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Rude Awakening

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Hospital, bandages, Mimi makes her apearance((ew not like that sikkos)), small confessions!

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I woke up several hours and my back was bandaged. I was in massive pain and couldn't move but had to stay on my stomach. I heard voices surrounding me and I looked around nervously. My nightmare had been reality and I knew it. One of the guys saw me open my eyes and he rushed to my side.

"Sweetie, are you ok? Don't move you'll be fine in a couple of hours. The bandage is only to stop the bleeding." He looked at my sympathetically and I could tell he cared. For the first time in my life I was cared for, not only by one person but by 4. The other 3 rushed up to my side and said the same thing at different times and I got a headache from it. They understood and backed up.

A few hours later I was on my way back to the men's house where I'd be staying. My back was better and I could put pressure on it finally. When we got there we went to sleep. One of the men stayed with me in his room while the others went to theirs. Before sleeping he asked me some questions.

"So, darling, how old are you?"

"I'm 13, almost 14, my birthday is in 2 days and now I can't spend it with my family." I was upset about that because some members I actually liked. Others, like my mom, I despised so I was glad not to be seeing them.

"2 days? Wow I'm sorry. I'll tell the guys in the morning and we'll throw you a party. You can invite your friends too." He was so caring, why wasn't my family like this? Why did he care anyways?

"What friends? I don't have any. Everyone at my school thinks I do these things to myself to get attention. They just don't get what I go through."

"Well then it'll be a private party, you won't regret it. So how's your back?"

"It's better than earlier, but I think it may be better if I lay on my side tonight." He nodded and helped me turn over. I was still in some pain but it didn't matter. He held me close giving me reassurance that he would take care of me. Or was he trying to tell me that he knew what I was going through? Maybe he was trying to tell me that he was there for me and he cared about me. I didn't know really, my tiredness had overpowered my better judgment.

"Do you mind if I go get my stuffed mouse really quickly? I can't really sleep without Mimi." He seemed amused that a 13 year old girl still slept with a stuffed animal.

"I'll get it for you. Where is it?"

"It's in my backpack in the biggest zipper." I smiled at him as he got off the bed. I got a small glimpse of the Jack Skellington tattoo on his arm and smiled brighter. That man crawling off the bed to get my stuffed animal had the sexiest tattoos. Of course I couldn't tell him that but hey; we all know it's true.

He came back moments later gently handing me Mimi. "What's with the T-shirt on her?" I laughed at him and how oblivious he was.

"Didn't you read it? My sister gave this to me as a valentines day present. She even learned how to use a sewing machine to sew the shirt." He laughed at my statement. Well my sister didn't know how to sew in the first place so it was really funny watching her.

I cuddled with Mimi while laying on my side not really paying attention to the man gazing at me in amusement.

"So what's your name? I know the mouse's so what's yours?" At that point I realized that I hadn't told him or any of them for that matter.

"Mandi, its short for Amanda but I hate that name." He nodded and wrapped his arms around me making me feel safe. I smiled and buried my head in his chest. Soon after I fell asleep and so did he.
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