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Glass Bottles Are A Pain

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Mandi was your avrage 13 year old girl. What happenes when 4 men come into her life and treat her like family. Will one grow to love her as more? Why did she run away anyways? How about you just re...

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I was running... I didn't know where I was going but I knew who I was running from. I stopped running when I got to an unfamiliar road. I caught my breath and suddenly things came back to memory. Will things ever change?



"Mom what are you talking about I didn't do anything?" I didn't get it, I did everything she asked.

"YOU WENT OUT WITH YOUR FATHER WHEN I SPECIFICALLY TOLD YOU NOT TO!" She left for the kitchen coming back with an empty tequila bottle. I knew what was going to happen next so I slowly opened the door while she screamed and yelled. I started running and felt the bottle hit my back. That didn't stop me from running, I had to. I had to get away.

End Flashback

I had no where to go now, nobody to go to that my mom wouldn't find me at. I kept walking but it grew cold. My birthday was in a few days and I knew I wasn't going to be able to celebrate it. Cars passed by me, some slowed down and others sped up. I didn't need their help anyways. It wasn't like it was my first time running away. A car stopped next to me and it freaked me out. It was a nice car but I wasn't sure if that was going to do the trick or not.

"Sweetie, are you ok? You should get in. I'll take you to a nice hotel so you can get some sleep. I know what it's like to run from something horrible." His voice, it was oh so familiar, like something out of a song. I stopped walking and studied the car carefully. I reached in my back pocket for a cd cover I had. I looked at the cover and noticed it was the same car. I slowly walked up to it and got in.

"Please, just take me somewhere far away from here. I never want to see that woman again." I put my head in my hands and the man drove away. As I softly cried I felt a hand on my shoulder coming from the back seat. I realized who it was with but didn't say anything, I couldn't even if I wanted to, I was crying too hard to care.

"What are you running from Hun? Anything we can help you with." His voice was soft and caring and I knew I could trust them with anything. Sure I didn't know them personally but I knew who they were. I stopped crying enough to tell them.

"My mom, she yelled at me for seeing my dad today. She just started yelling. She knew I was going to see him but she was too drunk to remember. She walked into the kitchen and I knew what she was after so I opened the door and grabbed this emergency backpack I had packed a few days before." I showed them the backpack and they nodded for me to continue. "See, she went in the kitchen and grabbed an empty tequila bottle and by the time I was running I felt it hit my back but I kept going. It hurts now but I'm sure it's nothing serious." Each of the men, except the driver, looked at me. I felt bad and started crying again. Apparently they hated seeing young girls like me get hurt the way I was.

We stopped at a house, a nice house. I knew it was theirs but didn't say a word. As I stepped out of the car and I heard gasps from each of the men that were in the car. Before I could ask they pulled me back in the car and switched drivers. I now sat in the back and 2 men were up front, 1 driving, the other, the passenger. I sat in the back with 2 others and they were telling me not to move. I didn't understand until they started picking something out of my back. It hurt like a bitch and I cried in pain.

They stopped picking at whatever it was when we reached a hospital. I had no idea why we were there; maybe one of the guys was suddenly hurt. They signed the sheet and explained it was an emergency and suddenly I was being pulled by the arm into a room. The doctor examined my back and all the glass that was stuck in it. The doctor carefully pulled out a small piece that wasn't in too far and showed me. I immediately fainted at the sight of glass and my own blood. A pair of soft arms held me up and I blacked out.
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