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I often stayed up way too late, I guess it was 'cause I was so used to working during the night till early morning. Whatever the reason was, I'd often find myself waking up on the couch, music playing softly or the TV on low.

Tonight wasn't anything new. It was four in the morning and I was just about dozing off when there was a thud against the door that jolted me awake. I looked over at it a few seconds and thought nothing of it; it was probably the neighbours stumbling in drunk or something.

I settled back into the couch and closed my eyes momentarily before the door handle rattled and it flew open. I jumped up and someone screamed out as I threw my shoe at them. The light switched on and I watched the hunched figure roll around on the floor clutching their head.

"Fuck, what happened?" I heard Bob ask crouching by the guy rolling on the floor. My eyes went wide as I realised what I'd done and felt terrible.

"That was my fault." I said startling both Bob and whoever the guy on the floor was. Bob's face lit up as he saw me and charged towards me knocking me to the floor.

"I've missed you!" He exclaimed. I beamed at him and wrapped my arms tightly around him.

"Who's that?" The guy that was on the floor asked, now standing by the couch. Bob got up off of me and helped me up. He pointed at me and beamed.

"This is my sister, Nat." He nodded and stared at me a little. I felt myself get a little shy and self-conscious considering I was only dressed in shorts and a cami. "Nat this is Frank." Bob noticed Frank staring and glared. "No." I smiled and walked away to my bedroom. I heard Frank grumble something and then heard Bob telling him he had to sleep on the couch.

The next morning I woke up just before noon. I could smell coffee and could hear Bob and Frank talking animatedly in the kitchen. I grabbed a random t-shirt from my chest of drawers and walked out into the lounge.

"Bring me some coffee through." I called making my presence known. I heard the stool scrape across the tiled floor and two lots of footsteps come towards the lounge.

"Glad to see you're a little more covered up." Bob said noticing the t-shirt. I smiled and took the steaming mug from him, holding it between my hands and sending a warm sensation through me.

"I'm sorry for throwing the shoe at you." I said as Frank sat down beside me. He smiled lightly and shrugged.

"I think I'd have done the same thing." He stated sipping at his coffee. Bob laughed and we both looked at him with equally confused looks.

"Sorry, its just Frank screamed like a girl when the shoe hit him." He said cracking up even more. I giggled and felt Frank nudge me. "No abusing the sister." Bob wheezed as he calmed his laughter. "Wait until the guys hear about that." He said grinning.

"You wouldn't." Frank sneered. Bob nodded and I laughed knowing he really would. "You suck." Frank whined leaning back into the cushion.

"No my friend, you suck."

"Ok kiddies, don't start fighting." I said placing my mug on the coffee table. "So, you came home early? I didn't think you were gonna be done with the tour for at least another week." They nodded and went into how the van had some problems, and they didn't want to risk breaking down in some random town.

"The other's should be around in a little while. Chicago was closer then Jersey so they're all at Johnny's. You remember him?" Bob asked. I nodded my head and smiled as I thought about Johnny. He was one of Bob's close friends before he went and once he'd gone, he was the one that was always there for me. He let me crash at his and he was my shoulder to cry on.

"So, your band mates are at Johnny's? In his small run down box?" I asked. Bob laughed.

"Yeah and I got lumbered with him 'cause there wasn't anywhere for him to go." I laughed and left them to it, deciding on having a shower. I had work in half an hour and I wanted to make a nice impression on Bob's friends.
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