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Chapter 2: Explanations! at the Disco

by Life_is_42 4 Reviews

Panic and the girls discuss... it's fairly boring...but we'll get somewhere eventually

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  • It Was Just for the Experience

    (#) danceislife 2007-03-22 08:52:40 PM

    "intended as a flirtatiously devilishly handsome smile, but in reality looked something akin to a goofy donkey with glasses trying to swallow an apple whole."
    SOOO FUNNY!!!!

    Scream eh?

    Author's response

    Thank you, i've often thought that is what is going through brendon's mind when we see those silly faces.

    and as for the scream...ehg! a cliche cliffie, i know, but you will find out soon enough XD
  • It Was Just for the Experience

    (#) meeniemoe 2007-03-22 11:13:07 PM

    ooh ryan's gonna get it from grace xDD ahahahaha....god i love this story. put me in heaven with this fic and i'm good to go 8D hehe. i can totally see brendon eating peanut butter and then slipping some into everyone's foods, (just for the hell of it...) and i'd get an allergic reaction. xD
    or i shall kill.
    xD the you was on the second line cuz i forgot to add it with the kill. xD
    xoxo nat

    Author's response

    Hehehehehehehehe! runs and hides but you know if you KILL me then i won't be able to update. OOO catch it B! Hehehe peanut butter...oh the possibilities!
  • It Was Just for the Experience

    (#) KatieLove 2007-03-24 10:51:28 AM

    Oh my god.
    I love it. It's really addicting.

    Author's response

    Wow thank you! i never thought of this as addictingXD lol but i'm so glad you're liking this! chapter three is in progress!!!
  • It Was Just for the Experience

    (#) XxIceCreamHeadachexX 2008-06-29 11:33:50 AM

    "Dude, it's in the morning. You don't eat at one in the morning. Stupid." Ryan snapped.

    I don't know why I thought this was so funny, but I did. I could picture Ryan saying that to Brendon.

    Although, there were other parts in this that were humerous as well.

    Such as:

    "intended as a flirtatiously devilishly handsome smile, but in reality looked something akin to a goofy donkey with glasses trying to swallow an apple whole."


    Once again, your characters personalities are FANTASTIC.

    Brendon, who is goofy/wacky and a little flirtatious.

    Ryan, who is opposed to the idea of having three other girls accompany them on their tour and a bit bitter about it. I'd love to find out why.

    Spencer, with his creepy (yet, funny) mumbles in his sleep.

    And finally, Jon. Who is just a fun guy. (I apologize for the lack of description on him. I don't know how describe him, but I CAN tell you that I ADORE his character.)

    GREAT second chapter.

    Off to read more!

    Author's response

    aw THANK YOU FOR ALL THESE AMAZING REVIEWS! honestly you're one of the best reviewers EVER and i love you!

    and while i LOVE all our Panic boys so very much....alas Jwalk has stolen my heart (which is probably why i write him so much XD). i adore him too!!!

    thank you so much for reading! especially as this is a rather old Fic of mine, which is slightly quirky/noobish at points because of all the inside jokes i write into it, and the general good-natured cliche ness of it. =)

    I admit, its a bit of a guiltly pleasure to write cliche fluffy stories xD

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