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Chapter Six: I Just Wanted To See You Happy

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Gerard confronts Alexis, again.

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"Wait Lexi, wait! Please!!" yelled Gerard.

Alexis ran to a brick wall and leaned her back against it. Gerard caught up with her. She looked away, not wanting to look at him.

"Please don't run. I know you hate me-"

"I don't hate you, Gerard. How could I hate you? You were my first friend, whether your real or imaginary."

Gerard gave a small smile. "But you've got to understand why I had to leave you. Alot of stuff was happening in MY life."

Alexis looked at him, her brown bangs falling in her eyes. Gerard gently tucked the fallen hair behind Alexis' ear.

"I really didn't want to hurt you." he whispered.

"I knnnnnow. But I'm so confused right now that I'll go crazy!" she complained.

Gerard sighed and put his back to the wall, also. "Did you enjoy the show?" he randomly asked.


Actually, Alexis wasn't focused on the concert at the time.

"When I sang a song called 'Sleep' I thought of you. I sort of wrote it for you. Even though I was still unsure if you were actually real or not. I felt different tonight. Its like I felt someone special was there. Mikey just said it was probably excitment or something..."

"Mikey?" Alexis interrupted.

"Hes my younger brother. Hes in the band as well."

"Tell me more about your life."

Gerard explained everything to her, as if he was talking to his therapist. Then he got up to the topic of 'Why did you leave?'

Gerard took a deep breath as he looked into Alexis' innocent eyes. The eyes she use to give him when he was to tired to play dollhouse, or explore outside.

"Lexi, I was an addict. I got drunk everyday, I took pills, I was depressed. It got to the point where I was suicidal. I didn't want you to see the shape I was really in. Alexis," Gerard paused and bit on his lip.

"What Gerard?" asked Alexis quietly.

Gerard got his voice back and continued. "Lexi, I just wanted you to be happy. I wanted to set a good example for you, but it was getting harder and harder to do so. Now do you understand?"

Alexis hugged Gerard tightly. There was a gasp. Alexis pulled away from Gerard and the two of them looked to their side. Britney stood there with her eyes wide open.

"Gerard, thats my friend Britney. Shes the one who forced me to come here."

Gerard smiled sweetly and shook Britney's hand.

"Did you meet that guy?" Alexis asked.

Britney shook her head as her eyes were still glued to Gerard.

''If you want, I can take you to meet the rest of the band." Gerard said.

Britney's mouth almost dropped. "Yeah she-we'd love that." Alexis answered.

"Okay well come on." Gerard said as he guided the two girls toward
a tourbus.

Clinga a.k.a Author: Yay! The rest of MCR shall come into the story! I wrote this chapter two times. I'm satisfied with this version. Sadly, I didn't write this chapter at school. We've been taking alot of tests lately and its gonna depend if I update this week. Just remember: Whenever I update, I ALWAYS update around 8:00 or 9:00 PM. Wait... some of you are in a different time zone... umm... just look for my story. God, I'm confusing myself! Ain't that sad? Haha, c'ya. :)
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