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I think I'll just bitch you out! Oh hi Mrs. Way!

by missloser 2 Reviews

I think I'll just bitch you out! Oh hi Mrs. Way!

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama, Romance - Characters: Bob Bryar, Frank Iero, Gerard Way, Mikey Way, Ray Toro - Published: 2007/03/18 - Updated: 2007/03/18 - 470 words

Lunch was fun! Frank ate nothing but Skittles. Mikey and the guys made him do doggy trick and stuff. It was pretty cute! ^_^
After lunch, Frankie and I walked to class together. When we got in, Candy gave me her best death stare. I almost laughed. She just looked constipated. I walked over there and said,
"Candy, I pity you so much. You and your stupid friends try so hard to get Frank Iero and Gerard Way to notice you. It's so fucking pathetic. Maybe if you stop trying to be goth, they'd actually look at you!"
Her face went red and she screamed,
"Shut the hell up HELENA! Don't talk to me about the way I dress. YOU don't dress gothic. I bet you've never even seen a real goth person looks like!"
I actually began to laugh and I said, in between tears,
"You're fucking retarded! I'm not goth, so why should I dress like it? Oh wait, that's a question you should be asking yourself right? You think goth is just going inside Hot Topic, buying everything and wearing it. Don't tell me when I've never seen. I've seen more things in the past year than you have in your whole life. Don't try and start shit with me. I'll only ruin your 'goth-ness'."
Candy looked like I had just slapped her, which I would've if she continued talking shit. I gave her a cold, hard stare and she gave me a scared one. The stares were broken when someone said,
"I have to admit, Candy, the new girl is right. You're nothing but a poser and I can't believe that's what you've turned me into! I'm disgusted."
I looked up to see one of Candy's 'friends' shaking their head and walking away. Then, I too shook my head and walked away. I went back to Frankie, only to find Mikey in my spot.
"Hey Mikey!"
"What? Forgot my name already?"
"No Hell."
"Then what's up?"
"Uhh, are you ever gonna say shit like that to me?"
"Maybe, if you piss me off."
Frankie put his arm around me and said,
"Piss her off Mikey!"
Mikey looked at him as if her were crazy and said,
"No way man! You do it."
I looked both of them and then said,
"Oh for the love of god, shut up!"
Mikey nodded and said,
"But you know, I'm still scared shitless."
He gave me puppy eyes and I felt so sorry for him. I said,
"Come here Mikey ," and I hugged him.
Suddenly a female voice screamed,
"MICHEAL JAMES WAY! What are you doing to that beautiful girl?!"
Mikey pulled away, his face a dark shade of red and replied,
"Nothing Mrs. Way!"
Confused, I turned to Frankie and repeated,
"Mrs. Way?"
He nodded and said,
"Mrs. Way."
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