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Chapter Four

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Christine continues to see Raoul secretly, and slowly starts to draw away from Erik.

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I wanted today to be over with, but the hours seemed to lag and when it was time for our music lesson, that seemed to take all eternity. I was finally glad when evening came; I was working on my stitching while Erik cleaned up after dinner. When he came into the room, it suddenly felt cold, too cold for my taste, so I moved closer to the fire. "That quilt you're working on is coming along nicely," he said as he looked over my shoulder. He sat down next to me for a few minutes in silence, listening to the crackling of the fire. After a while, I set aside my sewing, said good-night to Erik, and went to bed. Once again dreams of Raoul filled my head and my heart as I slept, waiting for morning to come.

As soon as I opened my eyes, I leaped out of bed and snuck out, before Erik was awake, to meet Raoul, and indeed he was there, waiting for me. (Luckily, Erik didn't know about Raoul and I meeting.) Every morning, we met by the lake. At the sight of him, my heart would begin to pound, harder each time. He still had a black eye, but to me, he was still as handsome as ever. One morning, as I flew into his arms, we kissed, more passionately then we have ever kissed before. After a few moments, he released me and his eyes, full of fiery passion, gazed into mine,

"Christine" he whispered, breathlessly.

"Yes?" I asked, just as breathlessly.

"Will you come away with me tonight?"

"I don't know, it's just too risky." I answered; I looked toward the ground as I said it, for I couldn't meet his eyes. He tilted my chin so I had to look at him, "then I won't force you if you not sure, but it is dangerous for us to keep meeting like this." I nodded, because I knew he was right. Then he held me close and kissed my forehead, as I laid my head on his chest, feeling the rise and fall of it and listening to his comforting heartbeat, as he rubbed my back, drawing me closer to him, as if he couldn't bear to let go, as I tightened my hold on him. But unfortunately, Erik was calling for me, so I reluctantly let go Raoul, kissed him goodbye and went up to the house. I was able to put on a light pink gown and a rosebud hair band before Erik came in my room. "Good morning, Erik," I greeted him with a sweet smile.

"Erik, do you think we could go somewhere tonight?"

"Why do you ask, my child?" he asked, taking my hand and leading me to the dining room.

"Because I long to see the Opera again," I lied for I knew the real reason was to see my beloved Raoul.

"I suppose it would be alright, we'll go this evening." he told me sitting down.

"Oh, thank you!" I said, a little too excited. Erik just smiled, pleased to see me so happy.

That evening, Erik and I went up to see the opera and it was jammed pack, so Erik and I sat high above all the balconies, but I could see Raoul. I was so distracted that when Erik was jeering about how terrible the opera was, I couldn't hear him because I was so busy thinking of nothing but Raoul, nothing else seemed to matter but him. When we went back to the house on the lake, I was so tired that without even saying good-night, I went to bed, waiting to see my lover.
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