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Brendon turned from the door where the girl left and said "bitch". He glared at the wall and sat down onto his chair. "hey, don't call her that!" said Pete in defence of Rhyen. "She even has my name and Pete's last name. She could be part of the family" laughed Ryan. "Don't even start" said Jon laughing as well. "I don't trust that girl" mumbled Brendon under his breath. He turned to the mirror and started doing his makeup. "What if she's some distant relative of yours!" said Ryan with excitement "haha not likely" replied Pete. He got up from his seat on the couch and moved to where Brendon was doing his makeup. He put a hand on his back and leaned forward so their faces were close together. He looked into the mirror and said "you have a thing for that girl" Brendon glared at Pete "get your hand off me, and even if there were no more women left in the world and she was last, I would never even think of getting near her." He said and got up. Pete just shrugged "fine"

Rhyen (Ryzen) was sitting in her little "office" of a room, which was a tiny room with windows that overlooked the whole backstage, and part of the stage, where she had all her computers and her synthesizers and other crap that she used to make and mix the music. She took the CD they gave her and stuck it into one of the Macs. She scrolled through their songs, until she reached the one she needed, Time to Dance. She opened the file and listened through the song. She saw out her window a bunch of people in weird ass costumes walking around and laughing and joking. She just shook her head, and went back to work. What she needed to do was for every song, she needed to take the background of the song and adjust it so the lights would do as she said. When everything was done, she took the case with the CD and made her way to the stage. She walked out into the middle of the stage and looked up at where the lights were. She waved at her friend Luis who was sitting on the railing, dangling his legs and looking out on the stage. The stage was decorated just like a Circus, with a beautiful backdrop and a ceiling that looked like the top of a circus tent. "LUIS!!! UNLOCK THE DOOR SO I CAN GET IN!!!" Luis looked down at the small waving girl who was jumping up and down. "Ryzen! Your finally here!" He said and got off the railing and back onto the walkway. Rhyen ran back backstage and made her way up the ladder to the walkway. She was met up there by the cute gay latino guy, Luis, who was hot as hell (in Rhyen's opinon). "hey darling Ryzen" he said "hey Luis, hows it going" she finally reached the walkway and ran to go sit on the railing. "Its good. The band playing today is going to be huge. As far as I know there are going to be around 40,000 people in here. This thing is going to be packed! All the tickets were sold!" He said with much excitement. "amazing" said Rhyen while looking out onto the people that were running about doing their jobs. Her partner (in crime) and only best friend, Jinx was just arriving and was getting another lecture from Jared about being late. She was dressed the same way as Rhyen except her hair had pink streaks. She was a short Japanese girl, that really didn't give a shit about her culture. Rhyen always laughed at how marvelously hilarious that girl was. "Im thinking of moving out of my apartment and getting something bigger and more modern, and in the center of the city" said Rhyen out loud to Luis "Why! I love your apartment!" he squealed. Rhyen sighed. "yea, but I want some change in my life! Im thinking of trying to go work at a law firm. The bookstore is nice, but, I need something bigger in my life." "well I need to actually get to work. Turn this thing on" she said pointing to her ear piece. She looked down at the stage and saw Jade glaring at her and pointing to her spot in the middle of the venue where all the lights and sounds equipment was. Rhyen just smiled and jumped down onto the walkway and slid down the ladder. "so you slide down ladders all the time" said a voice behind her. She turned around and Pete was standing at the wall doing something on his sidekick "no. that's only at the bookstore and here. And why are you here" she replied "I, am the oh so famous Pete Wentz, bassist of Fall Out Boy. Whats your full name anyways?" he said "Rhyen Louisa Wenz. Why?" "how do you spell Wenz?" he asked. Rhyen crossed her arms and said "W.E.N.Z. now I need to go work" she said and heard Jinx calling for her "RYZEN LETS GO"
W-E-N-Z. haha so that means shes not related to me. Thought Pete. He closed his sidekick and then walked back to the changing room. "so I found out that our Rhyen Wenz, is not related to me. She spells her last name differently. BUT she has the same name as our Ryan Ross. Her nicknames Ryzen. At least that's what everyone calls her" said Pete, matter - of - factly.

Ryzen (Rhyen) sat with Jinx at the lights and sounds stand "They are all gorgeous. Especially the Brendon guy who hates me" said Ryzen "hey he doesn't hate you. He doesn't even know you!" "yea but hes already called me a bitch. Hey can I stay at your place tomorrow? The store doesn't open on Saturdays and Sundays anyways" "sure why not! Girls Night Baby!!!!! We can invite Elie and Luis over" "Luis isn't a girl" laughed Ryzen "Hes close enough to one!" They both laughed. They heard some noise and noticed that people were beginning to arrive at the venue. "what time is it?" said Ryzen "I think like 6 already, by looks that this thing opens to the public at six" said Jinx "GIRLS BE READY TO BEGIN WHEN I TELL YOU TO. THIS THING STARTS IN AN HOUR" they both heard from their ear pieces. "ok ok Jade. Weve done this a million times, we know what to do!" said Jinx into her mouth piece. They laughed at how Jade was always worried. "roger. This is Jon Walker talking to Jinx and Ryzen. I have stolen this ear and mouth piece from Luis. He is now under siege in the dressing room." They heard through their ear piece. "ughm. Hes probably enjoying himself being held captive by a bunch of hot guys" said Jinx into the mouth piece. Ryzen just slapped her hard on the arm. "fine, you girls are no fun. So hows it going sitting in the middle of a million people?" he said. "its good. Boring for now because we have nothing to do except swivel in our chairs and do small talk with you. You're the bassist for the band right?" said Ryzen "yaya that's me Johnny Walker baby! Oh and also. You girls are hot too. Im watching you from backstage. Ryan here tells me that Ryzen stole his name. That she has both his nickname and his name. He says you're a name stealr. OWW" they both hear, and started cracking up "yea blame my mother for calling my Rhyen. And I bet you its spelt differently. R H Y E N. Ha. And im called Ryzen cuz my name is Rhyen and yea." Said Ryzen enthusiastically. "he says that he thinks that you should change your name. Oh and also, Brendon hates you and Pete thinks your cute, and that everyone thinks that Jinx doesn't speak a word of English." They both started laughing at all of this "Yea I bet I speak better English than you" said Jinx "OMG IT SPEAKS" said John "and not only does it speak but it will also kick your ass if you don't stop disturbing us" she said. "fine, bye guys!" they heard and there was no more speaking. The room was filling up with people quite fast. When the clock struck 7, the whole place was completely packed. "hey do you know if Panic! At the Disco are going to do autographs?" asked some ditsy girl that had the same makeup as the Ryan guy did. "naw I don't think they are. At big venues like this is bands usually don't do signings. You should look for their meet and greets." Said Jinx "oh. Ok" said the girl and frownd and walked away "teenies" muttered Ryzen under her breath.
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