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Shopping, Shopping, Shopping.

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Based on a challenge I by Tendrarinstat, the rating will go up later. This will be highly AU, especially with the advent of HBP, but Harry will not be doing a cross over. Dumbledore is evil, Voldem...

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Truth of the Matter
Chapter 3: Shopping, Shopping, Shopping.
21st September 2005

"Baron Potter-Black, the paperwork has been set in motion and will be finished quickly. In the meantime, if you'd please follow me I will bring you to see your new vaults?" Another goblin who Harry remembered as an aide of Grappler's, bowed to Harry and gestured to an official looking cart. Harry raised an eyebrow and his gaze flickered pointedly from cart to goblin and back.

The goblin noticed almost immediately, "Yes Baron, it is completely safe. Grappler will be joining us soon, but this cart is normally used when visiting the older vaults, including the family vaults." He straightened when Grappler hurried into the room from behind Harry, "Thank you Rubidium. Baron Potter-Black, if you'll please enter the cart I will show you to your newest family vault." Grappler opened the door to the much larger cart and Harry stood, absently casting several detection charms as he sat down. Detecting nothing harmful, he relaxed as the hair-raising journey started.


"The Potter family vault, Mr. Potter, if you'd just place your hand on the seal, the initiation shall follow." Harry narrowed his eyes at the vault number, which was apparently the seal, and placed his left hand on the large 37. A small prick later, he found himself in a swirling fog where he came face to face with a large lion. He stood absolutely still, but dropped his wand into his hand, gripping it gently but ready for anything.

The lion sniffed him and prowled round him, eventually nudging him towards a clearing where an old man sat by a fire. He grinned and looked up as Harry neared him, "Harry James Potter. Here at last eh? I'd hoped you'd arrive sooner, but I'm really not too bothered with it. You're here, and that's what matters most." He flicked his wand and the sausages roasting on the fire flew onto a couple of plates, "I'm the guardian of the Potter vaults. Inside you'll find quite a few things that should be of great interest to you. But first, I'd like a short chat with you..."


"I, Harry James Potter, have come to claim my own." The door dissolved, and Harry was left to stare open mouthed at the mounds of galleons piled against the walls. He moved inward, finding several trunks on top of everything there, and stopped when he came to a smaller, wooden chest, which he shrank and stowed in his pocket. Closing the entrance, he grinned and faced his goblin companions, "The Black vault please? After which I have a few other stops to make."


The Black family vault was equally large, though it housed more galleons in a lower vault. 24, to be exact, and Harry picked out a small gold trunk before barring his teeth before declaring, "I would see the founding vaults please?" Rubidium grinned at his ferally, and Grappler hurriedly changed tracks, starting a steep drop deep into the foundations of Gringotts.


Harry stood in the centre. It was arranged in a most interesting manner, but from Voldemort's elemental comments he understood the arrangement to be in accordance with the five elements. He faced Merlin's vault and raised his hands to form a T while closing his eyes, "Ancients, ancestors, forefathers! I come for my inheritance. Grant me what you will be mine, that I am worthy of!"

A bright light filled the circular chamber, and Harry felt himself drawn into a dream, not unlike the Potter vault. He came face to face with two people he'd never dreamt he'd actually see. Sure he knew there'd be guardians, but surely not the actual founders? Salazar Slytherian, looking almost amused in a snake-like way, scowled and turned to Godric Gryffindor, sword and hat, and commented dryly, "You win old boy, he definitely has some of me in him." Godric grinned, "Be thankful we are only in this state now Salazar, or I'd have asked for your notes." Salazar paled.

Harry stepped forward, "Lord Gryffindor, Lord Slytherian." Godric grinned at him, "Yes indeed Harry, that we are. Though really the 'Lord' titles belong to you rather than us, seeing as we're dead and have no real use for them. No matter. I was called forth because by blood you're actually my heir, with the most direct route to my ancestry. Before you ask, no it was not through your father." He paused for the shock to set in while Salazar looked smug, "You see, when Salazar was defeated, he'd created a unique potion, that cursed my line for quite a few generations. Because they couldn't use magic any more, they went into hiding in the muggle world, till the curse ended with your mother.

"Salazar was called here because while Voldemort claims to be his primary heir, he isn't. Rather, Tom Riddle is Salazar's heir, and he has since died. But when Tom died there wasn't anyone left to take over the blood gifts and blood rights. Which is what happened when Voldemort failed to kill you. He transferred his heritage to you, which is why you get both the Gryffindor and Slytherian heirlooms. Don't worry, it's not much more money, rather what you'll get in terms of finances is pretty small compared to what you have now. Besides that, there are only heirlooms awaiting you in the vaults, and only you can read handle them. Warn your friends, because if anyone besides you so much as touches them, they will get injured very badly. Unless of course, they are attached to you."

Godric scratched his head like he'd forgotten something and turned to Salazar, "Anything missing old boy?" Salazar sighed and rubbed his head, "Yes, one last thing. Merlin has an heir. It was a similar potion to mine, just that it involved his blood and an alchemy experiment gone wrong. His line became muggle as well, and like Gryffindor's do not remember anything about it. You'll recall your friend with an almost demonic love for books? She is his heir." Before Harry could say anything, the cunning man looked at his wrist like he had a watch, "Oh dear, look at the time! We must run. Remember Harry, no playing around with the Blood Gifts!"

Harry blinked and was suddenly back in the circular room, now staring at two open vaults with his thoughts in a jumble, "Blood Gifts? What are those?" shaking his head and deciding to figure it out another time, Harry walked up to the Gryffindor vault and almost immediately noticed it was bare stone apart from the pedestal in the middle, which held what looked like a muggle wet-suit. He picked it up and almost immediately it changed shape to match him. There was a large plaque where the suit had been.

The Brave at Heart

Blood Gifts:
Wandless Magic
Natural Crafting Abilities

Protection suit
This suit is meant to be worn under the robes of the person. It is made from an amalgamation of Basilisk, Horntail, and Manticore armor, but is soft enough that it will not irritate the skin. Protects against major spells.

Harry was stunned. Wandless magic? That was hardly heard of nowadays. Sure he knew that both Dumbledore and Voldemort could use limited wandless spells, but to have it at your fingertips? His mind, however, remained clear enough that he understood the second ability. Crafting? Like creating wands? Perhaps a visit to Ollivander's was in order.

Harry moved to the Slytherian Vault, expecting more stone, perhaps wood. He was surprised to find iron and steel walls and floors. In the centre of the room was a large tome, attached to a chain. Harry approached it slowly before carefully opening the cover. Dust fell away and Harry read the opening lines, "If you can touch it, you're my heir. If you're my heir, then get the chain to your side. And hurry!" Harry chuckled, but quickly attached the ring at the end of the chain to his belt. The book quickly shrank, and the chain became much thinner, so he stowed it in his pocket. Under the book was another plaque.

The Ones With Real Minds

Blood Gifts:
Parsel Magic
Mage Sight

Tome of Salazar
Belittle not the Tome, for it contains all the works of Salazar Slytherian, Master Alchemist and the greatest Potions Master ever to have lived. Do not, under any circumstances, play with it.

Harry chuckled at the description of the tome before registering the gifts, "Parsel Magic? So it's not just an uncommon gift, rather it's a characteristic of the Slytherian Line?" He was stunned at this. Now only he and Tom could speak the language, and soon he'd be the only one. He sighed, wondering at how the wonderful gift really came about. Mage sight he had a few ideas, but reserved them for his nightly conversations with Tom.


Diagon Alley was abuzz with activity both great and small. Harry glanced through the windows of shops, finding really nothing of interest. He stopped at a trunk store though, and walked to the man behind the counter, "I'm looking for a very special trunk, probably a custom make. 7 rooms, 1 trunk." The man did a double take before doing the standard flicker-to-the-scar routine, "Of course Mr. Potter, if you'd follow me to the back?"

The back room was brighter, and very cluttered. The store owner, Mr. Pierce Pelt, met Harry and shook his hand enthusiastically. Harry grinned at him and laid out some rough plans for a trunk. Pierce chuckled, "7 rooms? Not compartments, but rooms? You're looking at something really, really, grand here Harry. A dining room and kitchen, master and two side bedrooms, store room, and dueling chamber? Not beyond my capabilities, but difficult. You'll be doing protections yourself or would you like me to put some in?" Harry chuckled; Pierce was an interesting man, at once bringing forth the problems as well as a great desire for a challenge, "No, I'll be doing my own protections, just keep this under wraps?"


He stood at the entrance to Diagon Alley and slipped into a side alley, trying out a highly advanced disillusionment charm. Leaving the side alley, he walked right in front of Alastor Moody, satisfied he'd effectively disappeared, before moving towards Knockturn Alley.


Knockturn Alley was a rough place during the day, and dangerous even without dark wizards prowling around. During the night it was even more so, as Harry discovered. He passed several death eaters torturing, hags, and even a mummy. He didn't know where his intention lay, but pressed on, son coming to a small shop without a sign or door. Death and decay emanated from within, so Harry cast a bubblehead charm to keep out the smell. Removing the invisibility charm, he prowled round the dead bodies in various states of decay.

He quickly found what he was looking for. Voldemort had once made a barely audible comment about one of his Death Eaters, but Harry had picked it up. He had a wristband of silver, and a large gash down his neck. Harry flicked his wand, and the contents of the man's pockets flew out to hover in front of him. Leaving the handkerchief for its lack of purpose, Harry pulled together the blades, bands, and runes before proceeding to the counter.

The witch behind the counter looked over the items and sneered, "800 Galleons." Harry laughed and pulled his wand with lightning speed, "really?" the witch froze at the sight of a wand being pointed at her, but her pet snake reared its head. While not a parsel tongue, she still could communicate with her snake, and chuckled inwardly at what the child's reaction should be. Harry however, inclined his head slightly at the snake and hissed, "Be gone, this is none of your business." The witch was shocked. She quickly changed her mind, "300! Just get out!" Harry threw the appropriate amount, gathered his items and left, laughing all the way.


Harry moved around the alley, eventually coming to an antiques shop that looked very familiar. Frowning, he read the sign before chuckling at how Borgin and Burkes had looked familiar from only seeing it once before. He decided to take a chance, and entered the shop, eyes sweeping around for a threat. He moved silently through the shelves, noticing almost instantly how the man behind the counter fixed him with a glare the moment he moved past the door.

A set of orbs caught his attention, and he sent a quick series of identification spells at them. Finding nothing immediately malicious, he motioned to Borgin, who's eyes lit up at seeing the orbs, "Dueling orbs, sir. A set of six, with settings easy to very difficult, ideal for practicing powerful spells. Of course, they can't really take anything like a crucio." Harry raised an eyebrow and nodded, "I will take them." Borgin glared at him, "And just who would you be?" Harry glared right back and shifted his fringe, "I am the heir of Slytherian. Who are you to deny me?" Borgin quickly changed his mind.

Harry eventually found something really of interest to him. A sphere, totally black without blemish. Identification spells found it to be something like a void, but at the same time like a nova. Borgin was instantly at his side, "A focal orb sir. One of the few left, they were used in ancient times to anchor wards of a home. I believe Hogwarts has two, while many of the old family castles and manors have one or two." Harry nodded, "I will take it, and any other focal orbs you have." It was pretty obvious to him that Borgin had at least one more.

His third, and last, item was a short sword. Where the Gryffindor sword was a long sword, straight and long, this one was bent at the end like a Japanese sword, and about 2 feet in length. Its blade was tinted red, and the handle was oak, with the sheath painted jet black. Borgin approached carefully, "This is the flame sword. It came from a northern Japanese village, and has since claimed every life that has touched the blade. It is said to be a gift from the Japanese sun god. Tell you what, it has claimed several of my clients, so you can have it for free, and remove the curse from my shop." Harry favored him with a thin smile.


His dreams that night were probably the most strange ever. Voldemort didn't come. They'd been meeting every night, even talking about all inconsequential things. Tonight he hadn't arrived and Harry got a sense of foreboding from their bond. Taking a risk, he traveled down the thread that joined their minds, arriving in a dark, dank chamber. It was different from the one time he'd actually been here. Now it looked like death instead. A figure of his query appeared before him, "Anxious tonight, aren't you Harry?"

Harry studied him carefully, "You're dying. I can see it. I knew it before, but it didn't seem quite so obvious." Voldemort studied him carefully, "You have grown much Harry. You have grown so very much." He sighed and a table came into existence, along with two chairs, "Sit. I have much to tell you." Harry sat and waited while Voldemort collected his thoughts, "Where to begin? You know how you'll gain all my knowledge when you reach maturity, and you know quite a lot already, even compared to the seventh years of Hogwarts.

"The dying process is coming faster than I'd anticipated Harry. I can't hold out quite long enough if we continue our nightly discussions. I will still transfer everything I know to you, but I also want you to know now that I have arranged a teacher for you. You may return to Hogwarts if it is your wish, but I'd advise you to simply take your NEWTs rather than worrying about sixth year classes, which you could easily ace. Granted, of course, I'm not so proficient in potions as Severus is, but that doesn't really matter now. I must rest Harry, please return to your own mind and rest as well." Harry nodded solemnly and rose to the link when Voldemort spoke again, "Oh, and Harry? Congratulations on inheriting the Slytherian line."


Diagon Alley was truly the centre of magical business. Harry strolled along, admiring how so many people could be packed into a single street. His casual blue robes, so close to the robes of Head of House Potter, billowed around him in an unseen wind as he made his way up the winding path to Ollivander's. Entering, he smiled just as the old man seemed to appear from nowhere.

He didn't even go through the normal formalities, "11 inches, Holly and phoenix feather. Is your wand satisfactory, Lord Potter-Black? Harry smiled at him, "Indeed it is. I recently learned of my greater heritage, and I was hoping you'd be able to help me with one of them." Ollivander motioned him to a chair, "I will do my best, milord." Harry sat and smiled, "Please, Harry. Could you tell me about Crafting?" Ollivander frowned, but acceded to the request anyway.


"Mage sight often couples with Crafting in some way, though many crafters do not need mage sight. Instead, people like me can sense the power of magical beings and items. Mage sight simplifies it greatly by allowing identification of specific magical properties." Ollivander was finishing his lecture, at the same time helping a girl with finding a wand for her. Harry hid in the shadows, pretending to be an apprentice while the girl and her mother thanked Ollivander and left after paying.

The man turned to Harry, "That's what crafting does. You could become a wand crafter, a staff crafter, or whatever really. The crafting gift is very powerful." Harry nodded and rose to leave, "Thank you Mr. Ollivander, you have been a great help to me." The creepy old man smiled at him, "Any time, Lord Gryffindor, any time."

Harry collected his trunk and grinned at Pierce before leaving with a small 'pop'.

......... >
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