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Oh, My God!!

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Gerard and Charlotte go to the doctor's office and see their baby's first picture and get a little surprise.

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The next few months seemed to just fly by like Green Day playing chicken with the Beastie Boys on golf carts at Mudstock (true story). Charlotte got bigger, Gerard got more anxious but a little less protective of Emma, Emma and Charlie became more closer in their relationship, and Bob and Blaire were with each other 24/7.

It was a Tuesday morning in February, when Charlotte and Gerard were on their way to the doctor. Gerard was driving and Charlotte was sitting next to him, drinking her coffee and holding Gerard's while he drove.

"So, what do you think it is?" Charlotte giggled with excitement.

"Does it really matter?" he took his eyes off the road for a minute to show how serious he was. "We're having a baby, that's all I care about."

Charlotte sighed, if only he could be a little more enthusiastic about things, "I guess so." Out of the corner of her eye she could see him smirk.

"So, we still haven't officially talked about baby names," she perked up a little when she saw him look back at her. "Are we gonna wait 'till the baby's half way out or are we gonna plan ahead?"

"Like I said, I love the names Allaire, Anya," Charlotte stopped when she saw the disgusted look on Gerard's face. "What now?"

"Anya? It's sounds like you're trying to say onion! Do you really want our child to go through her life with kids calling her Anya the Onion?!"

"Fine, what do you got then?" Gerard shrugged.

"Nothing," Gerard eased on the brakes as he found a parking spot. He ran to the other side of the car and helped Charlotte out before she could even take off her seat belt.

"So," Gerard began once they wee at the hospital doors. "What about boy's names?"

"I like the names Logan, and Dameon," Charlotte laughed when Gerard started jumping up and down.

He squeezed her in his arms and said, "I love you so much honey. Only my soul mate would choose the name Logan out of millions of names."

"Gerard, I love you too, but honey, people are staring," and it was true. They were standing in the middle of the doctor's waiting room announcing their love for each other.

"I don't care!" he screamed and then got on one knee. "I Gerard Arthur Way love you Charlotte Rachel Bransen !"

People awed and Charlotte whispered into Gerard's ear, "Why'd you call me by my maiden name?" his response was a mere shrug.

"Mr. and Mrs. Way?" the receptionist asked. "The doctor will see you now."

While Charlotte laughed Gerard said, "See how perfectly things work in our lives?"

"Well Mr. and Mrs. Way," the doctor began after the sonogram. "Would you like to know the sex of your baby?"

Charlotte looked at Gerard, "Are we ready, Gee?" He shook his head and grinned ear-to-ear.

"Well, here's your baby's first picture so you can see for yourself," he handed them a small sheet of paper.

"Oh my god!!!!" Charlotte exclaimed, Gerard looked at her, completely clueless though he was looking at the same paper as her.

"Umm, Doc, I'm a little confused here, could you help me out?" the doctor leaned over Gerard's shoulder and pointed out all the areas he should've been looking at.

"HOLY CRAP!" Gerard picked up Charlotte and spun her around. "Oh my god, this is fucking fantastic!"


Mikey and Alicia were sitting at home, watching T.V., when the phone rang.

"I got it," Mikey leaned over the arm of the couch and grabbed the phone on the table.

Phone Conversation

"You'll never guess what happened!" Gerard said without even bothering with a hello.

"Dude, I guess you're back from the doctor's, how'd it go?" Alicia tapped his shoulder mouthing 'Let me talk to them.'

Mikey held up a finger as a sign for her to wait, "Guess you fucking retard guess!!!"

"Okay, by the sound of your voice it's a boy."

"Wrong!" Mikey smiled.

"Congratulations, Bro, are you happy it's a girl?" Mikey heard Gerard's maniacal laugh on the other end.

"Wrong again!!" Mikey looked over at Alicia. She whispered 'What's wrong?'

"What the hell? If it's not a boy or a girl what the hell happened in there? Please tell me you didn't get an annulment! "

"What?" Alicia screeched, making Bunny and Pumpkin hiss at her.

"Well it's kind of a yes and no to both of your guesses but seeing as how your being a complete dumbass today, I'll tell you!" Alicia pulled at Mikey's shoulder, trying to hear the conversation better. "Me and Charlotte are having twins!!" Alicia jumped off of the couch and started dancing with Bunny.

"Oh my god, they're having twins!" she repeated over and over.

"Crap, congrats, bro, so it's a boy and a girl or what?"

"Yeah, me and Charlotte decided we'd name the boy Logan, but we're not too sure about the girl yet," Mikey laughed.

"You and you're obsession with the X-Men, you might as well name her Storm or Jean."

"Not a bad idea, guess you're not a complete dumbass, well I gotta call Ma, we'll come over tonight, okay?"

"'Kay, see ya, and congratulations again, dude, you're so damn lucky!"

End of Phone Conversation

"This is soo cool, my brother's having twins!" Alicia squealed again when she heard him say it.

"I know, I'm so happy for them, TWO babies, and one's gonna be a girl, poor Gerard's gonna have to go through the whole protective thing again," Mikey laughed.

"Yeah, and he was just getting used to Charlie, too. Oh well, maybe he'll loosen up, but anyway they're having twins! Crap, how's Bob gonna react to this? That'll be fun to-" Mikey was interrupted by an insane honking outside of their apartment.

"Gerard's having twins! Gerard's having twins!" they heard someone holler. They both knew very well who it was but they just had to see it for themselves. Speeding down the street by their apartment, yelling into a bullhorn was non other than Mr. Bob Bryar.

Sorry it's been a while since I've updated, but my parents banned me from teh computer for a week, so that took away from my "creativity time." Anyway, like I said before that thing about Green Day at Mudstock was true, you can read about it at, under their injuries. It's kind of funny. So thanks for reading and to all those who reviewed in the past, hope you guys like the story so far.
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