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Finding something in the unexpected place.

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"I want to be someone who ain't me."

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"When did you decide that you might had been wrong 'bout me?" Pete asked Peyton. Peyton had to think for awhile before she answered his question.

"Who said I did? I still despised you." She joked. "Well, the same day as you yelled at me beneath my window. But I really didn't give you a chance until that day when we were forced into detention for behaving badly in chemistry class." Peyton began.

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"Miss Cornell and Mr Wentz!" Mr Andersen said whipping of the salt acid Peyton and Pete had accidentally thrown at him during an argument. "I feed up with both of yours behaviour. Detention until you both can manage to behave like people!" He dismissed the rest of the class and continues to lecture Pete and Peyton until the bell called for lunch. "I want you both her after the last lesson of the day. You may go."

"Good thinking Wentz." Peyton said as she almost threw her books into her locker.

"Oh don't be a smart ass. If you hadn't been such a bitch I wouldn't have pored in that mush." Pete said and slammed his locker.

"So it's my fault?" Peyton yelled.

"Read my lips. IT'S YOUR FAULT!" He said almost spelling it out.

"Whatever." Peyton said and slammed her locker and began to walk away. And Pete stormed away in the opposite direction. Muttering something not readable for you eyes. Peyton found her friend Liz sitting beneath the big oak tree eating her lunch and reading a big book. Peyton threw herself down next to her.

"I fucking hate this place." Peyton opened her bag and took out her lunch. She had a habit always bringing her own food since the schools vegetarian food was awful.

"What has he done this time?" Liz said and looked up from her book.

"Just the fact that he is breathing makes my skin curl." Peyton took a bite to her sandwich and told her what had happened in class.

"He shouldn't be aloud in chemistry class." Liz said and looked down in her book. Peyton was too angry too eat and just pulled up her sketchpad to work her feelings in a drawing.

"Hey, Joe." Liz said and kissed her boyfriend Joe. He was the same age as Peyton and had the same music taste as her. He was an amazing guitar player. He lived for the music. Peyton and Joe had become good friends during one very boring History lesson. He had shared her on of his head phones since her battery had died. He had introduced her to Liz. And she had quickly become friends with them both.

"Someone looks angry today?" Joe said and looked at Peyton.

"Yeah, that idiot Wentz has caused me detention everyday after school until we learn 'how to behave'" Peyton said and looked up from her pad. She had calmed down a little and decided to not let Pete affect her anymore.

After the bell ran for the last time she walked with heavy steeps to her chemistry classroom. Pete was already there. Sitting by on of the table writing something on a paper. He didn't look up when she walked in. She sat down at on of the table far away from Pete. Looking at the clock and thinking of all the things she could be doing instead of being forced to be here. She was brought out of her thoughts when Mr Andersen walked into the classroom and sitting down behind his desk. For moment he just observed them. Peyton sighed and yawned. He cleared his throat and Pete looked from the paper. He slipped the paper down in his pocket and joined my stare at Mr Andersen.

"Silence can say just as much as bunch of words." Mr Andersen said taking of his glasses and cleaned them. Peyton and Pete kept quiet. "Why do you dislike Pete, Peyton?" Mr Andersen said out of the blue. Peyton looked at Pete who was smirking ageist her.

"I..." Peyton began but Mr Andersen began to talk again.

"Why do you dislike Peyton, Pete?" He said and looked at Pete. The smirk disappeared and all that was left was his empty face. "So detention, huh." Mr Andersen putted his glasses back on and walked past both of them and signed for them to follow him as he walked out the classroom and lead them trough the empty halls. Until he stopped in front of an old door marked storage. He pulled out his keys and opened and led them in. The room was filled with files after files. "This is the room where they keep all different files of everyone who has been a student at this high school since it was founded 1901. As you can see it's a completely mess. And that's why I want you two to organize it. First after year and then by last name. Am I clear?" They both nodded. "I might let you off sooner if you learn how to respect each other." He left the room.

"That man has read too many old books." Pete sighed and looked around. "This is gonna take us years."

"Well if you would stop talking and do something about it. It might take shorter time." Peyton said and began to look at the files next to her. After a couple of days of work under completely silence Pete finally said something.

"I can't believe we have been here for more than a week and this place looks worse than it did before we started."

"That's because you don't have a good system." Peyton said shortly and laid a file from -84 in the eighty piles. "Like I have."

"And you do? All you do is moving the files around." Pete snapped.

"Correction I put them where I think they should be."

"Oh, big difference." Pete looked at his watch. "Oh look at the time. I've got soccer practice in 20 minuets."

"Whatever." Pete walked out of the storage room and left Peyton alone. She didn't mind doing it alone. Anything was better than having Pete around. All he did was making her angry. She didn't know why it just was that way.

She headed for her car after Mr Andersen had told her she could leave for today. The whole school was empty and no one was around. 'The school looked much better when it is empty.' Peyton thought. She pulled out her car keys and un-locked her car. And drove home with Black Flag basting out of her speakers. She turned up on her street and saw Pete sitting on the stairs on the way up to his front door. He had his face bent down and looked like he was crying. 'He is not crying, it's Pete for crying it out loud. He couldn't.' Peyton thought. She locked her car and looked over to Pete. He was indeed crying. She could tell. She hadn't the heart to leave him there. The tears on his cheeks had made the anger he created every time they meet disappear. Not shore if she should walk over to him or not she crossed the street and walked up to him.

"Pete?" She asked carefully. He looked up and saw a tear running down his cheek. "What's wrong?" He didn't answer; he didn't want her to know why. Hoping she would leave and hoping she would stay. She stood there motionless just staring down at him. Then she made a quick move and Pete found her arm around his shoulders.

"Its okay, Pete. You don't need to tell me anything." The sun had disappeared and black clouds had covered the sky. A moment later the rain was poring down. He didn't move and neither did she. "C'mon Pete let's go inside you will get cold if you don't go in soon." He shook his head. Inside his house was the last place he wanted to be in. "You want to go to my house then?" She asked him and he agreed to follow her. Inside her room he sat down on her bed. Peyton didn't care if he would make it wet and sat down next to him. Neither of them spoke for a long time. They both dried up quickly and then Pete spoke.

"I just want to be someone else, look different. Be anyone that ain't me."

"I don't know if you can be someone else but look different you can." She stood up and walked into her closet. Pete and she had both in the same seize. Peyton was a bit taller but they had the same skinny body type. She took a pair of skinny black jeans and a black band tee. Threw it on the bed and told him to put it on while she entered her bathroom to get her make up kit. When she came out Pete had dressed and was now standing by here cd player. Moment later the sound of her newly bought Black Flag cd was blasting out the stereo. He turned around and faced her. She signed for him to sit down on her bed and pulled out black eyeliner and drew a line around Pete's brown eyes, applied some black eye shadow. She leaded back and smiled ageist Pete.

"Hello who are you?" She asked smiling. "Check it out." She said and nodded towards the mirror on her wall. He smiled ageist her and walked to the mirror. He couldn't stop looking at himself. It was like staring at someone he didn't know. Peyton hadn't done much but still to Pete he felt like he was someone other. She walked up to him and laid her hand on his shoulder. He looked at her and felt like he could kiss her in that moment. She was so sweet and he felt his heart beating.

"Thank you." He whispered and turned to her. Gently touching her cheek. A tremble maid its way through her body. Her lips screamed for him to kiss her, but her eyes it was something in her eyes which made Pete step away from her. The sound of the speakers died out and Pete walked over to the window and looked at his house. "I should go home now."

"Don't go." She begged him.

"We're too different." He said and took his cloth and left. Even tough he didn't want to. Every amount of his body and heart screamed for him to stay. But his mind kept him going.

The day after that Mr Anderson announced that their detention was over since he had more important stuff to care about and said that they both had learned their lesson.

Don't know where I'm going with this chapter. It confuses the skit out of me but there is something special about it that makes me like it. Where will it go from here? Chapter 6 will be out soon. Have it almost done. In the mean time R and R.

This chapter is for you. (You know who you are.)
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