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A new twist.

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And the drama begins.

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Brendon walked through the front door at 4:45 the next afternoon, carrying Thomas, groceries, and Thomas' diaper bags and such. He held his side kick in his mouth and his keys hooked on one finger as his side kick rang signaling Chelsea who was suck in traffic.

'Need some help?' the neighbor asked from the open front door. Brendon spit his side kick out of his mouth onto the couch while setting Thomas' chair on the coffee table along with his diaper bag.

'No what I need is for you to get out of my house and go back to yours.' Brendon snapped as he set the groceries down on the kitchen table.

'I just thought I would ask. Do you still need a baby sitter for tonight?' she asked.

'How do you know we needed a babysitter?'

'I heard your girlfriend talking about it as she left today while she was on the phone.'

'First off, she's not my girlfriend, we're married. Second off, no we have a babysitter. If that's all you needed to ask you can go home now, I need to get Thomas changed and get into the shower.'

'Alright well if you need anything don't be afraid to stop by.'

'Bye.' Brendon said slamming the door before locking it as he picked up the phone to call Chelsea back.

'Brendon?' Chelsea called as she walked into the house. Thomas was sitting in his high chair eating while Brendon put some groceries away while Elmo played on the TV.

'In here baby.' Brendon called out as Chelsea walked in to find him in a towel.

'Ohh sexy.' She smiled walking over to where he was standing and wrapping her arms around his neck while he let his hands rest on her waist. Brendon brought Chelsea into a long open mouthed kiss that ended with a smile.

'How was your day sexy momma?' Brendon asked as he went back to putting the groceries away.

'It was good. I got an A on my psychology test, did pretty well on my chemistry test, it was pretty outside today, I get to go out with my honey tonight, and when I came home today, my lover was dressed in a towel.' She smiled.

'All for you baby.' Brendon said kissing her again as Thomas threw a piece of a banana at Brendon and hitting him square in the glasses.

'Thomas.' Chelsea laughed as she took Brendon's glasses to wash off while Thomas laughed.


'Baby that's Alex get the door!' Brendon yelled as he played with Thomas in the nursery. Chelsea rolled her eyes and walked out to the door to find a younger girl standing with Spencer's smile.

'Hey you must be Alex.' Chelsea smiled holding out her hand.


'Yup, come in.' Chelsea smiled opening the door wider for the girl to come in, 'So Brendon is in playing with the baby so I'll show you around and stuff, make sure you're comfortable.'

'Sounds good.' Alex smiled setting her purse down on the couch as Chelsea began her tour.

'This is Thomas.' Chelsea said as Thomas crawled out of his bedroom with Brendon walking behind him, 'He's a fast mover, gotta keep an eye on this one.'

'He's soooo cute.'

'He likes to think so.'

'So when does he need to go to bed?' Alex asked.

'He hasn't really slept much today, he's just kind of dozed in and out here and there and he's not in a great mood so he'll probably go down fairly early. I'd say around 8 or 8:30 at the latest.' Brendon said, 'He's really easy, just hold him and rock him, feed him a bottle around 7:30-7:45 and he should go right to sleep for you.'

'Okay, bath or anything?'

'No he took a shower with daddy this afternoon. He's good to go.'

'I'll lay out some pajamas before we leave just so you don't have to look for them. It'll be easier.' Chelsea said.

'We shouldn't be home too late, probably by 11:30 or so, is that okay?'

'Yeah of course.' Alex said.

'Okay I'm going to go finish getting ready.' Brendon said as Thomas sat in his play chair.

'So you can help yourself to whatever you want, Bren went to the store today so there is plenty of food in here but if you want to order a pizza or something there is the number on the fridge and you can just put it on our credit card there it's up to you whatever works.'


'If you need us, call my cell phone, I put both of them on the notepad on the counter, I'll be more likely to answer then Brendon will so just call me, he never answers his phone, it takes him five minutes just to find it.' Alex laughed as Chelsea looked around before going and picking Thomas up, 'Baby this is Miss Alex, and she's going to play with you while Mommy and Daddy go out tonight. She's going to put you to bed, be nice to her okay? I love you baby.' She said kissing him softly. Thomas looked at Alex with a confused look before smiling at her and reaching out for her, 'He likes you.'

'Hey sweetheart.' Alex cooed at him as she held him while he played with her necklace.

'Alright babe, are you ready to go we're suppose to meet Ryan and Jennifer in twenty minutes.'

'Alright, I'm going to run and get my shoes and my purse.'

'Come here buddy.' Brendon said taking Thomas out of Alex's hands and smothering him in kisses, 'Daddy loves you. Don't forget it okay?!!' Brendon smiled.

'If you have any problems call us and we'll come right home, we've never left him alone before unless it was with my parents.'

'We'll be fine Brendon.' Alex smiled as Chelsea walked back into the room.

'Alright we're going to go. Be good baby, I love you.' Chelsea said giving Thomas another kiss before Brendon did the same and they started out the door forgetting to mention the crazy neighbor.

Thomas watched as his parents walked out the door. He looked confused at first and then realized what was going on. Alex stood holding him while his parents left. Alex looked down at found Thomas looking up at her with his lips pouting out and tears forming in his eyes before he began to cry. Alex couldn't help but laugh at how sad he looked, she held him and cradled him until he stopped crying before taking him into his bedroom to play.


'It wasn't as hard as you thought it would be was it?' Jennifer asked as they sat at dinner.

'Leaving Thomas with a sitter?' Chelsea asked as Jennifer nodded, 'No, she's sweet though, I like her. I'm sure everything will be okay.'

'I agree, Alex is a very sweet girl.' Ryan said.

Meanwhile back at the apartment. . .

'Are you hungry, it's about 7:30, dad said to feed you about now so lets go find that bottle.' Alex said as she picked Thomas up out of the floor and carried him into the living room where she sat him down in his play chair so she could heat up his bottle as there was a knock on the door. Alex looked down at Thomas to find him perfectly content chewing on the stuffed butterfly sitting on his chair so she walked over to answer the door.

'May I help you?' Alex asked softly looking at the pretty blonde standing at the door.

'Hi I'm a friend of Chelsea's she left some stuff here for me to run by and get.' The woman said.

'She didn't mention anything about anyone coming over.' Alex said with a skeptical look towards her.

'She didn't? Where is she anyway, she said she be here today.'

'She's out on a date with Brendon.'

'Who is Brendon?' the woman asked.

'Her husband?' Alex said with a questioning look as Thomas crawled over to her.

'Oh well sweetie, it'll only be a few minutes.' The woman said walking into the house and back towards Chelsea and Brendon's bedroom. Alex didn't really think much of it considering she knew where she was going. Alex set Thomas back in his chair and went back to heating up his bottle only during her back long enough to set the bottle in the microwave and set the timer. When she turned back around Thomas was gone and the front door was open.

Alex dropped the bottle and ran towards the door looking down both sides of the hall way for the baby, thinking he may have crawled out, only to find him no where to be seen.

'THOMAS!' she called out as she began to freak a little bit, 'THOMAS COME HERE!' she yelled down the hall way. Alex walked back into the house and searched everywhere for him before hearing a baby cry outside the window. Alex ran to the open window and looked down to the street below only to find the blonde woman and another woman taking Thomas into a taxi that soon sped off.
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