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I fight between life and death

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like the title says

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Patrick knew something was wrong when they stepped out of the elevator to go to Pete's room. It was something in the air telling him something that he didn't understand. He looked at Joe and Andy who both seem to be unaware of the feeling. They were joking as always. They turned around the corner and Patrick's heart dropped. He saw Peyton yelling for the crash cart and performing CPR. Patrick found it hard to breath and all he could here was the loud beep. Joe saw Patrick shutting down and led him to the closest chair and Andy hurried into Pete's room.

"Charge 160!" Peyton called and the nurse handed her the paddles. And she chocked him once. But nothing happened. Andy covered his mouth with his hands. "Charge to 200!" Peyton ordered and the nurse did what she had told her. No reaction this time either. "Fuck! Give him a round of EPI!" And the nurse pushed the drugs into Pete's IV. "Come on Pete." She said as she continued CPR.

"Okay, give me a 9.0 tub so I can intubate him." She was handed the tub and the tool you use when you intubate. She visualized the chords and past the tub down to his lungs. "I'm in! Bag him."

"Still nothing. Doctor Cornell how do you want to proceed?"

"Charge to 300!" Peyton ordered.

"But.." the nurse began.

"I said charge to 300!" Peyton called and the nurse gave her the paddles once more and Peyton chocked Pete's heart again. "Clear"

[In Pete's head]
Pete found himself walking down a hospital hallway. He had no idea how he had ended up there. The last thing he remembered was passing out in his hospital bed. There were people all around him. Sick and hurt people. People who cried and people who laughed. And there he was standing in the middle of it all in his tight jeans and his favourite hood. Hands in his pockets. He looked around and saw Peyton running into his hospital room. He heard her call for the crash cart as he lay lifeless in the hospital bed. Pete smiled to himself. 'I must be dead already.' He thought.

"No you're not dead." Pete noticed the old Peyton standing next to him. The one he learned to know and the one he fought. "Not jet at least." She added.

"Are you shore?" Pete pulled of the hood on his head. "I do feel like dead."

"But you're not." Peyton said.

"Explain to me why you are standing her next to me, talking to me. While you're saving my life in there, where I'm laying life less." Pete said rubbing my head.

"Go no time to explain." She said. "Trust me. You haft to come with me. You haft to understand some things."

"Hang on..." Pete said.

"WENTZ FOR CRYING IT OUT LOUD!" Peyton almost screamed and Pete began to laugh. "Why are you laughing?"

"Because I think you're so cute when you are angry!" Pete said and Peyton hit him on the arm. "Ouch, no hitting the man who is about to die!"

"But you might not!" Peyton said. "That's why I'm here com on!" She stretched her arm out to Pete who grabbed it and a second later the white hospital walls were gone. In stead they were walking down the familiar road of his childhood. The road he always had lived on. The place he always had called home and always would. He saw his house beaming up behind the big oak thee on the front. It was a lonely swing in the tree moving front and back by the smooth almost non existing wind wind.

"Why are we here?" Pete asked.

"Does this day seem any familiar?" Peyton asked.

"No not this..." But he went quiet as the old Peyton walked out her house. Carrying her last bag and dumped them in her car. She looked up at her old house and then at Pete's. She didn't notice that the old Pete was standing hidden behind the curtains. "It's the day you left."


"The last time I ever thought I would see you." Pete said. The old Peyton sat down in her car. Leaded over to the glove apartment and pulled out her big round sunglasses. Pete had always made fun of those but Peyton didn't care, she had loved them. She hid her eyes behind them and slowly turned the key around. "I..." Pete began.

"Do you remember what you did that day?" Peyton asked.

"I promised myself I would forget about you ever existing and do something with my life as I promised you. It was the day I wrote my first Fall Out Boy song."

"Exactly." Peyton said. "Your way to fame began. But it's also the day when you lost a part of yourself. You became depressed from time to time. You lived for one reason."

"The music!"

"Come on we need to move one." The old Peyton turned away from the street to never return to this street. The street disappeared in big white light and in the next they were in an apartment the Pete never had seen before.

"Where are we?" Pete asked.

"At my place." Peyton said shortly. "In New York."

"And why are we here?"

"Because there are two sides of this story. And you only know one. And that's yours." Peyton said. "But I have history too. Stuff that you don't know. This is the day when you first popped into my life again. It's the beginning of summer 2005. Last year of medical school and the day of my final test." The old Peyton hurried out her bedroom. Her now brown/red shoulder long hair was wet and she looked like she was in a hurry. She was putting on some mascara at the same time as she tried to do her make up. "Fuck!" She said as she slammed her foot into the refrigerator. Then looked at the time and began to laugh. She had gone up two hours early. She shook her head and took her sandwich and popped down in her couch and turned the tv on. Flipped through some channels to stop at MTV. She hadn't have time to watch it in years. It was TRL on and the countdown was going on. The video of number 7 ended. And there was Pete. Standing with a mike talking to the host. Peyton turned the TV off. Took a deep breath and then turned it on again. Pete couldn't help but to laugh at her as she slid down the couch and walked over to the tv. She touched the screen. She smiled and gave out a little laugh.

"You were in my thought a long time after that. The school had made me forget about everything. You, my family and stuff." Peyton told him. "The point of me showing you this s that I wanted you to know I thought about you. And missed you. But eventually I forgot about you and you about me. And maybe that was a mistake."

"It was." Pete said. "You were the only one I ever have loved. And I wonder what could have been if you hadn't left. What if I had fought harder for you to stay? What if..."

"But we will never know." Peyton interrupted him. "Or will we? It's all up too you." The room disappeared and once again they were back in the hospital. "You see it's up to you if you want to fight to live. Or break the heart of million girls just not me."

"What do you mean?" Pete asked.

"Look." Peyton pointed towards his room where Peyton was trying to save his life. "I can't decide if you should go back to life or if you should follow me away."


"Pete! Haven't you realised I'm the old Peyton. The Peyton who disappeared when I met you. It's hard to explain but I'm sort of dead but still alive. I know it doesn't make sense and it shouldn't but here's the deal you decide if you want to live. You can give the new Peyton a chance by fighting." Peyton said grabbing a harder grip of his hand. "You wrote: The only thing I have left is dying. And it's not. Pete you haft to gain your life again. Living each day and fight for something bigger than all of this. I'm not telling you what to do. But dying is something you can save for later."

"Okay!" Pete said. "I've heard enough. I know what I want to do! I want to live."

"Then I'm sorry for this." She putted her arms on his chest and yelled "Clear" an enormous paint when through Pete's body.

[Back to normal]
"We got a rhythm!" The nurse said and Peyton exhaled a second later Pete's eyes opened.

"Pete, we had to put a tube down you throat to help you breathe." Peyton said to Pete. "Page the Neurologist? And start an EKG." She said and walked over to Andy, Joe and Patrick.

"Is he okay?" Patrick said and looked at Peyton with tears in his eyes.

"He has suffered a rare reaction to the demoral I had to give him when he began to seizure. It's rare but it happens. And now we are going to run so test on his brain." Peyton said and saw the Neurologist hurrying down the hall. "Excuse me!" She told him what had happened and then brought Pete up for an MRI.

"There!" She said and pointed at the screen. "It's a small sudural bleeding but it's still there."

"You're right! You got good eyes. He needs surgery." He said shortly and told the nurse to prepare the OR and then turned to Peyton. "Since it's you patient I would like you to scrub in."

"Sure. I'll prep Pete, I mean Mr Wentz for surgery." She walked into the MIR scan. Pete was already put under sudation.

Peyton walked down the hall to tell the guys about what was going on. They all looked really worried and close to mental breakdowns.

"Look, I don't have a lot of time. But I thought I'd give you a quick update. We've found a bleeding on Pete's brain and he will need surgery. And he needs it now. He is up in surgery right now. I'm going to be there and I'll let you know how he's doing as soon as I can." She said quickly and hurried of. She noticed that her news hadn't made them feel any better. But she didn't expect them to. Patrick had his face in his arms again; Andy looked out if it just staring at the white walls with his hands holding arm rest on his chair so hard his knuckles were turning white. Joe on the other hand had this amazedly calm over himself which surprised both himself and Peyton. He had decided not to crack. Someone needed to hold the pieces together. As she walked of this calmness infected him. He trusted Peyton with his whole heart and knew she would do anything to keep Pete alive. She had this determination only she had. It had been clear since the first day he met her in that record store he was working in at the time.

The bell rang as Peyton entered the record store. She had been longing to check this place out since the first time she saw it a couple of weeks ago. The store wasn't a disappointment at all. It had it all. Peyton looked around and saw the sign 'Vinyl' and walked over there. Looking through all these records made with heart and soul. Joe was standing behind the counter of the store reading a magazine. His eyes followed Peyton as she looked around the store. After along time of cheeking the place out. Peyton decided to buy the Black Flag's first cd Damaged. The only cd with black flag that she didn't own. She paid for her cd and left the store without saying on word. Due the following weeks she returned to the store many times and began to take to Joe. They had long discussions about music and quickly became friends. They started hanging out outside the store and when school began they hung out there too. He became here friend when she needed it the most.

[Back to normal]
It felt like hours since Peyton had walked away and left Joe behind. He was determent to not look at the time. Thought it was best not to think about it.

"Why aren't they telling us anything?" Patrick said anxious. "They should know something right!" He continued talking like mad like he always did when he was worried. Joe didn't know what to think. Since they hadn't told them anything it must mean Pete was still alive and still in surgery. If he had... Joe couldn't think what would happened if Pete didn't pull though. He didn't know what his life would be like if Pete wasn't there. They had know each other since Peyton and him hand first made up. He had been there when she left and though the sour side of being famous. He looked up when he heard steeps down the hallway. It was indeed Peyton. She hurried down towards them. And they all stood up around her as she opened her mouth to talk.

But what will she say? Well that you won't know yet at least. I'm so nice to leave you guys hanging. Anyway this chapter is weird I know. I'll start working on the next chapter soon but in the mean time. R and R

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