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Kristopher's turn

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Basically a shorter version of the last chapter, but instead it is someone else's point of view.

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Erik and myself were going through music again, my favorite part of the day. I would almost say that I am glad that my parents perished in that fire, other then obvious reasons why a kid would hate such a thing, because I have never felt so happy before in my life. Then again, I was but merely a year old when Erik had found me seventeen years ago. I was left to freeze just outside the walls of the opera as the fire died down, but before hypothermia's cold chill took my life, Erik had picked me up and taken me in since.
"After this i need to send you out again. our food is running low, and we have little parchment." I had to travel outside for Erik, he couldn't show his face outside these walls, for fear of torment for his face. he wears a mask upon it to try and hide it, but even then he claims that he would be recognized and mocked. I don't mind running errands for him though, I understand. Besides, it is the least I can do for him taking me in and caring for me. I had never met someone so kind in my life.

I started practicing scales with him playing the organ. A simple exercise I had already grown accustom to, so I grew worried when he stopped playing suddenly.
"What is wrong Erik?" I curiously asked. He raised his head into the empty air.
"I hear someone in the water," he whispered, and pointed to the edge of the waterway that ran as a labyrinth all around the place. The ripples in the water were larger then usual, and I could hear what he heard as well, a third person breathing. I stood up and went over to the gate as Erik pulled the leaver to have it rise. I poked my head around corner, and before I could see anything else a body had crashed into the water. I ran into the water and got to them as fast as I could, seeing a young woman lying there. I pulled her upper half out of the water and attempted to drag her back to the solid ground. Erik stood at the shoreline and helped me when I got her there, and we laid her gently on the ground.
"She looks familiar," Erik whispered. I noticed a piece of paper sticking out of her pocket that was slightly soaked, and pulled it out. It was an envelope... with Erik's name on it. He swiped it from my hands and stared at the letter for a few moments. He slowly tore the seal and pulled out about three pieces of parchment and began reading. His expression stayed emotionless, but I could see it in his eyes this letter was important. I turned my face back to the young girl, almost giving him his privacy. She was breathing very slowly, but it was a good sign that she was breathing. She might have passed out from shock, she didn't look hurt or injured otherwise. I moved some of the hair from her face to get a better look at her, and the face that I could see clearly now almost took my breath away. She was one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen, and considering I worked in a tailor's shop during the peak of day, I had seen a lot of women. She wasn't as young as I thought, maybe two years younger then myself.
"Kristopher," Erik said while he was on the last page. I turned to face him. "I want you to stay here tonight. I will run the errands" He pocketed the letter and gave me a harsh look. "Get her some blankets before she freezes to death," the tone of his voice and his expressionless face, and the fact that he was leaving this place for the first time since he found me just outside the opera house when it torched seventeen years ago told me two things. One, I wasn't going to enjoy my music lessons tonight, and two, Erik may not be returning until the peak of morning.
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