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After the concert, Ryzen and Jinx were tired from dancing around, while still working. The music was the most amazing thing they had ever heard, and was the best band that they had seen in a while. Ryzen sat on the couch in backstage and just closed her eyes to relax. Tomorrow would be the same, like always, just the same as today, with the same people, just maybe a different band. She got up from her seat and went into her clustered office. She rummaged through her papers on her desk until she found the song she was working on. She really didn't want to go home, dreading the routine day of tomorrow. She got her acoustic guitar from its stand in the corner and went back to the couch she was sitting in. She put the paper on her knees and started to strum. Jinx walked passed and waved good bye "see you tomorrow babe! Remember bring extra clothes tomorrow, its gona be Girls Night In!!!!" she said and ran off to go home. Ryzen just nodded to herself and continued to strum. She started to sing the song she was working on. "You are a getaway car, but im not going to take this ride, its just some type of coax, to get me back..." "that's really good" she heard someone say from the stairs. Ryzen jumped in her seat as Brendon walked out from the shadows. "yea whatever" said Ryzen as she got up from the couch with guitar in hand and the paper with the lyrics and walked to her office. She tore off her ear piece, shut the door, sat at her desk, and put her head on her desk. She was sick of being the same. She wanted to live the life she was living at night, all the time. She had made up her mind. She was moving, moving on. This was the end of her life that was the same, this was the end of everything that she never had, and this was the beginning of something bigger. She was going to try to maybe get a job with this band. But why was she being so rude to the lead singer? It was not like her. She shook her head and got up again from her desk. As she opened the door Brendon jumped back from standing right infront of the door "may I help you?" she asked going back to her bitchy self. "" he said and walked away. She went to where she knew Jade would be. She was set to change her life.

She found Jade talking to the band's manager in his office. "just the girl I wanted to see" said Jade as Ryzen walked into his office. "Adam here, want you to join him to be his assistant manager of the band. What do you think?" said Jade. In Ryzen's mind she was leaping for joy, because her prayers were answered. She was going. "yea that would be amazing" she said smiling. "so what is your name again?" said Adam "Rhyen Louisa Wentz" she said shaking his hand. "well we are going to be here for the next day. So what I would like you to do is go to the dressing room where the guys are and get to know them. You will be living with them in a bus for the next few months. Wer leaving in 2 days. Welcome to the family" said Adam and smiled. In her mind Ryzen thought to herself "joy. At least it's a change" She walked out of the office and left the two men to talk. She walked to the dressing room. "ughm hi. I just wanted to say sorry for coming off on you guys" she said when she walked in. Brendon looked at Ryzen and huffed and went to what looked like his bag to find his clothes. "yea. We forgive you" said Jon giving her a hug. Ryzen smiled and shook her head. "have you heard the news. You boss wants me to spend the next few months with you." Said Ryzen. They all just nodded and walked past her out the door with all of their things. This is going to be one interesting few months... thought Ryzen in her mind.
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