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It had been a week since the concert. Ryzen was running around her apartment stuffing her duffle bag with her clothes for 4 months. She had told Madame Lysanne that she would be gone for 4 months and that she would have Marge, the other girl that worked at the story, be there full time. The lady had nothing against it, and thought that Ryzen needed some time off.
Jinx was sitting on Ryzen's bed quietly laughing at Ryzen. Jinx was also coming, as Ryzen's assistant. She was happy cuz she and Ryzen were best friends, and she would be traveling, and she would be with her best friend. "So you OK Ryzen?" said Jinx "no im not ok. Im freeked. Ok lets see." Said Ryzen looking at her piece of paper with a list of things "check, check, check, check, shit not check" she said as she started running again. Finally she stuffed the last thing in her duffle bag and sat next to Jinx on the bed. "im finally ready Jinx." "finally lets go wer going to be late to the airport." She said and picked her two duffle bags up. Ryzen took her 2 duffle bags and messenger bags and walked out her apartment.

"well where are those girls" said Jon pacing around. The two girls were going to be flying first class with them. "so what are their names again?" asked Brendon for the 100th time "RHYEN WENZ AND JILLIAN VOX!!!" yelled Ryan at him irritated. "oo right. Ryzen and Jinx" he said crossed his arms and started to pase. "look there they are" said Adam. Two girls were walking towards them. One was wearing a pair of tight black jeans with knee high boots, with a long sleeved blue shirt with whit skulls all over it. Her hair was auburn and wavy and flowed just a little bit past her shoulders. Her bangs were covering half her face. She was also wearing aviator glasses and had a jacket drapped over her arm. The other girl was wearing black Bermuda shorts that went to her knees with checkered knee high socks and a pair of vans with a black shirt with white paint on it. Her black wavy hair was in a ponytail and she had black big sunglasses on. They walked to the boys and put their stuff down and took their glasses off at the same time. "Rhyen" said the girl with the wavy brown hair and shook everyone's hand. Brendon's jaw dropped. She didn't look anything like the bitch he met the few nights ago. "Jillian" said the other girl and did the same.

They boarded the plane and Ryzen's seat ended up next to Brendon. Jinx was sitting next to Pete and she was already flirting. They were sitting in first class seats enjoying themselves. Jinx, Pete, Ryan and Jon were joking around while Brendon was sulking near the window and Ryzen was listening to her ipod. Ryzen looked over at a pissed off Brendon, rolled her eyes and went to join the others. "is he always that bitchy and pissed off?" said Ryzen "hes PMSing" said Ryan laughing "so I never knew Ryan could be a girl's name" he continued "yea my mother was crazy" she laughed "so how about we play a game" proposed Jinx "well first everyone has to say their name and their nickname. Then wen everyone does it we all have to say one fact about ourselves" "k il start" said Ryzen "My name is Rhyen Louisa Wenz and my nickname is Ryzen"

The game continued on and on until they finally landed in their first destination. Home for the boys, Las Vegas. When Ryzen realized that it was Vegas her face went blank with horror. She thought she would never be here again. Brendon gave her a weird look "what you are even against my home town" he said "shut up Urie" she answered him and looked at her lap.

The first week in Vegas went by quite uneventfully. They were starting their tour in a day. They were playing their first show in Vegas tonight. Ryzen was sitting in the dressing room where the guys were playing Guitar Hero. Jinx was sitting on the floor playing with Jon's hair who she had hooked up with. She ones in a while kept shooting glances on a very worried and tense Ryzen.
"wuts up with that chick" whispered Ryan quietly.
"shes going through a very hard time right now. Vegas is a bad place for her to be... don't ask questions just nod your head and agree" replyd Jinx
"so Ryzen whats your problem?" said Brendon aloud
Ryzen's cell phone began to ring. She looked at her phone with a terrified look at glared at Brendon.
"hello?" she answered
"welcome home darling" she heard the voice say. A shiver went down her spine from hearing that voice. This was the voice that she had avoided for some time
"thank you." She replied bluntly
"I have a new job for you. Remember the Razor twins?" how could she not. They had destroyed her life and brought here to the point she is now
"they are back in town. 24 hours." she knew well what that meant. That meant only one thing. Get rid of them.
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