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Chapter 009:Special

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The big event

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It was official. She was believing it. She was gonna live for the next 60 years with a baby. Meanwhile in the real world...she was going to die in the next 4 days.

They didn't even care. Patrick, Joe and Andy that is. They probably did, but just forgot. Yeah, that's it. They forgot.

It was morning and Lori was cradled up in Pete's arms. Saying how much they loved each other.


"This is getting nauseating." Patrick said, stairing at the two lovers, making out on the couch.

"I think it's cute." Andy said. smiling.

Patrick stared at Andy for a few seconds. "Yeah. You're kind of nauseating."

Hearing this, Lori pushed Pete off of her and grinned. "I figured you guys would be used to this by now. After all, I've lived with you guys for 3 years now. And all we did was make out." She laughed. "I think you're just saying this because I'm pregnant now."

"No. I'm saying this because you're actually happy."

"It's those pregnancy hormones yo." Andy said. "She's not gonna stay happy."

Lori rolled her eyes. "Oh shut up."

"May be off topic or whatever but don't we have to go shopping, Pete?" Joe asked.

"Oh, yeah. Pat, Andy, can I trust leaving you guys alone with Lori, without killing her?" Pete asked.

"You have my word." Patrick said.

"I guess. We'll only torture her a lot." Andy grinned.

"Bad idea, because if you did...I might just murder you." Pete said.

Joe threw Pete his coat. "Come on."

"Be right there. See you in a few." Pete kissed Lori on top of her head and exited the house with Joe.

Andy clasped on the couch next to Lori. "So."

"So." Lori looked at the time on the cable box. "What day of the week is it?"


"Oh, shit." Lori got up and ran to her room.

"I wonder what her problem is..." Patrick asked.

"Probably just nauseous."


'I have four days. Four days to live it up. I need to snap into reality. I...I need to write that note.'

Lori went crazy looking for her notebook and her pen.

"God, if Pete found it...." She turned her head to the desk. "Plan B. A pencil and loose leaf will do."

Dear Pete,'re gonna hate me for this. I'll probably be dead when you read this...'

"What do I say to my boyfriend? Yeah, hey Pete. I love you and I'm gonna die in 4 days." She thought.

There was a knock at the door. "Lori, are you okay?"

Lori switched her attention to the loud knocking. "Yeah, I'll be a minute." It was Andy, the persistent one. "He's not gonna leave me alone."

This had to be one of the worst days of her life. She was gonna die in 4 days, her friends worried sick about her-but they knew. She was stressed to the max. Everything she had forced herself to forget about was coming back. A sharp pain hit her in the head, which slowly crawled down the rest of her body. She fell to the floor. Grabbing her stomach in pain, she whimpered "Help."


"Pat, she doesn't sound good! We have to get her out."

"That's just Lori." He said, staring at the TV.

"No! I heard a crash, that's never good."

Patrick jumped up from the couch and ran to Lori's room.

He turned the doorknob but it refused to turn all the way. "It's locked."

"Not for long." Patrick pulled out a tiny but pointy object and unlocked the door with it. When they barged in, they found Lori, unconscious on the floor.


When Pete and Joe arrived at home they found Patrick on the couch once again. Only this time nothing was on. He had a phone in his hand and he looked terrified.

"Pat, everything okay?" Pete asked.

"Umm, actually. No. Lori...she's at the hospital...Andy's with her."

"What happened?"

"Lori...she was unconscious on your bedroom floor."


OH SHIZ! Did I keep you waiting? Sorry if I did but-death sucks and it's kind of hard to write this at the moment. Yeah. My personal info you don't need to know. Chapter 10 up soon!

Elena(wuz hurr)

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