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Partying the Night Away

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A little celebration is good for victorious soldiers after a battle.

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And behold! The first chapter!

Sean stood a little straighter. He walked forward, and with a grin shook the hand of the man who had just saved his life.
"What's your name, stranger?" Sean asked. Sean figured that this man was one of the troops that General Phil had lent to the Alliance, just for the sake of this attack. But hell if he was going to allow a man with these skills to just march right back to Phil. This man would be one of Sean's troops if it killed him.
"My name's. . ." Chandler searched desperately for a name, "Choi. I go by Choi."
"Well, Choi, I am in your debt. In fact, the whole Alliance is in your debt. You just saved the life of one of the Alliance's most important members . . . me!" Sean chuckled.
"After we're done looking around here, we'll get back to the village and celebrate! Unless you're too bumped up to . . .?" Sean asked, suddenly concerned.
"No, no, sir. I think I could use a good celebration," Choi replied.
"Good, good. Well, let's hurry up and get back then!" Sean said, suddenly in good humor again.

Oh, and celebrate they did. There was partying, and drinking, and the gambling away of Imperial armor recovered after the battle. Giant alcohol was very strong, however, and apparently a shot of it was enough to kill a human.
Sean seemed like he and several Woodsfolk women were enjoying themselves quite nicely. Apparently, he was an excellent and pleasing dancer. However, this left a rather shy Choi quite alone.
Choi, unbeknownst to his 'comrades', had never drank before. Therefore, he found the normal Woodsfolk brandy, which was rather strong itself, quite satisfying. So satisfying, he found that several young Giant women would be graced by his testosterone-induced presence.
"Hello, my beautiful sweeties," Choi greeted, the pitch of his voice rising and falling continually because of the alcohol, "has any one of you ever had the chance to court with such a handsome man as me?"
"No, and I don't think I want to," replied one of the women.
"Are you being sweet on my woman, pest?!!" roared a male Giant angrily.
Without waiting for a reply, the Giant lunged forward with a raised, meaty fist.
Coming out of nowhere, Sean jumped in and grabbed the Giant's fist before it could crush Choi, showing surprising strength.
"Easy, Gratus, you don't want a court-martial for crushing a fellow soldier. But I think he's had enough brandy for the night. I'll show him to his quarters and then I'll buy you a couple pints. My treat?" Sean soothed quickly.
"Okay, okay. But be back soon, or else I might not be in as good of a mood when you get back," the Giant named Gratus replied.
Sean thanked him, and then turned around, only to find that Choi had passed out on the ground. He sighed inwardly, then picked his new friend up in one arm and walked calmly back to his-their-quarters.
Sean deposited Choi on the bed and returned rather eagerly to the festivities. You have to please the ladies, or else you shall not be pleased. He loved his wise little philosophies. I'm only 16. Great warrior or not, a guy's got to have fun.

Choi's only regret before he passed out was that he wouldn't be able to kill Sean that night.

That's the first chapter. Hope you liked it. Review it, rate it, all that good stuff, if you so please. Chapter 2 should be out by the end of the weekend.
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