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Chapter Three

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Finally the last bell rang. Everyone jumped from their seats and ran out the door. I threw my books in my locker and found my posse. Bob and I linked arms and skipped down the hallway. I noticed Ray wasn't with us which was unusual.
"Where's Raymond?"
"I don't really know actually. He's usually skipping along with us." We pushed the exit doors happy to be out of school. Everyone was standing around waiting for rides. We didn't find Ray. Eventually there was barely anyone left. A few jocks by a brick wall, a red-head cheerleader showing off her cleavage to the players, Ray hitting on some girl-
"Woah who's Ray hitting on?" Bob's eyes were wide.
"Is that Christa?" Christa was beautiful. She was a cheerleader but a sweet one at that. The only one who wasn't a whore. She was an A+ student and one of the nicest people I knew. But what I didn't know was Ray had a thing for her. I was pulled from my thought when Bob pushed my arm.
"Look!" He pointed at the group of football players. There were only three but the leader of the group took Ray and pushed him away from Christa. She told them to stop but they just pushed her aside. The boy grabbed Ray by the collar and raised his fist.
"Get away from him!" I yelled and Frank fast walked past me to the almost fight scene. I ran after him and pulled him back before he did something stupid. The player looked back at me and I realized it was Zack. The same one who was picking on the boy I helped earlier in the morning.
"Leave Ray alone." I glared warningly at him while still holding onto Frank's shoulder.
"What are you going to do if I don't?"
"She wont do anything I wi-" Frank cut in but I cut him off.
"Frank don't. just leave him the fuck alone Zack." I looked at Gerard who grabbed onto Frank and pulled him aside. He whispered something to Frank who responded with a grunt and a pout. I turned back to Zack. He laughed and punched Ray square across the face. He fell to the ground clutching his cheek. Christa tried to help him but Zack's slaves pulled her away. She broke free from their grip and ran behind Bob who quickly told her to leave. She did but not before looking back sympathetically at Ray and the rest of us. Zack looked down at Ray.
"Guys like you shouldn't be talking to girls like her."
"Get the fuck out of here Zachary." I growled through clenched teeth. My hands were balled into fists.
"Shut the fuck up Alaina. Your words are totally meaningless because you're scum, nothing and so are your friends. And you'll always be nothing!" He pushed me to the ground just like he would in preschool when we played in the sandbox. Except now he wasn't trying to be funny. I got up with tears in my eyes and lunged at him. I took him to the ground and sat on top of him. At first I was on smacking him but that soon turned into punching. Hard punches, the kind Dan would give me. I was releasing all of my anger on Zack. Nothing? I would be nothing? Was he right? Maybe he was, maybe I wouldn't amount to anything. No that couldn't be.

Gerard's P.O.V

His nose was bleeding pretty badly and he kept trying to push Alaina off him. She wouldn't budge. I was afraid she was going to seriously injure him and he would press charges. That girl swung hard, I had been hit by her a few times before. I ran to her and put my arms around her waist, picking her up off Zack and the ground. She was struggling to break free and flailing her arms and legs around. I could feel her pain and noticed the tears running down her face as she screamed at Zack.
"I hate you! I hate you! I hope you fucking burn in hell you son of a bitch! Let me go! Get off of me!"
"Crazy ass bitch!" Zack got up and ran to his car with his friends. They took off. Frank, Ray, Mikey and Bob were standing their shocked, Ray's nose bleeding.
"Go home. I'll take care of this." They nodded and drove off. Alaina continued to struggle. I dropped her on her feet. She ran a few feet and collapsed on the concrete of the courtyard weeping. She curled up into a ball on the floor. I knelt down and joined her, hugging her to make her feel better. She was facing the other direction as she spoke.
"What he said was true."
"No it wasn't Alaina."
"I am nothing and so are you and Ray and Frank and Mikey and Bob. We're all nothing but we're going to be /something/. We're going to make something out of ourselves, something that Zack could never imagine." She turned around and pulled my closer to her, wrapping her arms around me tightly.
"Nothing lasts forever," She smiled.
'So will you be my nothing?' I wanted to say it to her so badly but I knew she didn't feel the same. Love is something she would never feel towards me. I was like family for her and that hurt more and more everyday.
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