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Chapter Four

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nuh uh.

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My phone began ringing loudly. I raced to my end table and picked it up.
"Hey. Are you okay?" I checked the caller id not sure of who it was.
"I'm fine Frankie."
"You sure? That little break down on Monday scared us all."
"It scared me too. I'm okay now. I promise."
"Good. We love you too much to lose you to insanity."
"Too late." He laughed.
"Hey what are you doing?"
"Listening to music."
"I know I hear it. But what?"
"Hilary Duff...."
"Get ready. Our show is tonight. We're picking you up in ten."
"Bye!" I hung up the phone and threw on my jeans and a My Chemical Romance tee shirt. I always wore it to all of their shows. I was the bands "hot piece of ass advertiser" according to Frank. Whatever, it worked for me. Within ten minutes the boys arrived in a small car and shoved me in the back. I had to lay across Mikey Frank and Ray. After twenty minutes of uncomfortable driving we reached the venue. It was dinky and small on the outside. But on the inside it was just how we liked our venues. Dark cold and tiny. I began tuning frank's guitar first. He was always big baby if I tuned Ray's first. As I moved on to Ray's guitar I overheard Brian, the band's manager/close friend, was talking to someone he worked with. I pretended to be interested in Mikey's bass but I was really listening to the conversation.
"So how are the tour plans coming along?"
"They're coming great. I'm telling the boys after the show tonight."
"So who are they going with again?"
"The Used and a new band called Aiden."
"Wow. For how long?"
"All of winter break. That's two weeks."
"So they wont be home for Christmas?"
"Fortunate for them they will. Do you think these kids even celebrate Christmas?" They both laughed and walked off. I continued tuning the bass and then moved on to making sure the drums were set up right. Then mic check. After 15 minutes of setting up the stage the crowd began to file in and the show started. The first song they played was "Skylines and Turnstiles". They went through their set and interacted with the audience a lot. They seemed to like it for they demanded one more song out of the band. I stood in the back the whole time so I would have a good view. I could see the sweat dripping off their faces and their heavy breathing. Gerard spoke into the microphone.
"I want to dedicate this last song to my best friend. She is my world and has been there for me since we were kids. Its her favourite song and it goes to her." He pointed at me and every head in the crowd turned, some jumped to see who I was, most cheered for me and others glared and sneered. The lights dimmed once again and the music began to play. They played "Demolition Lovers". Gerard was right, it was my favourite.

They walked off stage, the lights when on, the crowd filed out. It was over. I ran backstage eager to be there when the boys were told the good news. I reached the dressing room door and went for the handle. I heard Mikey scream,
"Are you fucking serious!?" I was a little too late.
"What'd I miss?"
"We're touring!" Gerard swept me up in his arms and twirled me around until I had to hit him in the back to let him know I was dizzy as fuck.
"Well aren't you going to have fun all winter break without me?" He wrapped his arms around my waste and whispered in my ear,
"What are you talking about? You're coming with me." He kissed me on the cheek and ran to Mikey bringing him to the ground in a bone crushing hug. This resulted in a dog pile, even Brian was included. I casually walked to the pile of my best friends and sat on top of all of them.
"Fatass!" Ray yelled. I only weighed 110 pounds. Fat was impossible for me.
"Watch it Hairball." He huffed as I smiled triumphantly.
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