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Last filler I promise

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Ryan's getting a little sum sum while Chelsea is apprehensive about it.

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Next chapter will be up tonight if it takes me all night...I promise!!!

'So my brain is officially fried.' Jennifer laughed as she sat on Chelsea's bed four hours later.

'No, mine too.' Chelsea laughed.

'So how long have you and Brendon been together?' she asked.

Chelsea sat thinking for a few seconds, 'we started whatever we started when we were ten and we've been together ever since. We got married when we were seventeen, and then had Thomas when we were about twenty.'

'Wow, Do you regret getting married so young?'

'Not really, it would have happened sooner or later, the only thing I regret is Brendon having the career he has, we can't have anything private.'

'Yeah but you two have a great relationship, I need a relationship like that. I always pick horrible guys something always goes completely wrong.'

'Well you know Ryan is single. He's a great guy, he's smart, and funny, and gorgeous, and he's just an all around great guy.'

'He is pretty cute.'

'We should have a double date one night!'

'You'll have to find a babysitter.'

'Please have you seen how cute my son is, I have no problems with babysitters.' Chelsea laughed as the two girls started out into the living room to find the boys in the exact same place they left them in.

'Did they move?' Jennifer asked.

'Probably not.' Chelsea laughed as she saw Thomas as asleep against Brendon who's brain had been sucked in.

'They are cute together, your husband and your son.' Jennifer smiled.

'I know, I'm pretty lucky to have those two, I don't know what I would do with out them.'

'I know the feeling. I want a baby.'

'Not yet, give it time, find the right guy. When you find the right guy then it makes everything worth while.' Chelsea smiled, 'Are you hungry?'

'No not really, I should be going soon, it's pretty late and I have class at eight tomorrow morning.' Jennifer said as Ryan walked into the room followed by Brendon holding a sleeping baby against his chest.

'I should be going too.' Ryan said, 'I'll walk you down.'

'Bye Jennifer, I'll see you tomorrow.' Chelsea smiled hugging her friend before hugging Ryan, 'Be good.'

'Bye guys.' Ryan said holding the door open for Jennifer as they walked out.

'I'm going to put this little one down, he's pretty exhausted.'

'He's always exhausted you wear him out.'

'I know but he loves me.' Brendon smiled following his wife into their bedroom, 'Did you get a lot of studying done?'

'Yeah. We have a test next week; I think we are pretty much ready for it.'

'Good.' Brendon smiled as she changed into a pair of pajama shorts and a sports bra.

'You're beautiful.' Brendon smiled as she walked over and crawled up on the bed with him.

'So are you.' She smiled as the phone rang. Brendon kissed her full lips softly while reaching over her to get the phone.

'Hello...Hey Ryan...oh yeah....Okay, I'm sure we can get one of the guys to baby-sit for us...okay I'll talk to you later....bye.' Brendon said and hung up the phone looking down at his wife.

'And what was that about?'

'Ryan asked Jennifer out on the way downstairs, He says we're going on a double date on Friday night, now we just need to find a sitter for B.T. and we'll have it made.' Brendon said as he laid down against her pillow.

'We have to find a sitter? Call Spencer.'


'Hey babe, Spencer's cousin Alex is coming to baby-sit Thomas tomorrow.' Brendon said as Chelsea got ready the next morning.


'His cousin, she's seventeen, Spencer has a date with Hailey so Alex is coming.'

'Are you sure?'

'Yes, she baby-sits for Spencer's sisters all the time.'

'Alright if you're sure I guess that's okay.'

'Trust me.'

'I know, I do trust you it's just that woman next door. She just gives me an uneasy feeling especially if we have someone here who doesn't know her.'

'Honey, calm down about the woman; she's just weird. No big deal okay. We're going to go out with Jennifer and Ryan tomorrow and we're going to have fun, we haven't had a night out on a date like this since before Thomas was born, I miss it.'

'Okay we'll go and we'll have fun I promise!' Chelsea smiled as Brendon stood in front of her.

'Nice answer now go get ready for school.'

'I love you.'

'I love you too baby.' Chelsea smiled giving Brendon a soft kiss before he walked out to get Thomas.
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