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The End of Bob's Saga....for Now

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This is basically what it says, the end of Bob's saga. It's pretty much Bob and Blaire's first date and a flash back! Woo! Flashbacks kick a**!!

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"Come on, we're almost there," Bob pulled Blaire's hand harder down the street.

"Bob, tell me!" she was giggling uncontrollably but tried to act serious.

"No, and come on you're so slow, my god!" Blaire stared at him, her mouth wide open and the sides of her mouth were twitching upward. "Hang on, I got an idea," Bob put his arms behind the back of her legs and her back and lifted her up.

"Ahh, Bob, what are you doing?" she giggled once more and let him carry her down the street to the 7-11.

Bob pushed the door open with his back and walked in with Blaire still in his arms. Blaire looked at him questioningly but said nothing. Bob paced the closely lined aisles, grabbing food on the way and handing it to Blaire. He made stops by the ice cream, chips, slushies, and candy. They went up to the cashier and paid for the food, then Bob carried Blaire to the park across the street. Bob placed her gently on her feet, crushing the soft snow underneath them.

"So, do you get it now?" Bob looked at her face, unsure whether or not she would go for it.

"Yeah, I get it," she looked down at the ground, her hair covering her eyes and the rest of her face.


"And let's go for it," she smiled, showing most of her perfect teeth.

"Alright, follow me," he jerked his head towards the pond and started walking towards it.

"So...." Blaire began. "You come here a lot?"

"Yeah, me and the guys like to hang out here, you know just to chill or think, and whatever," Blaire nodded understandingly. "Sometimes we bring the kids and play kickball together, it's a blast you should come one of these days."

"I bet it is, I'm new in Jersey so I don't really know about any of these places."

"Not many exciting places in Jersey," Bob laughed. "Why else would we be at a park, in the freezing cold, on Christmas Eve eating Cheetohs?"

Bob stopped at the edge of the ice covered pond and sat down in the snow, "Ha ha, I guess you're right. I don't think I'd ever be here had I not been forced to because of my job."

"Oh," Bob stared at the ice, not sure what to say. "What's your job?"

"I'm going to school, studying how to be a fashion designer. It's not exactly my job....yet, but I'm hoping it'll be some day," Bob looked down, his heart feeling like it was being peeled and eaten by some wild animal.

"Then you're what twenty-two, twenty-three?" Blaire giggled once more and Bob's heart continued to ache.

"Actually, I'm thirty, I just decided to make a career change, being a secretary wasn't all I thought I would be," Bob's face shined like a light. He tried to hold it back but this was just awesome. He had a chance! He was about four years older but maybe she only had to know half of that...

"Sorry, you just look so young."

"Thanks," Blaire's rosy cheeks reddened. "And what are you? Twenty-nine, thirty?" she looked so innocent, how could he lie to someone that beautiful?!

"Ummm....I'm....." Bob was still torn between the truth and a tiny white lie. "Thirty-four," he mumbled.

"I'm sorry what?" Blaire leaned in closer.

"I'm," Bob cleared his throat. "Thirty-four."

"Oh," Blaire looked a little thrown off but let it slide. "So have you lived in Jersey all your life?"

This was completely unforeseen by Bob, he hadn't thought of the possibility that she would accept his age, "I'm from Chicago, actually. I just moved here for the band a couple years ago."

"That's cool," she took a sip of her slushie and clutched her head in agony. "Shit," she muttered.

"Brain freeze? Ah, stupid question," Bob joined her in grabbing his head.

"Okay, okay, I'm good," she assured him.

"Hey, you wanna see something cool?" he asked excitedly.

"Sure, what?" Bob grinned mischievously.

"Like I'm gonna tell you," he got up and brushed himself off. "You ready?" she nodded and held his hand out for her.

"It's just past those trees," he pointed a clutter of trees behind the pond. "C'mon, it's pretty cool."

Bob grabbed Blaire's hand and left all the food on the ground. He pushed the tree limbs in his path out of the way for about five minutes until they were in the middle of a clearing in the forest. Pine trees covered the area and all civilization was dismissed from view. The grey sky above gave a calm and lazy feeling and made you want to collapse in the snow. There was a log covered in snow, like everything else, sitting to their right. Bob held a hand out and Blaire placed her's in his. He walked her over to the log and helped her sit down like a gentleman.

"So, Bob, where are we, exactly?" Blaire tossed her hands in the air for emphasis.

"This is just a place me and the guys found a couple years back," Bob tilted his head to the side and looked out at the Pine trees in remembrance.

Flash Back

"Guys look over here!" Gerard stumbled over past a couple of trees, Bob followed him while the rest tried to keep up.

"Gerard, watch your step," Bob thought he sounded like Gerard's mom rather than a protective friend.

"Relax, I know what I'm doing! It's just a bunch of wood!" Gerard's slurred words were muffled by the trees surrounding him. Bob had lost any visual of Gerard as he went ahead of him.

"Gerard? Gerard, where are you dude?" Bob felt a shooting pain up his leg as he fell on the ground as a result of tripping over a tree's root that had surfaced above the ground. "Aww, shit." Bob clutched his leg and looked around for any sign of Gerard or the guys. He moved his leg so that it was lying flat in front of him, despite the pain. There was no visible cut so he knew it was all in his head. Bob grabbed the nearest tree trunk and pulled himself up. He leaned against the hard bark and tried to remember which way Gerard went. Either way he would find someone so he chose the right and pushed past the branches and leaves.

"Gerard? Ray? Frank? Mikey, can you guys hear me?" something crushed a branch on the ground next to him. "Gerard, that you?"

"Bob, I-" Bob heard something splash on the ground. "Don't feel so good," Bob followed the sound of his voice and eventually ended up by a weird rock formation.

"Gerard, where are you?" he called out into the open air. The only response was more puking sounds. coming from, what it sounded like, just behind the giant rock in front of him. Bob rubbed his knee, soothingly, as he came around it. There, he found Gerard, hunched over and letting out all of the beer he had drank, maybe even more.

"Gee, c'mon let's get back to the guys," Gerard shook his head just before throwing up even more.

"Not-ah, I don't wanna, dude this place is cool," Bob looked around. It was a pretty cool place. The plants were in full bloom and the cave they were standing next to was creepy and mysterious, in a good way. But either way, Gerard needed to get back home.

"No, let's go, c'mon," Bob attempted to throw Gerard over his shoulders and carry him back home, but Gerard swatted him away.

"I can do it, I'm not hand...handacope!" Gerard spat out.

Bob rolled his eyes and guided Gerard back home, trying to map out the way back to the cave while Gerard took a break to throw up.

End Of Flashback
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