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Chapter 010: Camisado

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Okay. I've been threatned saying that if I didn't put up a new chapter I might be killed. Thank god nobody knows where I live. My parents are out and I'm free. READ IF YOU LIKE THE STORY!

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As soon as Pete heard those words, he dragged Patrick and Joe to the hospital.

He rushed into the room and found Andy sitting in the waiting room.

"Where is she?" He asked.

Andy looked at Pete. "She's... she's in there." He pointed to the door doctors were exiting and entering from.

He barged into the door and found Lori laying on the bed asleep. She looked so misrible. There was something wrapped around her stomach, which he guessed was monitoring the baby. He walked closer to her and grabbed her hand.

"God, Lori. Please, you have to stick through this. I don't even know what's wrong with you. You can't keep these things from me. You can't leave" He stroked her hair. "We're starting a life together. You're 27-way to young."

She breathed heavily. "Pete?"

Being surprised that she woke up, he got closer to her. "You're awake?"

"Now I am."

"I'm sorry."

"It wasn't you." She opened her eyes. "Lot of commotion going on in here."

He nodded. "You know how much you scared me?"

She smiled very weakly. "You always say that when I wind up in the hospital."

"Yeah, but this is different. We're starting a life together." He shrugged. "We already got started on the family. If their's anything left that is..."

"No, there's still something. It's restless." She observed her stomach. "Definitly something." Pete grinned. "See for your self." She said, pulling him even closer, until their lips met. His hand was placed on her stomach, the other on the bed. Lori was followng what her mind told her to do. When they finally seperated, she breathed. "See?"

Pete smiled and leaned in and kissed her again. "How come when ever something bad is going to happen-that's when we're closest?"

"Bad things should happen more often then." She struggled to sit up, when she did, she fell back on to the bad and gasped.

"Lori! Are you okay? What happened?"

She was breathing havily now. "It hurts... I need-" She couldn't finish her sentance and not to shortly after, she passed out.

Pete ran out of the room to find a doctor.

Patrick being alarmed by Pete, stopped him. "What happened?"

"Lori, she passed out again." He looked back towards the door and saw dctors running in it.

"What did she say?"

"She was in pain, then she passed out."

SORRY IT'S SO SHORT! But I'm rushing. My parents are going to be home soon. Hell, they don't even know I write. But thanks. Don't threaten me but I WILL have another chapter soon. THANKS! Byeas.

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