to kill this Imperial Guard who survived," said the man. He gestured to the corpse behind him, wearing Imperial armor.
"Well, come with us then. There may be more Imperial, or more hopefully Alliance, soldiers around here," came the reply.
"I'm right behind you," Chandler replied readily.
Just then, a crashing sounded from above.
A dragon was falling right toward them. Chandler's military instincts kicked in, and he yelled "Get down!" as he grabbed one of the Alliance soldiers and pulled him out of the way quickly. Two other soldiers leaped out of the way as well, but one was crushed by the 2-ton dragon.
The soldier Chandler had saved stared at him. So did the other two.
One of the other soldiers spoke "We are forever in your debt. You just saved the life of General Sean."
Oh powers above, Chandler thought, what have I done?

Well, that's the prologue. Hope you liked it. Chapter One will be out soon. Please review this, I'd really appreciate it.
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