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Saying goodbye to your old life.

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They say goodbye, before theya are off! Off and Away!..I am crap tat Summarys:(

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Chapter 9

"If you think I'm going in there, you must be joking!" Cried Laurance as Jess, Melissa and Summer all stood inside, impatient.
"God come on Laurance, we haven't got all day," shouted Jess. Today she looked as dead as usual, as pale as a vampire, her witch like hair hung heavily down her back.
Two minutes, and a kiss, later, James managed to persuade Laurance into the empty girls toilets on the forth floor. It was an icy, miserable Monday morning back after the holidays. They all wanted to run away as soon as possible. So they had chosen the stone cold girls toilets as the place to make their final plan. After everyone had resumed their not fun packed holidays, Summer announced in a practical tone.
"Right, we've planned to go this Friday night, if that's okay with you two?" Laurance looked at James who sent a reassuring smile back to the worried Laurance.
"Yep okay then, this Friday it is," replied James.
"Also," he added,
"Laurance and me, we are..."He took hold of Laurence's hand and smiled. He took a deep breath,
"You know..." The three girls exchanged glances and nodded their heads in understanding. They always though Laurance and James were gay.
"Sure we understand," smiled Melissa.
"Good for you two sweet little door knobs."
"Thanks," replied James. Summer walked over to the whitish sink and turned on the chipped tap. After a gurgle, water splashed out. She turned it back off and walked back over to the small broken window in the corner. Her boots black as tar almost echoed on the stone floor.
"Friday evening, after we escape where shall we meet you?" She asked. James paused, staring at his reflection in the square mirror, before replying.
"We have to get out the building, past the little blue people, out the electric fence, over the field aka mud bath and across the moat which, I think is about half an hour jog from the Semingzoide boarding house if you go out the back door and through the forest. Melissa looked worried,
"Are you sure we can do this?" She asked staring out at the green fields and trees full of freedom outside.
"No," replied James.
"But we are going to have to try...Or die trying. So, good luck everyone."
For the last week in the Splinter Orphanage, James and Laurance tried to act as normal as possible, and spend as much time as they could with Daisy and Maddie. They were going to miss them. Laurance wanted to tell them what was going on but James strictly forbade it.
Friday evening was the worst, they were all sat together in the common room and with the fire burning in the marble grate for once, it almost felt like home.
Daisy looked at her two friends sunken faces,
"Are you two okay?" She questioned, her hair sticking up wildly tonight, as red and orange as the fire itself, James looked up.
"Yer we're fine, tired that's all, just tired. Going to get an early night tonight," he mumbled. Laurance continued gazing into the glowing depths of the flames, he couldn't stand this, and he hated lying to his friends. Maddie looked at Laurance; there was something in his eyes that made her feel uneasy. She could sense something was up.
Daisy and James were still good friends even if they had split, and as James got up to leave she felt a horrible feeling in her heart that told her she may never see James again.
"James!" she called. James shifted his gaze away from the fire, into her eyes.
"Goodbye James," she said and lent forward to hug him. Maddie did the same with Laurance. Somehow, they never knew how, they knew. And as a tear rolled down Laurence's cheek as he looked back, just once, before making his way up the dark winding staircase to his bed.
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