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Chapter 44: Framed

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Harry Potter/Ninja Turtles 2003 crossover. Read the first three books first. Harry's fourth year at Hogwarts is marked by the return of the Triwizard Tournament. More complete summary in profile.

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Chapter Forty Four: Framed

Leo laid face first on the ground, not moving one muscle. The crowd was in a hush as they had wondered what had happened to this warrior. Usagi looked down at his opponent, a bewildered expression plastered upon the face of the samurai rabbit. Leo’s breathing was shallow and at first glance, it appeared that he had been injured by a strange and mysterious force.

Usagi looked down, examining Leo further as the Gyoiji appeared out of thin air.

“Warrior what exactly has happened?” asked the mystical referee of the Battle Nexus Tournament, surveying Leo.

“I’m not sure, he’s breathing is extremely shallow and he isn’t moving,” said Usagi.

“This competitor will need to see a healer at once,” said the Gyoiji. “The match will be nullified, pending a through investigation of this matter.”

“Very well but I must insist that you allow me to escort him to the healer’s pavilion, just in case someone attempts to attack Leonardo and finish off the job,” said Usagi, helping the Turtle to his feet.

Don jumped down into the arena, drawing his Bo staff, pointing it towards the rabbit. In Don’s opinion, this samurai was a suspect in whatever happened to Leo and he didn’t quite trust Leo to be left alone with the rabbit.

“And I insist you keep my paws off my brother,” said Don angrily, preparing to fight with his Bo staff but Master Splinter climbed down with a frantic look upon his face.

“What has happened to Leonardo!” exclaimed Splinter, a frantic expression upon the rat’s face.

“I’m not quite sure but I think he needs to see a healer to find out exactly what has happened,” said Don.

“Go to the healer’s pavilion with Leonardo, Donatello,” ordered Master Splinter. “I must go find the Daimyo and speak with him about this matter.”

“Right, Master Splinter,” said Don, nodding his head before walking over towards Leo, Usagi, and the Gyoiji.

“Come, the healer awaits,” said the Gyoiji, waving his paddle, causing Leo, Don, and Usagi to be transported to the Healer’s Pavilion.

In the tower high above, the Ultimate Ninja had a sadistic grin on his face. Phase one of the plan went well as the first obstacle was out of the way and phase two would be completed shortly. If the source of the poison wasn’t found rather quickly, Leonardo would die a slow and quite painful death. The Ultimate Ninja felt it was a rather fitting end to someone who had humiliated him in battle.

“He will be an example of things to come in the future,” said the Ultimate Ninja in a sadistic voice to his hooded associate. “I will be the supreme power in the universe. All shall fear me as Master of the Multiverse.”

The Ultimate Ninja laughed evilly for a brief moment before walking off. He had business to take care of. His hooded associate just growled in irritation.

In the Healer’s Pavilion, Leonardo was laying on a cot, not moving much as the Master Healer walked over towards Leo, before putting his hands on the Turtle’s head and muttering underneath his breath. A shield of blue light engulfed the Turtle. Don looked rather confused exactly what the healer was doing to his brother.

“Okay, what’s with the Vulcan Mind Meld?” asked Don absentmindedly.

“Vulcan Mind Meld?” asked Usagi, whose voice caused Don to jump. Don had forgotten that the samurai rabbit was there for a brief second.

“What is the healer, doing to Leo?” asked Don, as the healer continued to chant underneath his breath.

“Oh that,” said Usagi in understanding. “The healer is merging with your brother’s spirit, attempting to find the source of what caused him to black out during the Tournament.”

The healer continued to work over Leo with his magic before getting blasted back by an unseen force. The healer pulled himself off the ground, looking a bit confused.

“He’s been poisoned, although the source of the toxic eludes me,” said the healer.

“Leonardo poisoned!” exclaimed the befuddled voice of the Ultimate Ninja, who had just walked into the room at this moment. “What sort of vile fiend would so such a horrible thing!”

The Ultimate Ninja paced around with a look of indignation on his face before turning to Don.

“Rest assure, I’ll get to the bottom of this matter personally at once,” said the Ultimate Ninja in a steady voice before walking off.

Don looked at the retreating Ultimate Ninja, but his mind was firmly on the plight of Leo who looked to inch closer to death each second. He looked on anxiously as the healer continued to attempt to find the source of the toxin that was weakening his brother. Don feared that Leo didn’t have too much time left.

In his throne room, the Daimyo sat with an impatient look on his face, his son’s note clutched firmly in his hand. The ruler of the Battle Nexus looked around but he could see no sign that his son was arriving as of right now.

“Where is my son, he said this was an important and urgent matter,” said the Daimyo to himself, drumming his fingers on the arm of his chair impatiently.

A chilly breeze materialized in the Battle Nexus and two shadowed figures crept around. The Daimyo reached for his war staff but a chain whipped out from the shadows. The chain wrapped around the Daimyo’s war staff, pulling it out of his reach. The Daimyo rose to his feet and a group of five Dark Assassins appeared from the shadows. One of the Dark Assassins charged the Daimyo but the Daimyo managed to kick the Dark Assassin back. A second Dark Assassin was tossed over onto his back by the Daimyo.

The third attempt by the Dark Assassins to attack the Daimyo turned out in their favor as one Dark Assassin somersaulted through the air, striking the Daimyo in the chest. He staggered back before the Dark Assassin pulled a blade out, raising it up into the air. The blade sliced through the Daimyo’s chest, causing a huge cut to be opened. The Daimyo fell to the ground, blood oozing from underneath his robes.

Outside of the Daimyo’s throne room, Master Splinter walked towards it to speak with the Daimyo. Splinter looked at the guards who had apparently been assaulted and taken out of their posts of guarding the Daimyo. The fact that the doors were wide open bothered Master Splinter even further.

Splinter rushed into the throne room, something definitely was up. As the rat stepped inside the throne room, he saw the bloodied Daimyo lying on the floor. Splinter gasped in horror before seeing the five Dark Assassins that had broke into the Daimyo’s throne room.

One of the Dark Assassins tossed a dagger towards Splinter but Splinter used his walking stick to block before leaping up, kicking two of the Dark Assassins back. The Dark Assassins backed off before sinking into the shadows, vanishing from the scene of the climb.

“Splinter,” said the Daimyo weakly.

“Do not try to speak old friend,” cautioned Splinter, rushing over to kneel down by the Daimyo’s side. “I will try and seek help.”

“Step away from the Daimyo, now!” said a harsh, curt voice. Splinter turned, to see six fresh guards, pointing spears towards his head and chest. “Hands in the air where we can see them, rodent!”

“No, you misunderstand,” said Master Splinter but sticking his hands up in the air all the same as the guards looked ready to attack Splinter at the slightest wrong movement.

Less than a minute later, as the guards had put Splinter’s hands in shackles, the Ultimate Ninja rushed into the throne room, looking rather frantic.

“Father!” exclaimed the Ultimate Ninja before turning to Splinter with a disgusted look on his face. “My father called you friend, vermin and you betray him thus.”

“No, I did not attack the Daimyo, you must believe…” said Splinter but the rat trailed off as his pleas were falling on deaf ears.

“Splinter,” muttered the Daimyo weakly.

“See how my father says the assassin’s name,” said the Ultimate Ninja coldly. “Take this scum to the dungeons and hold him there.”

“At once, your lord,” said one of the guards before poking his spear towards Splinter, threatening. “All right, move it rat.”

“And escort my father to the Healer’s pavilion,” said the Ultimate Ninja to the two guards that remained.

In the arena, the seven finalists of the Battle Nexus Tournament gathered around, awaiting the Gyoiji’s orders.

The Gyoiji appeared in mid air.

“Allow me to present you warriors that will be competing in the third round of the Battle Nexus Tournament,” said the Gyoiji. “Dieskrad from Dimension Dicesroth. Ia from Dimension Sentikold. Raphael of Dimension Third Earth. Gennosuke of Dimension Second Earth. Kluh of Dimension Levron. Michelangelo of Dimension Third Earth and Harry Potter of Dimension Third Earth.”

The crowd applauded at the announcement of the seven remaining competitors of the Battle Nexus Tournament.

“The next round of the contest will begin in exactly one mega-kargron,” said the Gyoiji, before waving his paddle and disappearing into mid air.

“So, exactly how long is a mega-kargron?” asked Raph, turning to Harry and Mikey.

“Long enough to see me dominate the finals bro, high three!” yelled Mikey.

“Man, Leo and Don must be a bit upset that they didn’t make it too far into the tournament,” said Harry, didn’t know about the attack on Leo and the imprisonment of Master Splinter in the dungeons. “Not that I would rub it in their faces if I should win the tournament or something.”

“I would,” said Raph.

“Me too,” said Mikey in an excited voice.

“Well, I’d say we’d go find them so we can touch base before the next round,” said Harry. Raph and Mikey nodded in agreement as they followed their brother in search of Don, Leo, and Master Splinter.

The healer was still tending to Leo when the guards walked in, carrying the severely wounded Daimyo into the Healer’s Pavilion.

“Master Healer, your talents are needed at once,” said one of the guards who were carrying the Daimyo in.

The Master Healer raised his eyebrows before rushing over to assist the Daimyo, nearly tripping over Leo in the process in his haste.

“Wait, what about Leo?” asked Don in a weak voice but no one seemed to acknowledge Don’s cries for assistant and could care less whether Leo lived or died.

Don looked over Leo but he was at a loss what to do as medicine was not Don’s forte.

“What I am I supposed to do? I’m an engineer, not a doctor,” said Don in a tired, defeated tone of voice. Usagi reached his hand forward but Don angrily grabbed the rabbit’s wrist. “Don’t you dare touch him!”

“Please, I’m only trying to help Leonardo,” said Usagi in a patient voice. “I have a theory about how he got poisoned but I need to look into something.”

“All right, but I’ll be watching,” said Don in a curt tone of voice.

Usagi turned Leo over to his side. Then the samurai rabbit pulled out a mirror and lantern before turning to Don, holding out the lantern.

“If you will hold the lantern, like so,” said Usagi. Don took the lantern and Usagi moved the mirror around, causing Technicolor beams of light to splash onto Leo’s neck, before stopping on a small hole in the back of Leo’s neck that was nearly invisible. “Just as I suspected.”

“What is it?” asked Don curiously.

“It is a dissolving poison dart. It is nearly impossible to detect even by a trained healer,” explained Usagi before reaching into his robe and pulling out a drawstring bag containing dry herbs. Usagi dumped the herbs into his hand. “I happen to have some medicine on me that will help with the healing. With your consent naturally.”

Don nodded, giving Usagi his permission to put the dried herbs on the back of Leo’s neck where he had been poisoned. Usagi turned to Don.

“Now all we can do is wait,” said Usagi. “The rest of the healing will happen in time.”

On the streets of the Nexus, Raph, Mikey, and Harry walked through, attempting to find a sign of Leo, Don, and Master Splinter. Mikey was being his usual obnoxious self as he marched down the streets, much to the annoyance of both Harry and Raph.

“Make way, Battle Nexus Tournament finalist competitors moving on through!” yelled Mikey in a booming voice. “The eventual winner Michelangelo is in the house, preparing to score his complete and total victory in the tournament. Coming through, ready for action and ready for some serious kick butt…”

Raph grabbed Mikey by the back of his headband, pulling the turtle’s head back.

“Stifle it already, we need to find Leo, Don, and Splinter,” said Raph. “Although it would help if you actually focus and not act like a total buffoon.”

“Pssts, Turtles and human,” said a shady sounding voice from an alleyway. Raph, Mikey, and Harry turned around to see Gen, the rhino bounty hunter standing in the alleyway.

“Yes,” said Harry in a polite voice.

“I was wondering if I could interest you in placing a wager on the Battle Nexus Tournament,” said Gen. “The odds are saying I’m the favorite to sweep the competition.”

“Forget it rhino, go stick your horn in someone else’s business,” said Raph.

“Fine, your loss reptile,” said Gen.

“Wait!” exclaimed Mikey. “What’s the odds on me winning the Battle Nexus Tournament?”

“The longshot? snorted Gen. “Two hundred to one.”

“Longshot, eh,” said Harry under his breath, thoughtfully.

“What was that Harry?” asked Raph.

“Oh nothing,” said Harry, who was stepping off quickly. “I need to, go use the restroom. I should be back in a minute.”

With that Harry ran off down the alleyway. He wouldn’t have to resort to such desperate measures had the Ministry of Magic played ball and gave him his Triwizard winnings that he had earned.

“Longshot, I’m insulted,” said Mikey in an incredulous voice. “I should have asked you to lend me some money.”

“I wouldn’t of Mikey, you make enough stupid decisions without taking up wagers that you can’t win,” said Raph.

“But two hundred to one, I could really clean up if I won that,” whined Mikey.

“Lose your shell more like it,” said Raph, narrowing his eyes at Mikey while folding his arms.

“Oh you really think I can’t win this tournament, eh Raph. You think I’m a lightweight, a creampuff, a chump, a loser, hopeless, horrible, not a prayer in the world…” started Mikey before trailing off. “You know, you can stop me at any time.”

“I will when I disagree with you,” said Raph. “Now c’mon, when Harry gets back, we need to find Don, Leo, and Splinter.”

Mikey nodded before backing off, accidentally hitting a cart which tipped over. The brown goop that was on the cart tipped over at a tiny purple alien with a yellow mustache. The alien cursed at Mikey in a different language.

“Now that sounds like the universe language for, I’m going to kick your butt to me,” said Raph.

“Oh yeah,” said Mikey, getting into the face of the little alien. “Well, if you weren’t such a puny little shrimp, I’d show you how a real Battle Nexus competitor fights.”

The alien looked up at Mikey with a calculation grin before screwing up his eyes. The alien expanded ten times his size. Mikey looked up in horror as he was face to face with the monstrous Battle Nexus competitor known as Kluh. Mikey began to back off but Kluh grabbed Mikey by the arms before hoisting the turtle up so the two were face to face.

“Uh you know where I come from; puny little shrimp is a term of endearment. My brothers call me that all the time,” said Mikey in an attempt to get Kluh to put him down without bludgeoning him. Mikey turned to Raph in a desperate attempt to get his brother to help. “Isn’t that right Raph, you puny little shrimp?”

“If you’re looking for trouble, you’re asking the wrong person,” said Raph, who prepared to jump in if things got too ugly but was prepared to let Mikey sweat it out. Maybe being knocked around a bit would teach his brother a bit of modesty.

Now out of shackles, Master Splinter sat with his legs crossed in meditation in one of the dungeon cells. The Ultimate Ninja walked up to the cell, with his hooded associate behind him.

“You sit there so calm, despite the seriousness of your crimes,” said the Ultimate Ninja in a disgusted voice. “You disgust me, rat.”

“I could never harm the Daimyo, this was an elaborate set up by someone who wished to see me out of their path for some reason,” said Master Splinter in a calm, even voice.

“Very astute, Splinter-san,” said the Ultimate Ninja. “There is a very good reason for this person to want you out of their hair.”

“You seem to know a lot about this,” said Splinter.

“For it was I who attacked my father. If you hadn’t interfered, he would be dead as we speak and you wouldn’t be rotting in this dungeon cell,” said the Ultimate Ninja sadistically.

“What!” exclaimed Master Splinter. “It was you who attacked the Daimyo.”

“Yes and in a matter of moments, he will be finished, just like the poison from my dart will finish your son Leonardo,” said the Daimyo before pulling the war staff behind his back. “My ultimate triumph will be at hand because I will be the Daimyo shortly and all who go up against me shall perish.”

“You will never earn the title of the Daimyo!” exclaimed Splinter angrily. “You have no honor and thus have no right to be called Daimyo!”

“Honor?” growled the cloaked figure in a disgusted voice. “This has nothing to do with honor little ratling. This is about true and absolute power!”

Master Splinter strained to remember something as there seemed to be something extremely familiar about the voice of the Ultimate Ninja’s hooded associate. Fortunately for the rat sensei, he didn’t have to wait for long as the hooded figure tore his robes off, revealing the sinister form of the dragon known as Lord Drako.

“Drako!” exclaimed Splinter, before staring at the evil beast angrily.

“Yes, Splinter, I’m pleased to see that you remember me after these past few years,” said Drako. “So tell me, how’s the leg?”

Drako and the Ultimate Ninja laughed evilly as Splinter felt helpless. He needed to get out of here to warn others of this dastardly duo’s evil plans but for once, Splinter didn’t have all the answers and was at a completely loss of what to do.

On the streets of the Battle Nexus, Kluh shook Mikey like a rag doll before throwing the turtle down to the ground.

“So what did I miss?” asked Harry, who had just caught up with Mikey and Raph.

“Mikey sticking his foot in his mouth and making a completely fool out of himself,” said Raph, who had his hands on his Sais. “Then again, that is nothing new.”

Kluh pulled out his spear as Mikey screamed in terror. Thankfully for the fun loving turtle, the Gyoiji appeared out of thin air, cutting short Kluh’s fun in bludgeoning the turtle.

“Champions, if I may have your attention please, it is now time for the next stage of the Battle Nexus Tournament to begin,” ordered the Gyoiji, waving his paddle, causing Kluh, Mikey, Raph, and Harry to disappear into mid air along with the Gyoiji.

Harry looked around and he could see that the other three finalists that had advanced through the first two rounds. It struck Harry as odd that there were an uneven number of competitors but Harry didn’t have too much time to think on that as the Gyoiji cleared his throat, before waving his paddle conjuring a blue sphere like object. A third tier pyramid like structure also materialized behind the seven finalists.

“The next round’s matches will be determined by random lottery,” announced the Gyoiji. “Due to a non decisive bout in the second round, there will be an uneven number of competitors. Therefore, the odd warrior will receive a bye straight through to the semi finals of the Battle Nexus Tournament. Now reach your hands in and draw for the Battle Nexus Tournament.”

Ia and Dieskrad drew themselves as opponents in the third round. They bowed to each other before the Gyoiji waved his paddle, sending the two competitors off into their tournament. Mikey reached in closing his eyes, pulling out a marker with a yellow flag at the end. Harry followed that up by reaching in pulling out a marker with a green flag on the end. The other competitors drew and Harry turned to see that he was up against Kluh.

“Oh great, I have to face off against the big purple guy that Mikey ticked off,” said Harry sarcastically. “Should be a blast! Cowabunga dude and all that jazz!”

The Gyoiji waved his paddle, causing Kluh and Harry to be transported to their battle arena. Mikey breathed a sigh of relief that he didn’t have to fight Kluh before turning around and seeing that Raph had drawn the same color marker.

“Oh yeah, I’m looking forward to this,” said Raph in a pleased voice, pointing at Mikey. “We’re looking at a lifetime of get backs.”

“Wait, I wonder if it’s too late to switch with Harry,” said Mikey as Gen waved his marker gloatingly.

“Yes, a bye straight through the semifinals. You should have bet me while you had the chance fools,” said Gen.

The Gyoiji waved his paddle, transporting both Mikey and Raph into their Battle Nexus mini-arena.

“So, Raph, how about forfeiting like Master Splinter?” asked Mikey tentatively.

Raph answered by charging at Mikey but Mikey managed to barely duck out of the way at the last moment.

Elsewhere, Dieskrad and Ia were battling it out. Dieskrad block the shots from Ia’s trident with his claws before leaping up into the air and attempting a kick but Ia rolled underneath Dieskrad’s kick before stabbing her trident towards Dieskrad. Dieskrad vanished before he could get impaled. The defeated warrior looked rather upset and he beat his claws into the ground in frustration at being knocked out of the Battle Nexus Tournament.

Harry ducked the large fist of Kluh before kicking at the large warrior’s back but a second charge caused Kluh to swat Harry off like a fly. It became apparent to Harry that he was going to have to outrun Kluh before cheapshotting him often as he wouldn’t beat the larger warrior in a straight up battle. Kluh swung the handle of his spear towards Harry but Harry blocked it with the flat end of his double edged sword before sliding underneath Kluh as he attempted to smash Harry with his arms. Harry leapt at Kluh, smashing his knee in the back of Kluh but that only seemed to enrage the beast, who swung the handle of his spear, knocking Harry back. Harry ducked a charge from Kluh before leaping up and kicking Kluh right into the face. Weapon met weapon and Kluh tossed his spear but Harry rolled underneath, causing the spear to bounce off the wall before flipping back into Kluh’s hand. Harry avoided a charging attack before catching Kluh with a kick to the side.

Raph swung at Mikey but Mikey ducked, causing Raph to become frustrated. Mikey leapt up, lighting tapping Raph in the back with a kick, causing his brother to stumble forward.

“Here that crowd bro. That’s me there chanting for. Not you but me. Not you but me!” yelled Mikey before Raph sprang up, attempting to kick Mikey but Mikey ducked down, causing Raph to sail over his brother. “Okay, now you’re just getting sloppy.”

“Will you shut your trap?” asked Raph, charging at Mikey but Mikey leapt over Raph before kicking Raph in the back lightly.

“Why I’m I making you lose your focus? Messing up your concentration? Getting on your nerves maybe?” asked Mikey, avoiding a Sai jab on every sentence, while holding his arms behind his back. “Or maybe you are just a tiny bit afraid that I must just actually, beat you!”

“No!” yelled Raph, knocking Mikey back before charging at his brother, Sais at ready, but Mikey rushed towards the wall before flipping back over Raph. Raph couldn’t stop himself in time and he smashed headfirst into the wall. Raph clutched his head before slowly falling back and vanishing from the tournament, allowing Mikey to advance to the semifinals.

Raph looked horrified as he appeared outside the arena. He was defeated. By Mikey of all people!

“I can’t believe it, Mikey beat me!” cried Raph in a horrified voice. “What if? What If…he actually wins the tournament. No, no, this can’t be happening!”

Raph grabbed the competitor known as Dieskrad around the shoulders and began smashing his head into the wall.

“If Mikey wins, I won’t be able to live this down. I won’t be able to live with myself, I won’t…” stammered Raph but he felt a large hand on his shoulder.

“Defeat is a harsh mistress, Raphael,” said Traximus.

“Traximus?” asked Raph, managing to calm himself slightly from the embarrassment of defeat.

“Care to join me for a liquid supplement at the Battle Nexus pub?” asked Traximus.

Harry continued his battle with Kluh in the only battle of the tournament left outstanding. Kluh kicked Harry, causing Harry to fly back. Kluh raised his spear but Harry swung his feet, knocking Kluh to his back. Harry sprang up; weapon at ready, before leaping at Kluh but Kluh sprang up, blocking Harry’s attack. Another swing from Harry’s blade but Kluh batted it off. Kluh swung the handle of his spear, disarming Harry, before sticking the handle in the sleeve of Harry’s shirt, using great strength to hoist Harry on the ground. Harry swung at Kluh vainly but the Boy Who Lived had a feeling his final countdown to elimination from the Battle Nexus Tournament was coming shortly. Kluh propelled Harry up into the air before stabbing his spear at Harry but Harry and his weapon disappeared into thin air just a mere second before Harry would have been gutted by the assault from Kluh.

Harry panted on the ground of the area where eliminated competitors were teleported. He gave it his best effort but unfortunately Harry met his match and was eliminated from the Battle Nexus Tournament. Pulling himself to his feet, Harry set off to find out where Don, Leo, and Master Splinter were. Now that he was eliminated from the tournament, Harry could focus all of his efforts on where they disappeared to between the second and third rounds.

Raph and Traximus were sitting at opposite ends of the table, enjoying their drinks.

“This one’s on me, Raphael,” said Traximus, tipping his glass before taking a gulp from his drink. “I never had a chance to properly thank you or your brothers.”

“For what?” asked Raph curiously.

“For my freedom,” said Traximus. “Thanks to the chaos you all caused when taking the prime leader hostage, myself and my fellow gladiators managed to escape the Tri-Sports Arena and our imprisonment by the Triceraton republic.”

“That Triceraton gladiator world was a messed up place,” said Raph.

“I’m afraid things have only gotten worse since I had left. The war between the Federation and the Triceratons has escalated to insane proportions,” said Traximus. “All in the name of the corrupt Prime Leader’s pursuit of victory at all costs. Countless galleons of Triceraton blood has been spilled throughout the universe as a result of this senseless and often violent war.”

Raph nodded, taking a drink.

“I’ve come to the Battle Nexus looking for recruits in an attempt to build my army and put an end to Prime Leader Zanramon’s corrupt regime once and for all,” said Traximus in a definite voice. “Although the Battle Nexus has not been immune from corruption. Word has reached my ears on an attempt of the Daimyo’s life by some assassin rat…”

Raph spit his drink out on the table at the sound of the words, “assassin rat.”

“Did you say rat?” asked Raph, unable to believe what he had.

“That’s what I’ve heard,” said Traximus. “Goes by the name of Shard, or Sliver or…”

“Splinter?” asked Raph. “That’s my Sensei, and he is definitely no assassin.”

Raph sprang up to his feet, pacing around frantically.

“There’s no way Master Splinter could have done something like attacking the Daimyo, it’s got to be a frame up,” said Raph. “I’ve got to go bust him out…”

“Raphael that is a rash and fool hardy act,” said Traximus a faux stern voice before straightening up. “Count me in.”

In the nearly empty Healer’s Pavilion, an air of uneasy quiet existed. No one appeared to be in the Pavilion at first glance but Leo, the Daimyo, and the Master Healer, who was attempting to cure the Daimyo.

A pair of smoke bombs flew threw the air, causing smoke to gag the healer. A Dark Assassin crept out from beneath the shadows, before knocking out the Master Healer. A second Dark Assassin crept right behind Leo, bending down to pick up the turtle’s katanas which were lying next to him.

“What are you doing? Our orders were to assassinate the Daimyo,” inquired the first Dark Assassin.

“And we shall, but we will make it appear as if the turtle finished the work his sensei began,” said the Dark Assassin before raising the swords up into the air, preparing to slice the Daimyo into ribbons. At that moment, Don sprang out of nowhere, kicking the Dark Assassin back.

“Sorry, but murdering the Daimyo will not be on your agenda for today,” said Don as the Dark Assassin tossed Leo’s katanas towards Don but Don deflected them with his Bo staff.

The second Dark Assassin prepared to impale the Daimyo with his spear but Usagi leapt out of the shadows, blocking the Dark Assassin’s weapon with his sword.

“You will not harm him Assassin,” said Usagi before spinning, kicking the Dark Assassin back into the wall. The Dark Assassin that Don was battling pulled out a Kusari-Gama before swinging the chain towards Don but Don batted the chain back with his Bo staff. “Be careful, Donatello, these assassins are extremely crafty and very dangerous.”

The Dark Assassin wrapped his chain around Don’s Bo Staff and yanked the turtle forward, preparing to impale him with the sickle but thankfully Don, avoided the hit before springing up using his trapped Bo staff and tripping up the Dark Assassin with his own Kusari-Gama chain before Don managed to detangle his Bo staff from the chain.

“You can say that again, Usagi,” said Don as the Dark Assassin swung his sickle but Don barely managed to duck underneath before sweeping the Dark Assassin’s legs out from underneath him.

“Very well, they are extremely crafty,” said Usagi, blocking the Dark Assassin’s spear with his sword. “And extremely dangerous.”

Usagi kicked the Dark Assassin back but the Dark Assassin flew back to the attack, knocking Usagi’s sword out of his hands with a spear jab.

Don sprang himself up; kicking the Dark Assassin he was fighting in the back before cracking his Bo staff down across the leg of his opponent. The Dark Assassin dropped to a knee.

“Why did you attack the Daimyo?” demanded Don but the Dark Assassin swung his chain but Don knocked it back and kicked the Dark Assassin further back. “Who exactly are you working for?”

The Dark Assassin remained mute as Don spun around, kicking him back. Usagi managed to grab his sword, before tossing it through the Dark Assassin’s spear, pinning it up against the wall. Usagi sprang up, knocking the Dark Assassin into the wall and knocked him out.

“Usagi, we can’t question them if they are knocked out,” said Don incredulously.

“My apologies Donatello,” said Usagi before leaping up and knocking the coconscious Dark Assassin back. Don leapt on top of the Dark Assassin, pinning him down using his Bo staff. “Now assassin, tell us you work for!”

The Dark Assassin refused to respond looking up and feeling slightly pleased with the odds were about to change as a further fifteen Dark Assassins began to pour in through the roof.

“Usagi, do you get the feeling this guy knows something we don’t?” asked Don.

No sooner did these words leave Don’s mouth, the fifteen Dark Assassins leapt down, surrounding Don and Usagi, with their weapons drawn. There was no question in Don’s mind. If they didn’t receive additional help soon against these Dark Assassins, they would be in deep trouble and might not survive this encounter!
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