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True feelings...

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Chapter 8

The last chocolate dropped from the advent calendar smacking Laurance sharply on the nose as he jerked awake.
"What the!" he mumbled, stretched at sat up.
"Oh yes," he recalled.
"It was Christmas."
Normally, even fifteen year old boys got exited when they woke up on Christmas day. But not Laurance and James.
Because apart from the small presents that Daisy and Maddie got them, and the awful luke warm Christmas lunch...It was just like any other dreary, miserable day.
Laurance hated Christmas days here...He remembered the times long ago in happier days when he lived with his adopted Aunt. On Christmas day he would wake up early and run into his Aunt's room with his stocking full of presents, He'd sit next to her on the bed and open them one by one, tiny boxes of chocolate coins wrapped in crinkled paper, and mini sets of rainbow coloured feltips. Then they would have a leisurely Christmas breakfast before walking to church, wrapped up all snug and warm to sing Christmas carols in the soft snow.
"But those days were long gone." He reminded himself sharply. Ridding his mind of the memories.
He climbed out of bed like a sloth, then suddenly pounced onto James bed.
"Wakey wakey sleepy head," he shouted, ripping back the covers.
"Merry Christmas!"
James sat up, rubbed his eyes sleepily and laughed at the sight of Laurance sat on top of him. He pushed him off the bed which started a pillow fight, James in his black boxer shorts and Laurance sporting his beautiful frog nightdress.
James flipped and cart wheeled from bed to bed as Laurance took aim at him. Finally he managed to jump onto James back whilst James was in mid flight which sent both of them crashing to a laughing heap on the floor.
Laurance laughed, cuddled up to James, but then Daisy ran in.
"Merry Christmas everyone," she said giving the two of them a hug.
"And an extra merry Christmas to you my darling boyfriend," she added giving James a big kiss. Laurance felt that awful feeling rising up inside him again. It had been gnawing out his insides for a while now.
"Hey Daisy wait for me," cried Maddie running in, dressed in Christmas colours. A short green dress with red and black striped tights and brown cowboy boots, a string of Christmas beads wound round her neck.
"Merry Christmas Laurance. Merry Christmas James," she laughed.
"Here are your presents from Daisy and me," she produced two neatly wrapped parcels.
James got the new single by his favourite band My chemical romance. Though he would have to listen to it through his headphones so as not to get caught by Mr or Mrs Splinter. Laurance got a pair of long, hand knitted pink and green socks.
"Wow I love them," he said trying them on.
Laurance and James gave Daisy a miniature stuffed flea key ring, and Maddie received a shiny, sky blue fountain pen.
"Awww thanks guys," said Daisy and Maddie giving both the boys a hug, Daisy's dangly Christmas tree earring's sparkled every time she moved her head. The rest of the morning was spent lazing around and chatting in the boy's bedroom.
Lunch consisted of mangled bits of turkey swamped in lumpy gravy, stringy string beans and sliced slithers of potatoes that smelt of rubber bands. But at least they were actually full up for once, and after Laurance and James had finished, they decided to go for an afternoon nap. Laurance fell asleep, but James just snoozed for a bit, thinking about Daisy. He liked her, but only in a friend kind of way. Unfortunately, Daisy seemed to want more then that from him.
He stared over at the sleeping Laurance...
"Shame he's not gay," James thought to himself.

He and James were walking through a red hot sandy desert. The sun beat down on them as they grew thirsty, oh so very thirsty.
Sweat poured down their faces as Daisy galloped up to them on a camel. She kissed James and told him she loved him.
But then Daisy galloped away into the distance as James suddenly fell over. The weird clay like sand started sucking him in.
James was sinking, deeper and deeper and faster and faster.
He ran up and tried to pull James out, screaming. But his arms had turned to jelly, and that was it...It was too late. Evil sun coloured cobra snakes slithered up and started hissing at him, dancing around him in usion as if mocking him evilly.
But now James had been swallowed by the sand. He would never get to tell him how much he loved him.
It was too late...He was dead. Dead as a doorknob.
Laurance screamed and woke up.
"What's the matter?" Questioned James, looking up from the horror comic he was reading. Laurance panted,
"Nightmare," he answered, recalling the dream. James came and sat on the end of his bed.
"Awww poor you. A nightmare on Christmas day, unlucky," he said.
"At least you're finally awake now. It's 4pm you marmot," he joked.
Laurance stared at James face opposite him, perfectly shaped and deathly white. His blue eyes, pale lips and fleeting presence.
"God he had tried," thought Laurance,
"He had tried to like girls...But if this feeling he felt for James was love then he'd just have to live with it.
But Laurance couldn't let the dream come true, he couldn't let James go...He wouldn't.
"James," he murmured.
James looked up sensing Laurance wanting to say something. His face looked at James longingly not daring to say anything else, not daring to ruin the silence.
Laurance lent forward and softly kissed James on the lips. Time seemed to stand still. Then James pulled away, his face a picture of mixed feelings. He felt happy, but shocked, Laurance bowed his head.
"I'm sorry James," he whispered.
"But I can't help my inner feelings." James took hold of Laurence's hand.
"Don't worry Laurance. But are you certain you feel this way for me?" Laurance bit his lip to stop the tears.
"Yes James...But I know you are happy with Daisy. A girl," he replied.
"No," said James.
"No...I love you too Laurance."
Laurance smiled and his face glowed as James sweetly kissed again, before saying.
"We need to get out of here Laurance. I can't stand it here one more day."
Laurance nodded his head.
"Well let's hope that plan of Summers, Melissa's, and Jess' is a good one then!"
They grinned at each other; feeling like the weight of the world had been lifted of their backs.
It must have been the best Christmas present that they could have wished for.
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