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Life in Order

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Based on a challenge I by Tendrarinstat, the rating will go up later. This will be highly AU, especially with the advent of HBP, but Harry will not be doing a cross over. Dumbledore is evil, Voldem...

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Truth of the Matter

Chapter 4: Life in Order

05th October 2005

His mage sight kicked in fully the afternoon of his 16th Birthday, and he noticed spell indications on his relatives. He didn't know what they meant, but they were definitely being affected by spells. He also noticed his wand was surrounded by a golden glow, with a stripe of purple, and a stripe of green.

Voldemort chuckled when Harry told him about it, "Now you know how I react to spells so easily and appropriately eh? Now then, I've taken a look through you, and your magic actually has quite a bit sealed away. In fact, I'm quite sure you're using perhaps 30 of your full power now. So it's totally excusable that you didn't manage the full crutatious on Bella. Now, the colors on your relatives sound like the imperious, though there are a multitude of other mind controlling methods.

"More importantly though, is that you remove them. Spell reversal or removal often is an easy matter, mainly because most magicals have roughly the same power level. But with your or my power levels, even a simple stunner at full power can be difficult to reverse. The first thing we must do is release your seals. After that I will transfer my entire memory to you, and you can access all my knowledge." He paused and waved his hand, forming what looked like a broad lock, "This is what most seals look like. It's actually a common practice to seal very powerful children so they don't kill themselves or anyone else by accident.

"I suspect yours were made by Dumbledore, so they'll probably be much bigger, or much darker, but they should still look like locks. Probably the best thing about them, though, is that they cannot be forced into being by an outside blood bond. Meaning if there's a blood ward being used, only your blood counts. Now close your eyes and bring us to your magical core." They were soon floating over a sea of rainbow colors, with Harry opening his eyes to see several large black disks around the edge of the rainbow colors. Voldemort smiled at him, "that's it Harry. Now you just need to destroy the disks."

Harry didn't really know what he was supposed to do, so he did the first thing that came to mind. Drawing his wand, he concentrated and fired a powerful redactor curse at the furthest disk. It shattered, scattering energy everywhere, and Harry felt it surge through him. After the sensation subsided, Voldemort handed Harry his own wand, "Try casting two at a time Harry." Blinking in surprise, he accepted the 13 inch yew brother wand to his own, and pointed each at two of the remaining 6 disks before concentrating and firing more reductors.

He fell to his knees feeling drained. He didn't know what happened really, but he felt incredibly exhausted from firing the two spells. He was reenergized though, when the sensation of power burst through him, jumping him to his feet. Voldemort chuckled, "Very good Harry. It's not too hard for most wizards to dual cast spells, but to put that much power into a simple redactor curse is a great accomplishment. Next I want you to concentrate and fire four spells instead, so you can complete your own power." Harry blinked at him, "How do I do that?"

His reply was simple, "Magic is all about belief, imagination, trust, emotions. If you believe it can be done, you will be able to do it. If you can imagine it, you can make it so. It's all about will." Harry nodded and closed his eyes, focusing on firing two spells from each wand instead of just one each. He then imagined the redactor curses homing in on the seals and destroying them. He raised the wands above his head and screamed, "REDUCTO!" He blacked out.


It was so very bright. He squinted and opened his eyes, noticing glowing red eyes gazing right back at him. The face chuckled, "Almost like what happened to me when I removed my own, except that I used dark rituals. If I'd gone about it the way you did, I wouldn't have looked quite so serpentine. But still, it served my purpose. Now, if you'd be so kind as to bring us back to your mind?" Harry blinked away the rainbow colors swirling around his vision and did exactly that.

Voldemort touched his wand to his temple, extracted a very thick strand of silver, which he deposited into the floor of where they were. He then grinned at Harry, "being with you when you removed your seals granted me a bit more power. I will be round to you in a few hours, please be ready." Harry nodded and blacked out as Voldemort retreated back into his own mind.


"BOY! GET THE DOOR YOU FREAK!" Harry obediently went to see who was ringing the doorbell, grinning when he saw the serpentine face partially covered by a hood. Opening the door, he grinned at the visitor, "Voldemort! Good to see you without worrying about you trying to kill me." He smiled thinly, "same to you, Harry. Now let's try out some of those curses I've taught you. I hear you used the Japanese cutting curse to great effect, but there are more if you remember."

Harry grinned and had Voldemort sit in the living room, conjuring him a cup of tea before going to get his relatives from the kitchen, "Uncle Vernon, there's a Lord here to see you three." Said uncle shoved Harry out of the way, Dudley trampling him painfully on their way to the living room. Harry grimaced, but reveled in the scream the reached his ears, "Well if you'd just waited, I'd have told you he's Lord Voldemort." Said lord grinned, "Indeed, I am a Lord. Though really you should be addressing Harry as Lord rather than me, seeing as he is Lord Slytherian now.

"But I digress. I've been teaching Harry in his sleep for a while now, so I'm here to test how well his mind translates into action. Come Harry, display the old cutting curses." Harry grinned and raised his wand, "Kire! Koutetsu! Sectumsempra!" Vernon received several facial slashes, Petunia sustained a few deep gashes to the arms, but Dudley received medium to deep cuts all over. All three cried out in pain while Dudley literally cried.

Voldemort raised an eyebrow, "Indeed Harry, you've grown very strong. I'd advise a more powerful wand at least, possibly a dual or triple core wand or a staff. My own normal wand is triple cored while my first wand is now modified to a dual core wand with Basilisk venom. Now show me your flame curses." Harry frowned, thinking of wands and crafting, but raised his wand again, this time actively holding back much of his power, he whispered, "Koukuu Enkou. Infernus. Inflamare. Incendio." The first spell caused a whirlwind of flames around the Dursleys, the second caused the surroundings of the three to heat up, the third and fourth shot flames at the targets.

"Now then, let us see about removing these spells placed on your dear relatives." Voldemort took out his other wand and waved them around, canceling spells of all sorts, "Hmmm. It is a most redundant combination these. It appears they have been under the imperius, with a touch that is familiar but I'm too weak to define clearly, other than it was powerful. The redundancy is that through legimency I can tell they'd treat you this way, or close at least, even without the imperius." Voldemort frowned as healed the three and they got up, "Well then, one last spell, Harry, then I will start you off on Legimency before leaving altogether. The ancient slashing curse."

Harry hadn't actually fully mastered this one, but Voldemort had said he just needed more power to make it work. Still, he wasn't fully confident, but tried anyway, "Statim Conseco!" a brown stream of light flew from his wand, impacting his dear cousin's leg large mid-riff. Blood and entrails showed, but Voldemort quickly fixed it with a killing curse, "Now, either I take care of them, or you take care of them. If I do it we may not be able to complete the training, so I suggest you take care of it. You may want to access the memories I transferred to you last night though, something may actually catch your eye."

Harry closed his eyes and found the bloc of memories, sifting through for anything that caught his eye. He found a spell, Memoria Recolo Extraho, which was the predecessor of the Legimens curse. It worked by forcing the person to recall the memory or memories, and extracted them to from victim to user. He immediately knew what he was meant to do, and raised his wand. Voldemort stopped his short, "Remember, keep your mind blank. She may die from it, but I'd prefer you didn't as well. Harry nodded, "Memoria Recolo Extraho Lily." He kept his mind blank, focusing on the spell and the target, but still felt the recollections and impressions flooding his mind. He almost blacked out, but fortunately was used to the sensation of foreign memories merging with his own mind. He hardly noticed when Petunia collapsed.

Voldemort bowed his head, "I'd have preferred you knew your mother personally, but as you know, I didn't have a choice." Harry nodded solemnly, "I know. It is hard, and I won't forget, but I forgive you, because I know you're trying to make it up now, even at the end." Vernon finally woke from his stupor and thundered towards Harry, "OUT! OUT! NOW!" Harry growled, "die you bastard, Evito Pondus!" The predecessor of the more modern Avada Kedavra, the Evito was more powerful, and not only destroyed the person's life force, but also the person's body. If fired at an object, it could obliterate a mountain. Vernon Dursely had no chance.


He stood in the centre of a red circle with pentagons drawn at places, equally apart from each other. Lines connected the pentagons, meeting at a treble clef, where Harry stood. Voldemort stood in another circle, this one plainer, with a base clef and just a few heptagons. The dying dark lord raised his wand and began chanting in druid language, and Harry closed his eyes as more memories began bombarding him.


"Ah good, I was afraid you'd wake too late." Harry opened his eyes slowly, shaking his head gently to stave off the headache, "What happened?" Voldemort grinned at him, "we completed the memory transfer, so you now have all my knowledge. Unfortunately, the more powerful the ritual, the more variables come into play. In this case it was a matter of power. You gained roughly 40 of my total power capacity, so I'm now down to 10 while I'd estimate you at 130 what you should be."

They shared a moment of silence, during which Voldemort began fading, "I'll be gone within an hour Harry, I want you to have my wands. One is your brother wand, so you'll find yourself very much more powerful. The other is also powerful, though I daresay you'll soon find its sister wand." He grinned at him, "Live Harry, your parents gave their lives so you'd live, not die. Go pack your things then run, you may be powerful, but you haven't enough experience yet. Run to wherever, just run."


Hand on the doorknob, Harry turned and gazed at the almost faded form of Voldemort, "Thank you Voldemort, I owe you." Voldemort grinned at him, "Please Harry, Tom's fine between us. And thank you, for giving me a chance." Harry turned the doorknob and exited the house, apparating to the leaky cauldron.


He arrived with a soft 'pop', and spotted Tom the barkeeper quickly, "Tom, I need a room, probably for just a night." Tom grinned at him, "Of course, milord Potter-Black. Room Eleven alright with you?" Harry grinned back. Room eleven had pretty much become his room in all but name. He left 10 galleons with an order of butterbeer before he moved up the stairs quickly. Silently moving to the side at the top of the stairs, he pulled Voldemort's second wand and muttered a stunner as the softest of 'clunk's reached his ears.

He summoned Alastor Moody's invisibility cloak and grinned at the downed auror. A memory came abruptly to mind of learning to cast silently by just focusing on the spell. Frowning, he gave it a try, concentrating on 'Flagrate', he grinned like a maniac as he sketched the words "Constant Vigilance" right where the aged auror would see it when he awoke. He grinned all the way to his room, where he unpacked a suit that had belonged to his father before him. Throwing up all manner of safety and defensive wards, Harry entered his trunk for the first piece of major magic he'd try.


The orb was larger than he remembered, but that didn't bother him much. He set up a large stone pedestal in the Master Bedroom of his trunk, and began setting up wards around the room and the trunk as a whole, anchoring them to the focal orb which he set on the stone pedestal. It was exhausting, but finally after a few hours, he wove in a dual set of blood wards, and Hedwig hooted at him.

Harry set the first set of Blood Wards as a final defensive layer, such that if anyone actually breached the outer wards, they still couldn't touch the trunk if they weren't keyed to the blood wards. The second layer was around the pedestal and orb such that even if they could enter the first blood wards, they couldn't change the actual wards but for a blood lock for which he used both his own and Hedwig's blood. He grinned at his owl as she stretched her wings and sat on the focal orb. With a flash of light and a flick of the brother wands, Harry set the orbs into effect.

Harry blinked. He blinked again. He was totally shocked. None of Voldemort's memories said anything about the changes that could be wrought in the animal used. Hedwig had been large before, but now she was even larger! He gaped, Hedwig now had a golden glow around her, and looked to be asleep. He sighed, knowing there really wasn't anything he could do about it.

Exiting the trunk, Harry shrank it and pocketed it before leaving the room. A loud bark of laughter came to his ears, and he remembered the voice. Apparently Voldemort hadn't been joking when he said his wands were very powerful. Alastor Moody had just woken up and seen the words. Harry pressed Voldemort's first wand into Moody's back and growled menacingly, "Not a single move Alastor, or I'll blow you to bits." Moody froze, but Harry knew he was gently coaxing his wand into his hand and chuckled at it, "Alright, alright, at ease, turn around."

Moody laughed even louder and turned to face Harry, "Good one boy, how long have I been out?" Harry laughed with him, "A good few hours I'd say. I've been practicing my warding magic on my new trunk and it took a few hours I believe." Alastor roared with laughter, "Excellent! I'm glad we won't be having to worry much about you against Death Eaters. Now tell me boy, Albus says you're confined to Privet drive, so what are you doing here?" Harry gestured him down into the cauldron, "Lets talk about it down there. Dinner on me?"


"Thanks Tom, I'll come by for the bill in a while." Harry waited till he was away before he waved his own wand, warding their table for privacy maximum privacy. Alastor raised an eyebrow but didn't comment. Harry picked at his food, "Tell me Alastor, does the Order have even the slightest idea what they were guarding at Department of Mysteries?" Alastor narrowed his eyes and gave a negative. Harry chuckled, "Just like him to keep it from you lot. Now listen up and I'll tell you, then you can tell the rest of the Order. Frankly, it is hardly important how much Voldemort knows now." Moody was about to interrupt, but Harry charged on, "The one with the power to vanquish the dark lord approaches, born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies. And the dark lord will mark him as his equal, but he will have power the dark lord knows not, and either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives. The one with the power to vanquish the dark lord will be born as the seventh month dies."

Moody frowned, "So you're the only one who can defeat Voldemort?" Harry laughed a while before finally stopping long enough to explain, "Wrong. But if you want me to explain, I need a wizard's oath that you'll not reveal anything I'm about to tell you to anyone. I do not need Dumbledore to know about it." Alastor complied quickly, "Now spill." Harry grinned, "The prophecy says I have to defeat the dark lord. Most would assume this was Voldemort, but what it actually says is 'dark lord' not 'Voldemort'. Therefore it follows that I just have to defeat a dark lord to fulfill the prophecy. Now, I want you to think of how closely Albus wanted the prophecy guarded. Why was he so afraid? From there think of his actions and what they could actually mean, hiding a good part of his plans from everyone, keeping me from all outside contact last summer, not even looking at me all year. What could that mean?" He paused for that to sink in.

"Now comes the bludger. Voldemort is gone. Forever. He used a necromantic ritual to resurrect himself physically, but because he's not a full necromancer, it was unstable. He was reborn with a weakness to fire, which meant he was fatally injured when Dumbledore wrapped him up with a fire whip. I was contacted by Voldemort before school ended, and he became my short term mentor. Today he came to me physically, and transferred all his memories, knowledge, and a substantial portion of his power, to me, as well as helping me dissolve my magic seals. He died after that, because the magical strain was too much for him to bear. I now own 3 wands, 2 from Voldemort. There. Now I'm done explaining, you may ask questions. Mind you, your oath will still hold you from telling anyone about the questions and answers."

"Are you then a light or dark wizard?"

"Neither actually. Voldemort had a vast arsenal of light spells, and a veritable armory of dark spells. He apparently also delved into divine magic, which is far more powerful, just almost purely defensive. So I guess I could be a gray wizard."

"How powerful are you really?"

"That sounds like a DP question. Frankly, I was previously functioning on 30 on average, at most 40, with the exception of the time with the dementors which weakened the seals enough for me to employ probably 60 of my power. Now I'm looking at 140 what I was because of what Voldemort gave me. I doubt, though, that I'm anywhere near as powerful as Merlin."

"Who's the dark lord you have to defeat?"

"I believe Albus is the dark lord. Mind you, there could be others out there, but Tom assured me he'd taken care of the DE threat."

"Last one, where are you going?"

"Ah, first I'm off to find Merlin's heir, whom I've apparently met already. I'm hoping it's not Cho. Though I really have a good idea who. After that I'm going to work on my memories with Toms, then take NEWTs at the Ministry."

"I see. Then I wish you luck. I need to get back to headquarters." Harry shook his hand and stopped Alastor, "If you could, tell Albus I won't be returning for my sixth year. I have too much to do." Moody nodded and shuffled out. Harry grinned at Tom the barkeeper, and paid for the food, "I'm off to bed. If you could, have me woken at 8?" Tom nodded and Harry headed up to his room, absently locking the door.


"Honey, have you seen my car keys? I thought I left them on the dining table." Dan was many things, but forgetful wasn't one of them. Emily sighed, "No, they were there last night, and no, I haven't seen them." Their thoughts were stopped by a knocking at the door, "Hermione dear? Will you get that please?"

Dan and Emily went back to searching, but were stopped short at a shriek from the door, "HARRY!" they rushed to the door, only to find a smiling young man about Hermione's age standing there with Hermione gripping him in a bear hug. He grinned at them, "Good to see you too, 'mione. Mr. and Mrs. Granger, I am Harry Potter. I need to speak with you, now if possible." Dan frowned at him but Emily was warmer, "Of course, please come in. Hermione could you please get us some tea?" Harry chuckled, "Not to worry, I can get the tea quite easily." Flicking his wand, a tea set appeared on the dining table. Harry sat slowly, absently flicking his wand, producing various documents and books.

When everyone was seated, Harry rubbed his temples slightly before speaking, "I don't know which side of the family actually matters in this, but did any of your parents, grandparents, or any forefathers really, have some kind of talent for growing plants?" Dan shook his head, but Emily nodded in a blank, confused way. Harry sighed in relief, "Ok. The reason I'm actually here is that I went to Gringgotts recently for my inheritance, and found out I'm actually heir to the founders. Not all of them, mind you, but two of them. Their vaults are part of a pentagon formation that includes Merlin's vault. I know this is difficult to believe, but yes, Merlin did exist.

"Apparently what happened was that Merlin didn't have magical descendants because he was cursed. His magic became sealed for a long time in an alchemy accident. All curses and magic dissolve into ambient magic after a while, so the curse must have started wearing off in recent generations. One of the founders made a comment about Merlin's heir having an almost demonic craze about books, among other things. There are many things I'm here for besides that, though. First, this is an accounting history of all vaults that are now under my control." Hermione picked it up instantly while Emily shared a worried look with Dan. Harry shook his head and pushed a book towards the parents, "Every old family has a copy of this. It records all marriages and such of the ancient families. I think you should look for Merlin's line."

He sighed a while before picking up a copy of the letter he'd supposedly sent to Gringgots in regards to Sirius's will reading. Hermione dropped the parchment she was reading in shock, "How? You didn't have control of your family vault till your 16th birthday!" Harry smiled sadly, "read this and you'll see. Compare it to this, a note Dumbledore sent me not so long ago." She did just that and dropped them in shock, "No! You surely can't mean that?" Harry nodded grimly, "I mean exactly that. I've been getting tutoring in magic from a very powerful wizard, and he helped me develop my mage sight, a blood gift of one of the founding houses. My dear relatives were under the imperious, and I remember the magical touch that came with it. I'm quite sure of who it was, but I can't be absolutely sure yet." Emily gave a startled yelp then, "That's my mom!"

Harry grinned, "Yes, that's your mother. I believe the alchemy had an additional effect of giving girls a lot of the time, and keeping the magical power to them. It would have been quite the problem in those days. You'll probably find the Silex family somewhere near the start. I believe they thought the introduction of another magical family might counter the curse, which it didn't. Instead, it preserved the full magical potential, which Hermione really hasn't reached because she was sealed. But anyway, I'll leave the parchments here, so you may go over them at will. I need to take Hermione away for a while. Firstly because she needs to gain her inheritance, and secondly because I need her to be unsealed. My belief is that Dumbledore is much more than meets the eye, so Hermione has to be able to take care of herself. After that, her life is really hers to work out."

Dan looked murderous, but Emily beat him to it, "I see no problem, I'm actually rather excited that Hermione will soon be helping with the gardening." Hermione paled but Emily apparently didn't notice, "Well come along Dan, we need to be getting along now. Oh, you haven't seen any keys have you? Harry? Hermione?" Harry blinked, "Accio Car Keys." The flew into his hand from the kitchen, "There you go Mrs. Granger, see you 'round!"


"Griphook, my old friend! I have need of your services this day." Griphook nodded, "Of course, Lord-Baron Potter-Black. What can Gingotts do for you today?" Harry grinned, "I need to visit the older vaults. Hermione here has come of age. Griphook raised an eyebrow, "this is indeed interesting. Lord Gold will see you immediately." He led them to a small waiting room while he notified the head of Gringotts. He returned quickly, leading a fuming Draco Malfoy out, "Potty! Here with the Mudblood? No idea why even goblins would do business with stinking riff-raff like yourselves..." Any further comments were cut off as Harry flicked his wand, causing Draco's leg to crumple, deep gashes materializing.

"Harry! I hear you have need of the founding vaults again! What has happened?" Lord Gold grinned at Harry, while Harry stopped just inside the door and bowed, "While I was with the founding vaults, I found that Merlin's heir had just returned to magical fulfillment this generation. I have brought her here in the hopes that his vault will accept her." Gold roared, "HA! So that's why you took so long! No matter, come, I shall bring you there myself. Ms Granger, is you'd please step this way?"


Merlin's vault surprised her. She knew not to expect stone like the Gryffindor vault, or metal like the Slytherian vault, but she was still very surprised to find running water flowing through the vault, a pedestal of ice in the centre carrying an amulet necklace, not counting the piles of gold on the far end.


Demonically Natured

Blood Gifts:

Demonic summoning/learning



Rune of Merlin

Merlin was a most playful wizard at heart, and as such didn't want to have to worry about constant shielding from magical and physical attacks. As such, he devised a rune on an amulet that provided him both active and passive protection. When wearing the rune, the user will be protected from most magical attacks, as well as keeping physical attacks at a distance, as well as quickly healing whatever injuries make it through.

She blinked, picked up the amulet and slipped it on, feeling power racing through her, at the same time wondering what blood gifts were? Then she thought about it more carefully, wondering where the earth elementalism came from if that's what blood gifts did. Then she stopped, "Harry? What did it mean when is says 'Demonic Summoning'? Isn't that Necromancy?" Harry grinned at her, "I don't think so. I'd have thought Merlin would explain, but since he didn't, I think it is more that through your blood you have power over demons. Now c'mon, another one or two vaults."


Vault number 18, the Silex vault, was like the Potter and Black vaults. Hermione even had a quick chat with the man who'd married the Merlin line, and found out that not only was she now an Earth Elemental by blood, but a Water Elemental as well. Harry laughed, "Now you're surely as powerful, if not more than me!" Hermione grumbled at him while arranging a smaller vault for her personal use.


Not terribly far away, Molly Weasley watched as her daughter squealed in delight at a letter she'd received, but then darkened dramatically as she read the letter, going so far as to steam at the ears. Ginny thrust the letter at her mother while digging through the envelop for something else. Molly trembled with rage, flooing her husband for a family meeting that night. Ginny went off to practice her hexes and curses on the garden gnomes.

......... . .........

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