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Chapter Seven: This Certainly Is Not Goodbye

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Alexis and Britney meet Ray and Bob. They soon have to leave, but I doubt it's really good bye.

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Britney anxiously held onto Alexis' arm as the three walked through the dark parking lot. Gerard looked back at them.

"You don't need to be nervous." he laughed.

They continued walking toward the tour bus. Gerard opened the door. Britney was hesitant of going inside.

"C'mon Britney." Alexis whispered.

"You've got alot of explaining to do when we leave." she whispered back.

They walked up the steps into the bus. It was like any other tour bus. Gerard cleared his throat as he stood at the front.

"Guys, I want you to meet my friends." Gerard announced to Bob and Ray who were sitting on the couch sucking on loli-pops. Bob had a lip ring and blonde hair, with half of his bangs in his eye. Ray, on the other hand, had an afro.

"This is Alexis and Bailey."

"It's /Britney/." Alexis corrected.

"Oops, sorry. I mean this is /Britney/." Gerard smiled.

"Thats Ray, and that is Bob." Gerard pointed out.

Bob smiled and nodded his head and Ray said 'Hi.' Gerard led Britney and Alexis to the table across from the couch. Gerard sat down next to Alexis.

"Where's Frankie and Mikey?" Gerard asked Bob and Ray.

"Their still outside." said Ray.

Gerard nodded.

"So how long have you known Gee?" asked Ray.

Alexis didn't know 'Gee' was actually Gerard's nickname.

"Oh, um..."

"About thirteen years, but we re-met tonight." Gerard answered for her.

Alexis closed her eyes as her heart started to beat normally again. She did not want to make a fool of herself. Meanwhile, Bob and Britney kept exchanging looks. Lots of smiling and blushing between them.
Alexis was happy that Britney had met Bob, Ray and Gerard. She loved to watch people smile and laugh; there's to much sorrow in the world taking over. Alexis really enjoyed talking to everyone. Ray was really sweet and funny and Bob was shy yet sweet. Gerard was the only one that didn't talk to much, or move. He just sat there and rested his elbow upon the table as he looked out the window. There wasn't really anything amusing outside except the distant lights of the city.

"What are you thinking about?" Alexis asked softly.

Gerard looked at her. He noticed everyone had left but him and her.

"Where is everyone?"

"They left just a minute ago. Bob went to take Britney to meet Frank and Mikey. I think Roy had to talk to your manager or something. I told them I'd stay here."

Gerard grinned at her mistake with Ray's name.

"Well, I've told you everything about myself earlier. Now that we're alone can you tell me about you?"

Alexis smiled and nodded as she scooted back against her seat. She explained how senior year at school was going, what she did for fun, basicaly a continuation of when he left.

"Gerard, what time is?" she asked.

Gerard looked at his wrist and frowned. "I don't know; I forgot to wear a watch."

"My mom is expecting me to be home in the morning."

Gerard got a slightly upset look. "Want me to walk you outside to get Bailey?"

"Gerard, it's Britney."

He sighed. "I'm sorry, okay? Its been a long night."

"Yes it has."
Alexis and Gerard walked thru he parking lot once more. Britney and Bob were walking towards them. They were laughing and muttering stuff to each other.

"Looks like their getting along." Gerard whispered into Alexis' ear.

The four of them stopped in front of each other.

"I guess this is goodbye." said Gerard.

Britney shrugged and looked at Bob. A few droplets of water fell from the sky. Alexis looked up as water splashed onto her nose.

"I guess we really should go now, Britney."

Britney nodded. "Bye Gerard, bye Bob." she hugged Bob then Gerard and walked to her car.

"It was nice to meet you Bob." said Alexis as she gave him a goodbye hug. "You, too." he said.

Now Gerard and Alexis was the only ones left.

"Bye Gerard."

Alexis leaned in to give him a hug, but was stopped when he took her hand. She looked at him. His eyes were mysterious and he had a faint smile.

"Bye, Lexi." he said slowly.

Alexis watched him walk back to his bus. She blinked and looked down at her hand. There was a small peice of paper in it. She unfolded it and revealed a cell phone number.
She looked back up. Gerard wasn't there anymore.

This certainly wasn't goodbye.

Clinga the Author: This was a difficult chapter to write, mostly because I try to make the characters personalities like their REAL personalities. I'm trying to make Gerard mysterious in his actions. You never know what he could do. I don't want this story to be a cliché, wich is why it's so outrageous and fictitious. Though, I do like to put a couple of non-fictional events/ character traits into this. I hope y'all enjoyed this chapter, I think it was kinda suckie. I'll try harder in the next chapter. runs away to think :)
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