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Chapter Five

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Erik has a very important question to ask Christine.

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The next morning after my meeting with Raoul, I managed to scramble back into bed before Erik came in.

"Good morning, Erik," I greeted him in my sweetest tone of voice.

"Good morning," was his only reply. "Don't bother to get dressed, Christine," he told me as I got out of bed. "I have a surprise for you," he said as he took both of my hands and led me to a room I've never seen before, and lit a few candles.

At that moment, what I saw hanging in an open armore was a white wedding gown, trimmed with gold and had tiny gold silk rosebuds on the neckline. Hanging above it, was a beautiful lace veil attached to a flowered headband.

I gasped and Erik said, "Christine, I love you very much and it feels awkward living with you and you not being my wife." He paused and then he said, "Will you marry me?"

I didn't know what to do or say, "I...I uhh...I'm not sure..." I stuttered, keeping my gaze on the gown and away from Erik. "I'll have to think about it," I lied.

"Very well, you may go now," was all he said as I turned and quickly left the room. Then I darted out of the house and ran straight to the lake. Once I got there, I collapsed to the ground and sobbed, tears streaming down my cheeks. Oh, how I longed to be in Raoul's embrace now more then ever and it hurt to know that he was up above while I was down here. "I wonder if he can hear me," I thought as I looked upward.

I never bothered going back inside for dinner and stayed out there the whole evening until nighttime came. By then, I was too tired to go back inside, so I spent the night by the lake.
The next morning, I was waiting by the lake for our daily meeting until I heard Erik behind me.

"Where is Raoul?" I wondered, "and what is Erik doing up?" I turned around and greeted Erik good morning, "What are you doing up this early?" I asked, getting up.

"I couldn't sleep," he said, not looking at me.

"Oh, well... let's go back to the house, and I will make you a nice warm breakfast." I smiled, taking his arm.

As we were walking, I kept looking around trying to capture a glimpse of Raoul when I saw something in my bedroom window, when I saw what was, my mouth went dry. It looked liked the Punjab Lasso! "But is the Punjab Lasso doing in my room?" I thought in horror, though I tried not to show it.

"What is it, Christine?" Erik asked, looking at me. He must have seen how pale I was, because his eyes were full of concern.

"Nothing, just nothing!" I said quickly, as I tried to think of a reason for my behavior. But when I looked at my window again, nothing but thoughts of fear and dread entered my mind.

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