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meeting Cecile

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basically this is a continuation after the phantom "mysteriously" disappears at the end. it is a little over sixteen years later. the rest is in the story :D

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I walked toward my destination, the letter in my pocket, hand at the leval of my eyes, just as my mother said to. My father kicked me out of the house, and even though my mother was ill she gave me clear instructions on where to go in case I was ever in danger. She told me tales of an old friend who still manages to live in an old opera house in the heart of Paris, and that as long as I had proof I was her daughter that he would at least let me stay one night. The letter in my hand I was told not to read, just deliver. I figured by how angry my father was, and how worried my mom is, and the fact this letter feels heavier then my arm was getting from being raised to my temple, I assumed I may never go back.

The opera house was very old and dusty, and had evidence of a great fire that happened, just as my mom said it would look. I began thinking of all the stories my mom would tell me about her time in the opera house. We talked about anything about music when my father wasn't around, it was the only time we could. That is actually why my father demanded my departure. My mother was giving me music lessons the best she could with her aching throat, and my father came home early when I was singing. Unlucky for me, he was drunk as well. He tore the music sheets spread about the floor, and demanded that I leave. My mother slipped me this letter and told me that I knew where to go when my father stormed out of the room to my bedroom that he began to destroy. I kissed my mother on the cheek and ran as far as I could. I knew I didn't have to worry about my father hurting my mother, he only hurt non-living things.

I stepped through the broken door and found myself already lost in darkness. I used what little light peaked through the moonlight to find my way around. I traveled up the stairs and into the dressing room area, just as my mom said I should go. I found the room for the female stars, and I opened it gently. Inside was a dusty room, half charred from the flames. In the distance I saw another figure standing there, but then realized I was staring at myself. A mirror on the other side of the room stood, just as my mother told me it would. I slowly crept toward it, and felt the cold class on my fingertips. I pushed the mirror, and it slowly began to slide like a door, just as my mother told me it would do. Inside was a small light that was flickering at the end of a stone cave-like hallway. I took a deep breath and stepped inside, shutting the door behind me. The small blue light at the end of the walkway began getting larger, and I began hearing water. Was there really a watery path like my mother told me there would be? I almost wanted to speed up my pace, but the walls were very reflective of sound, and I didn't want to startle the man I was looking for. Soon enough after creeping down the slanted hallway that seemed endless, there was the long watery path. I was in utter shock. I put the letter in my upper dress pocket and slowly stepped into the cool depths of the water. It was only knee-deep, so It wasn't that big of a deal. Treading through the water, I began hearing the soft sound of an organ playing. Could the man at the end of the tunnel be this close? As I listened harder I heard someone singing, but, It didn't have the sound of an older man! This is something my mother didn't tell me I would expect. As the sounds got louder all I could hear besides them was the fast beating of my heart, nerves finally kicking in. What in the world was I doing? Soon after my heart kept speeding up, a large gate came into view that coiled itself around a large opening in the wall, and all I could see were small lights of candles burning on stands. The young man's voice was so loud and crisp, and if I wasn't so nervous from who I would be talking to, I might actually find is soothing to the ears. Suddenly the organ stopped, and so did my feet. There was a long silence, until someone spoke.
"what is wrong Erik?" said the young man's voice who had been singing. Now there were two men?
"I hear someone in the water," He whispered. I panicked, feeling my heart ready to burst! I heard footsteps creeping toward the gate that lay ahead, and it then began to rise. Whoever was inside was coming out! I feared the worst and clung my fist to the side of my head, since my mother told me that if I was in any danger it would keep me safe. The younger man then finally came into view. I didn't have a chance to get a good look at him, for my heart finally grew tired from me being nervous and I got light-headed. I passed out into the water.
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