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Chapter 45: The Grand Finale

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Harry Potter/Ninja Turtles 2003 crossover. Read the first three books first. Harry's fourth year at Hogwarts is marked by the return of the Triwizard Tournament. More complete summary in profile.

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Chapter Forty Five: The Grand Finale

In the Healer’s Pavilion, the Dark Assassins rushed Don and Usagi, in an attempt to finish the two off once and for all. Don used his Bo staff to barely block a pair of swords before springing up and knocking the two Dark Assassins back a few steps. One of the Dark Assassins whipped his chain forward, striking Don in the back of the head. He leapt up with the sickle end of the Kusari-Gama but Don managed to barely hold him back with his Bo staff before kicking the Dark Assassin back.

Due of lack of a weapon, Usagi was battling a group of five Dark Assassins hand to hand. He punched one of the Dark Assassins before leaping up and kicking one back. Another Dark Assassin struck Usagi in the back with the wooden end of his spear before spinning around and kicking the samurai rabbit back into the wall. Don sprang up, clanging his Bo staff against the wooden handled of the Dark Assassin’s spear but a pair of Dark Assassins leapt up into the air, striking Don back. Don flew face first into the wall, connecting with a sickening crack! The turtle’s Bo staff flew out of reach.

“Donatello this is about to get bumpy but we need to remain in the battle and protect the Daimyo from these Assassins,” said Usagi, who managed to stun a Dark Assassin briefly with an uppercut punch.

“And if we can’t,” said Don, who barely managed to kick a Dark Assassin back who was attempt to slit his throat with a sword.

“Then we shall perish with honor,” said Usagi, twisting the Dark Assassin’s arm around before flipping him to the ground. The Dark Assassin attempted to kick Usagi but Usagi caught the leg before he pushed the Dark Assassin back.

“Let’s leave the whole perishing bit out, okay,” said Don before he was knocked back by a vicious punch to the stomach by one of the Dark Assassins. Don turned himself over, looking on in horror as Five Dark Assassins made their way to the Daimyo, swords raised, ready to finish the job they started earlier.

Thankfully, Usagi leapt up, managing to kick the five Dark Assassins away from the Daimyo but it only delayed the assault rather than knocking the Dark Assassins out, as it appeared to be only a matter of time before the Dark Assassins finished off the Daimyo.

On the streets, Harry looked around for any sign that might point him to the others and a conversation between two aliens caused Harry to hit pay dirt.

“It appears that the Daimyo was attacked by some assassin,” said one of the aliens. “This has been a rather eventful tournament, especially with the organizer being taken out.”

“Indeed, I’d hate to be those Turtle creatures or that boy with that lightning bolt scar when they find out their sensei has been implemented in the crime of attacking the Daimyo and locked in the dungeons,” said the second of the aliens. “Although that Leonardo turtle might not survive due to the fact that I heard the healers are focusing all of their attention on attempting to revive the Daimyo before he expires.”

“Indeed, he’s laying in the Healer’s Pavilion, a few inches from death,” said one of the aliens. “Not my concern but just passing on the word that I heard.”

Harry breathed, it appeared that Leo had been severely injured but the Daimyo was also clinging onto life.

The Boy Who Live straightened up at a sudden thought and quickly moved, attempting to locate the Healer’s Pavilion. If his theory was correct, the same person attacked both Leo and the Daimyo and they would be looking to finish them off in their weakened state. Harry hoped he wasn’t too late. Once Harry got through with taking care of the attacker, he would have to bust his Sensei out of the Dungeons.

In the Battle Nexus Arena, the Ultimate Ninja looked down at the competitors, with the Gyoiji hovering at his side.

“Competitors and spectators, I bring you a bit of unfortunate news,” said the Ultimate Ninja in a sad tone of voice. “My father, the beloved Daimyo of the Battle Nexus Tournament, will not be able to be here to see the end of the tournament.”

The people in the stands gasped in horror as the Ultimate Ninja bowed his head silently for a brief moment before lifting his head back.

“Unfortunately, he was attacked by a cowardly assassin, who has since been locked up in the dungeons to rot for all eternity. Still, despite the best efforts of our top healers, it is my unfortunate duty to inform you that my father is likely to expire shortly. Still, the Tournament shall continue, as that is what my father would have wanted,” said the Ultimate Ninja in a broken up tone of voice. “There are four competitors in the Tournament left. You four have proven yourself to be excellent warriors thus far and I salute your accomplishments in the tournament. As the next two rounds come forth, I would like to impart on you that the fact you made it this far through the tournament is a grand achievement and as the field further gets cut in half with the next round, I wish you luck.”

The people in the stands applauded as the Ultimate Ninja turned to address the Gyoiji.

“Gyoiji, I have pressing matters to attend to,” said the Ultimate Ninja. “I trust you will make the next stage of the Battle Nexus Tournament run smoothly.”

“Of course, young Master,” said the Gyoiji nodding his head eagerly.

“Good,” said the Ultimate Ninja, walking off.

The Gyoiji vanished into thin air before appearing right by the four competitors left in the Battle Nexus Tournament.

“Champions prepare yourselves for the Semi-Final round of the Battle Nexus,” said the Gyoiji before waving his mystical paddle, making a portal appear. “Step through the portal for your next contest. Fate shall randomly pair you with your next challenge in the Tournament.”

Gen stepped through the portal, followed by Kluh. Then Ia stepped through. Mikey looked at the portal tentatively, waving his hand in front of it.

“Well, here goes nothing,” said Mikey, before stepping through the portal.

The semi final pairings turned out to be Ia against Mikey and Kluh against Gen. The Gyoiji gave the signal and the next round of the Battle Nexus Tournament began.

The Ultimate Ninja watched the proceedings from his palace as Drako walked up behind the Ultimate Ninja.

“So,” said Drako in an agitated voice.

“Yes, Drako, what is it?” asked the Ultimate Ninja.

“The war staff, give it to me as per our agreement,” said Drako. “You do remember our deal. I help you become Daimyo and I get the mystical war staff.”

“Just a bit longer of a wait Drako, I’m awaiting the word that your minions have eliminated the Daimyo,” said the Ultimate Ninja. “Once that has happened and once I officially become Daimyo, then I shall uphold my end of the agreement. The war staff is in a safe place until that time. All I advise is a bit more patience.”

The Ultimate Ninja walked off, without another word to Drako. Drako was not too pleased about the news that the Ultimate Ninja gave him.

“Bah, patience, well my patience has just run out,” said Drako. “That war staff will be mine one way or another. Anyone who gets in my way will be annihilated!”

Drako growled angrily before setting off in pursuit for the mystical war staff.

On the streets of the Battle Nexus, Traximus and Raph were harassing one of the Battle Nexus officials. Traximus had the Battle Nexus official pinned up against the wall as Raph twirled his Sai.

“Master Splinter, where is he?” asked Raph in a threatening voice. “You better speak up, or else.”

“I’m afraid I have no idea what you’re talking about, so put me down,” said the Battle Nexus official.

“Well then I guess I’m not going to stop my friend from eating ya,” said Raph as Traximus licked his lips. “Dig in Trax.”

The Battle Nexus Official squirmed in terror before breaking.

“Wait, wait, wait, please don’t eat me,” said the Battle Nexus official in a horrified voice. “You can find your sensei in the main palace, in the dungeons. Now please put me down.”

Traximus dropped the Battle Nexus official who quickly scurried away as fast as he could from the Triceraton.

“I knew you’d see it our way,” said Raph.

In the Healer’s Pavilion, Don and Usagi kept with the battle against the Dark Assassins but the two warriors were beginning to weaken and lose badly. One of the Dark Assassin’s advanced on the Daimyo, with the spear that had Usagi’s sword sticking into it. The Dark Assassin raised the spear, ready to jam it right through the chest of the Daimyo but Don leapt over, before he grabbed Usagi’s sword.

“Excuse me, but I believe this belongs to my friend, Usagi,” said Don, kicking the Dark Assassin back at the same time that he yanked Usagi’s sword out of the middle of the spear.

“Indeed Donatello and believe I have something of yours as well,” said Usagi, kicking the Dark Assassin back before picking on Don’s Bo Staff and whacking the Dark Assassin hard across the midsection. “Let us trade, shall we.”

Weapons were exchanged as Don now had his Bo Staff and Usagi had his sword. Usagi rushed forward, yelling and clanging his sword against the spear of one of the Dark Assassins but a second Dark Assassin tossed the chain from his Kusari-Gama, knocking Usagi back into a support beam. Another whip and Usagi was wrapped around the beam, his arms pinned back and unable to defend himself.

Don was knocked back to the ground on the other end of the Healer’s Pavilion and looked up in horror as a Dark Assassin moved forward towards Usagi, spear pointed towards the rabbit, ready to move in for the kill.

“Time to skewer the rabbit,” said the Dark Assassin in a sadistic tone of voice but as he jabbed his spear forward, he found it blocked by a pair of katanas.

A weary, but awake Leo kicked the Dark Assassin backwards but the Dark Assassin attempted to jab at Leo but Leo managed to catch his spear and use whatever bit of strength he could muster to flip the Dark Assassin over. Leo then stepped forward, slicing Usagi free from his chains.

“Ah, Leonardo, I see you are awake and well,” said Usagi, as he kicked a Dark Assassin back.

“Maybe not well but at least I’m breathing now,” said Leo in a weak voice before blocking a sword swing from one of the Dark Assassins with one of his Katana before kicking the Dark Assassin in the leg.

“We need to finish them off but there is still too many of them,” said Don in an anxious voice as he was kicked from behind by two Dark Assassins.

“There may be a lot of them but we need to at least keep them away from the Daimyo,” said Leo, slicing his swords towards the chest of a Dark Assassin threateningly, causing him to back off.

One of the Dark Assassins pulled himself off the ground, before picking up a sword. He advanced on the Daimyo, raising his sword. The two Turtles and the rabbit were busy fighting his fellow Dark Assassins as there will be no way to stop him from finishing the Daimyo now.

Harry pushed open the door to the Healer’s Pavilion, looking relieved that after an intense search, he had found what he was looking for. However, he saw the sole Dark Assassin going after the Daimyo so Harry pulled out his Portus-Amulet before transporting himself behind the Dark Assassin.

“A-hem,” said Harry, tapping the Dark Assassin on the shoulder. The Dark Assassin turned around and Harry punched the Dark Assassin in the face, causing him to fall to the ground.

Another Dark Assassin charged Harry, Kusari-Gama in hand, swinging his chain, wrapping around Harry’s weapon but Harry quickly turned the tables on the Dark Assassin tying him to two of his fellow Dark Assassins while using the chain. The Dark Assassins found themselves trapped and Harry grabbed the end of the Kusari-Gama not binding the Dark Assassins before tossing it up onto the pillar, hanging the Dark Assassins from the ceiling. Harry then stepped back, kicking the trapped Dark Assassins into another pair of Dark Assassins, causing the Dark Assassins to topple over.

Harry leapt over the attack, blocking the sword from the Dark Assassin’s attack before spinning around and kicking him back. Springing up, Harry took another Dark Assassin out by kicking him in the face.

A Dark Assassin leapt up, cutting his fellow Assassins down from the ceiling. They hit the ground before pulling themselves back up. Usagi, Leo, and Don continued the battle but the Dark Assassins backed off, before vanishing into the wall. Harry, Usagi, Leo, and Don looked around but it appeared that the Dark Assassins had fled the scene, as the odds shifted against them despite having the advantage in numbers.

“Okay, could someone please explain to me what the hell is going on here?” asked Harry. “What exactly were those things?”

“It’s a long story,” said Don.

Outside the palace dungeons, Traximus and Raph were creeping around but the front entrance appeared to be guarded.

“Damn,” muttered Raph. “Guards blocking the front entrance, this is going to be a bit more difficult than I had thought.”

“Maybe there is another way in, unguarded, Raphael,” suggested Traximus.

Raph looked upwards towards a balcony high in the palace tower, an idea forming in his head.

“So Traximus tell me, can Triceratons climb walls?” asked Raph.

In the Battle Nexus arena, the two semi final bouts were full into swing. Gen vainly attempted to block the swings from the spear from Kluh with his sword but the rhino was backed off as Kluh seemed hungry for the glory of winning the Battle Nexus Tournament. Mikey swung his nunchucks at his opponent, Ia, but she leapt over the top before kicking at Mikey, who narrowly ducked underneath. Mikey managed to wrap his hands around his opponent’s trident but she stuck the trident forward, causing Mikey to fall on his back.

“Oh no, no please no!” said Mikey as he rolled out of the way of the trident connecting the ground.

Gen was getting assaulted badly by the attack from Kluh. Kluh swung forward, catching Gen flush in the chest with the wooden handle of his spear.

“I wonder if it’s too late to change my bet and put my money on this guy,” said Gen, who ducked a jab with the spear before batting the sharp ended of the weapon back with his sword. “Look, you seem to be a competitor with marginal intelligence, so perhaps if you just forfeit the bout, I can cut you in on a share of the winnings.”

Kluh remained uncaring at Gen’s offer, as the rhino barely managed to block another jab of the spear with his sword.

“Uh, how about twenty-eight,” said Gen desperately but Kluh kept on the assault. “Or, thirty-seven. Maybe forty-sixty. Or perhaps you are more comfortable with getting cut in fifty-fifty.”

Kluh stopped his assault and Gen thought for a brief second he had avoided a savage loss.

“I’ll tell you what, I’ll cut you fifty-fifty,” growled Kluh before renewing his assault, jabbing his spear forward which Gen barely blocked with his sword. “Maybe right half and left half or perhaps top half and bottom half.”

“Well, there’s no need to be a jerk about it,” said Gen but Kluh kicked Gen back, before swinging the handle of his spear but Gen crouched down, blocking the spear handle with his sword. Kluh knocked Gen back with a kick before attempting to slice his spear down right on the center of the head but Gen vanished into thin air, giving Kluh the victory in his semi final bracket.

Meanwhile, Mikey vainly dodged every attempt that Ia was making in getting Mikey into a position where she would in the Semifinal. Mikey managed to kick Ia’s weapon out of her hand but she continued on the attack, attempting to kick Mikey’s legs out from underneath him but Mikey managed to leap into the air before catching Ia with a vicious kick to the chest. Mikey swung his nunchucks but Ia disappeared into mid air, allowing Mikey to advance in the Battle Nexus Tournament.

“Ah yeah, I’m good,” said Mikey cockily before turning around to see Kluh standing in front of him grinning sadistically. “Oh you have got to be kidding me. I’ve got to fight the big purple guy in the finals of the Tournament.”

Kluh looked down at Mikey with a dangerous expression on his face. It was payback time for the turtle mocking him earlier. Kluh advanced on Mikey, preparing to finish him off but the Gyoiji appeared in mid air, cutting Kluh’s fun short once again.

“Warriors, it is time to be transported to your final arena,” said the Gyoiji, waving his paddle, causing Kluh and Mikey to vanish for a brief second before reappearing in the final arena for the Battle Nexus Tournament.

In the upper floor of the palace, a window busted, sending shards of glass flying everywhere. Raph and Traximus stepped out of the window, looking around to make sure the palace was free of guards.

“Okay, it looks like the coast is clear,” muttered Raph, looking around but his sight falling on a giant curtain hanging right next to the balcony that they had came from. “Bring the curtain, Traximus, I’ve got an idea.”

In the throne room, a group of heavily armed guards were guarding the war staff but at least half of them were knocked down to the ground. They advanced forward but Drako leapt up, taking one of the guards out with a vicious kick. Another guard was wiped out by Drako’s tail as the nasty dragon swung around. One of the guards jabbed his spear forward but Drako caught it before pushing the guard to fly back, smacking heads with another guard. The final guard rushed Drako but Drako let a vicious uppercut fly, knocking the final guard back.

“Now, for what is mine,” said Drako in a triumphant voice, moving towards the war staff. However, it was yanked out of Drako’s reach as the dragon had his finger tips on it. “What!”

The Ultimate Ninja stepped out from behind a tapestry, the war staff in his hands.

“Ah Drako, I knew you would betray me but I just wanted to see the look on your face when I snatched the war staff away from you when you had your fingertips on it,” said the Ultimate Ninja. “Did you really think I would allow you to have the staff, which is my birthright and mine alone? Now, I shall execute you for your crimes of treason against me.”

The Ultimate Ninja powered up the war staff, pointing it towards Drako but the staff began to vibrate, shooting a beam of energy nowhere near the Ultimate Ninja was planning. The staff continued to vibrate, causing the Ultimate Ninja to back off as the war staff fired beams in every which direction except for where Drako was standing.

“The staff, it fights me!” yelled the Ultimate Ninja in an incredulous voice as the staff continued to randomly fire beams of light every which way but Drako.

“You fool, you should have spent more time learning how to control the war staff,” said Drako, leaping up and knocking the Ultimate Ninja down with one kick. The war staff slid across the floor and Drako stepped forward, before picking up the war staff. “I on the other hand have spent years of my time studying its ways and its immense power!”

Drako powered up the war staff before blasting the Ultimate Ninja in the chest, causing him to get knocked down. The Ultimate Ninja ran off, attempting to avoid the continued assault from Drako and his newly acquired war staff.

“Run you coward but you cannot hide from my power. I shall incinerate you for daring to even think for a second you could pull one over me,” said Drako as he followed the Ultimate Ninja, the war staff in hand and beams of energy blasting at the Ultimate Ninja’s retreating back as he ran for his life.

In the palace, two guards were greeted by a very peculiar sight. A large figure covered in a cloak with a small head was approaching them. In reality, it was Raph sitting a top of the shoulders of Traximus underneath the curtain that they had taken. The guards stepped forward, preparing to draw their weapons at the first sign of trouble.

“I have come to speak to the captive,” said Raph.

“Halt, none shall pass by the decree of the new Daimyo,” said one of the guards, as the two guards pointed their spears, preparing for trouble.

“Hey point your spears away, I don’t want any trouble,” said Raph. The two guards stepped forward but the large arms of Traximus flew from beneath the curtain, punching both of the guards flush in the face and knocking them unconscious. “Heh, it’s old hat but it works.”

Raph kicked the curtain off before leaping down from the shoulders of Traximus and rushing forward to get to Master Splinter. Splinter leapt up, looking pleased at the arrival of his son.

“Raphael, you need to get me out of here,” said Splinter. “I fear Leonardo and Daimyo are in grave danger and I pray that we are not too late.”

“Working on it, Master Splinter,” said Raph, taking out his Sai and attempting to pick the lock but this tactic wasn’t just working as Raph was unable to pry the door open.

“Allow me,” said Traximus, stepping forward and clutching onto the bars of the cell before yanking them apart, causing a large gap to appear. The gap was large enough so Master Splinter could step out and to freedom.

“Thank you, noble Triceraton,” said Splinter graciously. “Now, let us get to the Healer’s Pavilion, we have little time to waste. I’ll explain on the way.”

Splinter, Raph, and Traximus rushed off, straight towards the Healer’s Pavilion.

In the Battle Nexus Arena, Mikey backed off as Kluh spun his spear, looking down at Mikey menacingly.

“I shall crush you little turtle,” growled Kluh, before charging before but Mikey managed to avoid Kluh’s assault but Kluh droved the handle of his spear into Mikey’s stomach on the rebound.

Mikey flew up into the air and landed on his feet, before pulling his nunchucks out but Kluh used his spear to rip Mikey’s weapons out of his hand.

“Uh, did anyone ever mention that purple looks good on you?” asked Mikey but Kluh just punched Mikey, causing the turtle to fly up into the air and land on the ground.

“Now, prepare to meet your end, weakling,” said Kluh, raising his spear high above his head.

Fortunately for Mikey, the attention of Kluh was diverted as the Ultimate Ninja was blasted from the palace doors. Drako advanced forward, blasting the Ultimate Ninja again with the war staff, causing the Ultimate Ninja to fly right into the Battle Nexus Arena. Drako leapt down, raising the war staff, which sizzled with a spiral of red injury.

“Now, your end will be complete!” growled Drako, raising the war staff and preparing to blast the Ultimate Ninja with a blast of magical energy that would turn him into ashes but the Gyoiji appeared in mid air in front of Drako.

“Halt the contest. Battle Nexus rules clearly state…” started the Gyoiji but Drako blasted the Gyoiji with a jet of red light. The Gyoiji flew back.

“Any other protocol you’d like to state,” said Drako, raising the war staff before turning to the Ultimate Ninja. “Now, the end of you shall be complete!”

Outside of the Healer’s Pavilion, Splinter and Traximus were helping the severely weakened Daimyo walk, and Harry, Don, Leo, Raph, and Usagi were walking behind the others.

“Be strong old friend, as there is a pressing matter that must be attended to,” said Master Splinter.

The Daimyo looked down weakly and what he saw horrified him.

“Drako has returned and he’s got his hands on the war staff!” exclaimed the Daimyo, looking completely horrified. “The staff focuses power from the heart but there is no telling what could happen if true evil such as Drako uses it.”

The Daimyo looked forth as Drako laughed evilly and sent a blast of light which the Ultimate Ninja barely avoided.

“Come, we must get the staff away from Drako’s grasp,” said the Daimyo, grasping his hands together, causing a dome of energy to engulf Harry, Don, Leo, Raph, Usagi, Splinter, Traximus, and himself. They disappeared before reappearing in the Battle Nexus Tournament. The Daimyo turned his attention towards Drako. “Drako, desist with using the war staff!”

Drako turned his head but his eyes fixed upon the face of one Harry Potter. The brat did indeed resemble his famous ancestor, the same one that banished Drako to that infernal realm and now Drako would take his revenge after stewing over his own defeat for the past several centuries.

“You!” exclaimed Drako, focusing the war staff towards Harry before blasting a jet of red hot light.

“Protego!” muttered Harry, wandlessly applying a shield charm. The power from the war staff blasted Harry’s shield into nothingness but at the same time, the shield prevented the war staff from striking Harry.

Drako focused the war staff, preparing to blast Harry into another dimension but the staff began to vibrate in Drako’s hands before the energy swirling at the top of the staff turned from red right into black!

“I was afraid this might happen,” said the Daimyo. “Drako, drop the staff immediately.”

“Never!” yelled the dragon but as he attempted to shoot the newly formed black energy from the staff, the staff arched upwards, blasting a swirling black vortex into the sky. In shock, Drako dropped the war staff but the damage had already been done.

“He has created an interdimensional wound that will destroy all that it touches,” said the Daimyo as the arena around the Battle Nexus stadium slowly became devoid of gravity as the Turtles, Usagi, Kluh, Traximus, Harry, The Gyoiji the Ultimate Ninja, and Drako began to levitate into the air, going right towards the vortex that Drako had opened with his use of the war staff.

The war staff began to twitch on the ground but Raph managed to leap down, pinning it down with his Sai, causing it to remain immobile on the ground. The Gyoiji cried in terror as he spiraled in mid air before getting sucked right into the black vortex in the sky of the Battle Nexus and disappearing into oblivion.

Mikey whipped out one of his nunchucks, jamming it tight into the ground, managing to keep him from floating into the vortex. Swinging his nunchucks, Mikey latched upon the foot of Kluh, who was dangerously closed to also getting sucked into the vortex. A few more feet and Kluh would have been put straight in.

Traximus slammed his axe down into the ground, managing to grasp on.

“Hang on!” yelled Traximus, as Don, Harry, Usagi, and Leo managed to grab on, avoiding getting sucked right into the vortex.

The Ultimate Ninja and Drako still floated around, spinning uncertainly high above. Leo reached up, managing to grab the wrists of the Ultimate Ninja, preventing him from getting sucked straight into the vortex. Dangling close to the vortex, Drako managed to grab onto the legs of the Ultimate Ninja, hanging on for dear life. The Ultimate Ninja fought back, attempting to kick Drako and launch him straight into the vortex.

“Stop doing that you fool, you are going to make us both flying into the Vortex,” growled Drako.

“Rot in the abyss, Drako,” said the Ultimate Ninja sadistically as he continued to kick Drako but Drako managed to hang on, even if it was barely.

“Stop fighting, you’re slipping,” said Leo but the Ultimate Ninja gave one final kick which dislodged Drako but it also unfortunately caused Leo to inadvertently let go of the Ultimate Ninja. The Ultimate Ninja and Drako spiraled in mid air, hurdling straight towards the vortex.

The Daimyo looked up in horror as both his son and Drako were sucked right into the vortex and began being put to a one way trip straight into oblivion. A disgusting sizzling sound was heard the moment they passed through.

“My son, no!” screamed the Daimyo in horror but he prevented himself from running forward, as if he had stepped one foot underneath the vortex, there was a good chance he could be sucked straight through.

Raph managed to inch the war staff out from underneath his Sai before lifting it up.

“Master Splinter, catch!” yelled Raph, sending the war staff flying into the air. Splinter accurately caught it.

“Daimyo, you must act now,” said Splinter, handing the war staff to the Daimyo.

“Yes, of course,” said the Daimyo, taking the war staff. “I must close this rift before any others are destroyed passing through.”

The Daimyo raised his war staff high above his head, shooting a beam of pure white light into the interdimensional wound. The wound slowly closed, being healed by the pure and just power that the Daimyo wielded with the war staff.

Everyone breathed a sign of relief as the wound closed but that happiness was rather short lived as everyone spiraled down from the sky, landing on the ground with a thud.

Kluh pulled himself up from behind Mikey, as Mikey attempted to yank his nunchucks out of the ground. A final yank caused Mikey’s nunchuck to whip back, connecting with Kluh’s head with a large crack, knocking him unconscious. Mikey turned around, looking to address Kluh.

“So ugly, does that mean we have to…fight now,” said Mikey who looked rather amazed that he had knocked Kluh unconscious, even if it was rather inadvertent.

“The winner of the Battle Nexus Tournament, Michelangelo!” announced the Daimyo, causing a trophy to materialize in Mikey’s hands which made both Mikey and Harry extremely happy. Harry stepped quickly off; he needed to go collect something before he departed.

“Mikey won?” asked Raph in a horrified voice.

“Yes, that’s what it does look like,” confirmed Don.

The crowd cheered as Mikey posed with his trophy but the Daimyo hung his head in a depressed matter before turning to Master Splinter.

“I only wish my son hadn’t been led down the path of evil and hadn’t been destroyed on this evening,” said the Daimyo. “Now he’s gone forever and there is nothing I can do to bring him back.”

“Perhaps he is not as gone as you think, Daimyo,” said Splinter in a gentle voice. “The Battle Nexus holds many secrets, so perhaps your son is still out there somewhere.”

“Perhaps,” said the Daimyo but his voice had a slightly skeptical tone. “Still, I don’t want to put a damper on your celebration of your son’s victory so I will be sending you home in a few moments.”

Harry returned, discreetly hiding a bag of gold behind his back as he joined the rest of his family. It was extremely fortunate that Second Earth and the British Magical World had the same monetary system.

Usagi turned to Leo to address him.

“Leonardo, I must say it has been an honor battling along side you and your brothers,” said Usagi.

“It is I who is honored, Usagi-san,” said Leo. “Perhaps some day our paths may cross again.”

“Perhaps, my son,” said Master Splinter, who was listening in on the conversation. “Now let us go home.”

The Daimyo touched his war staff to Mikey’s trophy, transporting the Turtles, Splinter, and Harry back to the lair.

“Wow, it was like we never left,” said Don.

“Interdimensional travel isn’t it grand,” said Harry. “We can be gone for several days and not miss a minute on earth which makes what we went through never happened.”

“Oh it happened Harry, because I have the trophy to prove it,” said Mikey, pointing to the trophy in a gloating matter. “See that, it says Battle Nexus Champion, which is me! The greatest warrior in all of the multiverse, which is me!”

“You only one on a technicality,” growled Raph.

“Uh technically, I kicked your sorry butt in one of the bouts,” said Mikey which caused Raph to launch onto Mikey, attempting to punch his brother out for that comment. Leo, Don, and Harry rushed forward, attempting to pull Raph and Mikey apart as Master Splinter observed his sons, while leaning on his walking stick.

“Ah yes, it is definitely good to be home,” said Master Splinter.

Elsewhere, thousands of miles away from Earth, in throne room of the Prime Leader of the Triceraton Republic, Prime Leader Zanramon was drumming his fingers impatiently on the arm rest of his throne room. The door opened, revealing Commander Mozar walking into the throne room. Mozar kneeled down, facing the Prime Leader.

“Mozar, report,” said Zanramon in a curt voice.

“Prime Leader, we have traced the teleportation trail from the Fugitoid’s transmat,” growled Mozar. “The final destination, the third planet from the sun.”

“Excellent. Prepare for a full scale invasion of that primitive planet,” ordered Zanramon. “If we must, we will rip that world apart piece by piece until we claim the Fugitoid for the glory of the Triceraton republic!”
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